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  1. Where do you wear the nametag? Flight suit nametag type?
  2. Still standing by on memo for reduction of duties
  3. Anyone experience the apparent change in TAMP coverage following an ARC deployment? Specifically, 60 day deployment = 6 months of Tricare Prime coverage followed by 6 months Tricare "Select" coverage (my case currently). It should (has always been) 6 mo Tricare Prime before and after deployment. Tricare Select (Tricare Standard over a year ago) is basically same as Tricare Reserve Select w/ NO monthly fees (you still have copayments/deductibles/catastrophic cap). Am I missing something?
  4. You said it brother. It’s amazing that I can make O5 in the ARC and have no idea what a super P/double DP etc is!!
  5. Or...….you could fly the Herk and get down to 100' AGL!!!!!
  6. Any specifics on the abuse of USERRA? Curious to hear what this clown did?
  7. YES!! Well played Found it: USAFCENTI 36-2903, 12 December 2018 13 3.4. Desert Flight Duty Uniform (DFDU or Tan Flight suit). 3.4.1. Headgear. OCP patrol caps and OCP ball caps are authorized. OCP Campaign (floppy) hats are only authorized in theater. Headgear will not be rolled, tucked or otherwise formed. Hats will be worn in their natural form and will not be hung around the neck when not being worn. Officer rank will be sewn on the OCP patrol cap or floppy hat. 3.4.2. Scarves are not authorized. 3.4.3. Boots will be Coyote Brown.
  8. Anyone ever press to test on wearing the coyote brown boots w/ the desert bag? Can it work?
  9. Anyone know when Rich was down in Corpus??
  10. Happens to me all the time!! And that's the beauty of it. If the TDY CX, do a TP (or 2) to justify that MLOA. Now you can stay at home (and here's a novel idea, go bang the wife!!). When you hit a certain age, you really have to ask the question, do I really NEED all that money. The answer is probably no.
  11. Did you read the BG quote on an obvious comparison between 11B and SF? Good lord. Being prior Army I just had to laugh.
  12. Amen. After all, trying to maintain currency/proficiency in 2 (geographically separated) jobs is difficult enough. (ESPECIALLY as a commuter I might add) Pre-post MLOA? Did that once or twice. What a joke. Scheds just built a line "around" the MLOA. Now I get to work 20-25 days out of the month. No thanks. My caveats. Don't drop ML and then pick up trips that benefit your schedule/lifestyle. Drop ML and perform your duty (no brainer here). I don't sit reserve anymore, however, when I did I would not drop a mil day in the middle of a reserve block leaving 1-2 days coverage (looks bad). Provide advance notice (MINIMUM 2 weeks for me). I have no problem working Thanksgiving and then dropping a trip for legitimate (what else is there?) ML on a trip(s) before and after Xmas. In a unit with numerous requirements/high ops-tempo, flying is only conducted before and after the Xmas holiday. Being able to complete all your beans by the end of the half, coupled with the units flying availability, limits your options.
  13. “Noticed by management”? Curious as to how you know this?
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