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  1. I'm all about conquering them and taking their oil.
  2. The best is a French UAV that flies directly at you into your ROZ, co-altitude, in the middle of a TIC engagement.
  3. Why do you shamelessly waste my time like this? ..........................................................I don't know! Classic! I get asked that sometimes when I use resistance tactics during checkride ground evals.
  4. I'm pretty sure you'll get chiefed at any of the potential existing beddown bases starting night one. Iran isn't exactly the wild west.
  5. What do you mean "drawn into another war?" That's loser talk. Sounds like something you'd hear on MSNBC. No shit. What the hell do you have training missions for, exercises? The most important part of military service is enforcing the nation's policy in potentially dangerous places with the possibility of losing your life in the process. If you're in for a career, you hopefully understand that those risks will be present throughout your 20 years, but that it's exactly what you signed up for. If it's not what you signed up for, this is probably not the career for you.
  6. Amen. I wore my UPT-issued Addisons on every non-deployed flight until 31 Oct 2011 and have kept them in case the Air Force ever regains SA and lets us wear them again. Hell, I'll probably ask to be buried in them. I don't believe I'll ever think that the green boots don't look dumb. I took pride in keeping my black boots clean and at least somewhat polished. Polishing them was a pre-checkride ritual. Gone are the days when you could judge a pilot's experience by how many eyelets on his boots had the black coating worn off. The rudder pedals still don't feel right. Fighter pilots, those are the things you press with your feet to make the aircraft yaw.
  7. Wrong - that's the uniform we SHOULD have kept!
  8. Damn. The video said the guys were able to "talk him down" - I'll be curious to hear the final story on this. Hopefully he's caught before he does any damage and thank God this didn't go down.
  9. It's not that the uniform itself looks bad necessarily; it's that it would seem there are so many more important things to worry about ahead of this. I hear you get your choice of musical instrument issue as part of the package. Joking aside, nothing official has come down that we're switching to this, has it? Maybe they just wanted to change it up for the ceremony - who knows.
  10. That's really not that cool of an accomplishment.
  11. So you're saying it doesn't seem to be a problem with the IPs or the studs, studs are hooking for "minute" and "absurd" things, and the evaluators can't figure out what the problem is. How long has the trend been happening? Were there any big changes in check section or leadership that can be correlated to the timing of this trend? My bet is the problem is with both the instructors and the students. If it's "minute" and "absurd" but it's something someone can hook for, then it's probably not minute or absurd (in the context of AETC). Minute and absurd can describe at least 1/3 of what's considered important in UPT.
  12. This kid is no dummy. The beleaguered, exhausted, and dazed looks he had on his face in court today were, I guarantee you, purely for effect and designed to help plant the seeds of doubt that he's fit for trial and punishment. From the 30-second clip of him from court that's on repeat everywhere right now, his movements and expressions to me appear completely intentional and artificial. Worst part is, there are suckers out there who will buy into this and believe it and I wouldn't be surprised if the jury ends up being comprised of some of them.
  13. All I found specifically for Iraq/Afghanistan vets is an Oryx hunt on WSMR that we can register for. The other military benefits are reduced fees for game and fish licenses for guard and active resident veterans and a free one year game and fish license for resident veterans who went on active duty after 4/3/03 and have deactivated. http://www.wildlife....tunity_2012.pdf Otherwise for Elk, there is a "Veterans Only" hunt 10-12 Nov. No such luck for deer or Pronghorn. http://www.wildlife....ections/elk.pdf And for licensing purposes, being assigned to Cannon makes us NM residents (second page down, #4). http://www.wildlife....information.pdf
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