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  1. Aah we’ll be back in that hole in 6-9 months. I had a front row seat in ‘14 in Iraq for that debacle
  2. Doesn't surprise me in the least w/ the Niagara dudes. A unit culture derived from operating in the -130 mindset for decades is hard to purge. Kudos to those guys to still make it happen!
  3. 2.5 months vaccinated and still gets the virus....albeit w/ "milder" symptoms and hopefully no hospitilzation. Makes me wonder how this will all pan out in 6-9 months especially w/ various strains popping up...another round of shots?
  4. Are they doing ok? Mild symptoms? Age?
  5. 15hrs into it; restless sleep last night, chills, a few aches this morning, 5G location w/ iphone drastically improved this a.m. Overall not too bad!
  6. Anyone get the J&J vax yet? Any trip reports?
  7. What was the deal w/ the datalink foul up?
  8. How long does the vaccine last? Oh wait.... I think I know
  9. What is the mil deal for one line?
  10. Exactly. I've had current unit members come in to interview with the "expectation" that the slot is guranteed. Wrong answer
  11. Current AFRC TR 4 yr bonus taker here. Received first years 10k bonus in February (for last year). Can straight min run if i desire. AT, TP, UTA etc. No commitment. If i retire, i just lose out on current snd subsequent year bonus. I find it interesting (well not really) that this years bonus offering went down to 8k
  12. Speaking of, have they issued an AFI for the color of masks to be worn i.e. sage green, black, brown? Just curious
  13. ....and the amount of booze
  14. Whats wrong with SICKS and NEIN?
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