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  1. slc

    The new airline thread

    “Noticed by management”? Curious as to how you know this?
  2. Anyone know how to find pin-on dates for AFRC O-5 promotions?
  3. slc

    Finance Problems

    I've had this problem before (multiple times). Devils advocate: Why did you claim a taxi when the crew had a rental car on orders? Problem still needs solved though in the end.
  4. slc

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    Heads up everyone. I have a buddy in the PRANG setting up a foundation to help. The Rican 68 Foundation. More to follow in a few days. Prayers to the families.
  5. slc

    24hr lodging "rule"

    Wow, this should be put out in an FCIF. Gone are the days of the good deal XC when you have to stay on base now. Bummer
  6. slc

    24hr lodging "rule"

    Anyone have any issues with finance kicking back a voucher for lack of a Non A when using the "24 hr rule"?? I did some research today and here is what I came up with. The "new" JTR dated 1 July 2017(formerly the JFTR) does not contain the verbiage for the 24 hr rule i.e. that a member does not have to check with lodging for stays inside of 24 hrs. However, the current AFI 34-135 Sept 2014 pg 32 still states that Per JFTR, Volume 1, government quarters are considered not available when the TDY is less than 24 hours. Therefore NA numbers are not issued in such circumstances. This should be stated on the member’s travel orders or the TDY member should note this on his/her travel voucher. (T-3)." It seems as though the AFI has not caught up with the current version of the JTR which essentially eliminated the 24 rule tactic. My question is can the AFI take precedence over the JTR? This is going to be a big surprise for a lot of old heads going XC and I'm trying to clarify everything so I/we don't get burned.
  7. slc

    Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

    Got a crew on location for a static. I'll ask them and advise
  8. slc

    Cup-to-disc Ratio

    I had this same issue (enlarged cup-disc ratio, mild esophoria) back in 2000 for my initial. Went to Brooks for 3 days of tests, waiver was submitted/approved. I had normal pressures, 20/20, normal depth perception, passed Humphrey visual field 30-2 (head in the box test). I was put in a study group (of only a few individuals from what I was told) to monitor the condition. The cup-disc ratio was presumed to be congenital. I had to submit pressure tests, Humphrey visual field test, and depth perception every year for over a decade to monitor for any abnormalities. The waiver was renewed every 3 years or so. To date, still 20/20 with normal pressures etc (fingers crossed). Good luck!!
  9. slc

    Pilot shortage/FWQ

    Sorry for the thread hijack. Aren't they offering age waivers for UPT (especially if prior Nav)? Anyone hear the ages picked up? 37,38,40??
  10. slc

    SOS/ACSC information

    Haven't started the last two applied sections but curious as to what this hint is?
  11. slc


    Excellent. Decision made. I'll keep knocking this out at home rather than wait till June for a class. You're right, at the end of the day you STILL have to put in the time/effort to complete the same courses you would have back home. Thanks again.
  12. slc


    Excellent info JS. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. I have a hard time motivating myself to accomplish this course. I do have the first two required modules complete and am eligible to apply to this for a June class date. However, I would have to wait around for over 7 months to continue ACSC at that point. I would rather get paid and be in an environment where I am forced to knock out modules I.e. more motivating, however, I could complete a good chunk of this course in the next 7 months. As far as the 2 week seminar goes, how much is involved (how busy) is the course. More listening to guest speakers etc? Cheers, Chris
  13. slc


    Anyone attend the ACSC-ARCS course (for Reserve/Guard) i.e. 2 week seminar at Maxwell? If so, any words on this course? Worth it etc.? Thanks
  14. slc

    Medical Visits Travel Voucher

    Related question, i'm a TR and have to go to a civilian opthamologist 1X per year for a small battery of specialized tests to renew a waiver (for annual physical). The tests usually run around $240 (my private insurance pays about 1/2). Should I be getting reimbursed for these tests etc.? Thanks for any info