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  1. Thanks torqued! I looked into this a few years ago and was just wondering if ARPC was able to "automate" this as it pertains to uploading orders etc. (which i knew to be a big ass pain). Obviously we're not there yet! I'll start working on this (should be able to get it down to age 56 for retirement!) Thanks for the tip about "renaming" the orders! To add: since FY15/16, you can push/pull days from the previous year etc to get your 90 day aggregate required for the 3 month reduction (ie if you have 120 days from year 1 and 60 from year 2, you can pull the extra 30 from the 120 year and add to the 60. Training/schools count; AT/UTA etc do not count. Can be reduced to no lower than age 50 as well.
  2. Sooo yes ? You have to submit all orders etc? From 2008 on
  3. Is it necessary to submit ALL active duty orders/DD214 from an individuals career to VPC in order to view/receive the reduced retirement?
  4. Unless you're a commuter..... I do believe you get more (perdiem etc)
  5. I have yet to receive any correspondence (hence the easter egg hunt). Heard through the grapevine however (and its solid)
  6. Surprised nobody has put this out. Standard easter egg hunt though (go figure)
  7. Sidebar on the telecommute - what kind of work are you performing via telecommute? Anyone doing this on the AFRC side?
  8. You should've seen my "stellar" scores 24 yrs ago. No worries applying to a heavy unit. Especially w/ the exodus ongoing. Press on
  9. Can someone post an obit? (unless i missed it somewhere) Heart goes out. Godspeed
  10. Where do you wear the nametag? Flight suit nametag type?
  11. Still standing by on memo for reduction of duties
  12. Anyone experience the apparent change in TAMP coverage following an ARC deployment? Specifically, 60 day deployment = 6 months of Tricare Prime coverage followed by 6 months Tricare "Select" coverage (my case currently). It should (has always been) 6 mo Tricare Prime before and after deployment. Tricare Select (Tricare Standard over a year ago) is basically same as Tricare Reserve Select w/ NO monthly fees (you still have copayments/deductibles/catastrophic cap). Am I missing something?
  13. You said it brother. It’s amazing that I can make O5 in the ARC and have no idea what a super P/double DP etc is!!
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