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  1. You have got to be kidding me…..WTF
  2. What were the expanded Space A benefits specifically? This always pissed me off as well. Can't take dependents Space A even in CONUS. You have to wait till you're "activated"
  3. Honest question, what is the proper format for a signature block? Been in for 29 yrs (and counting) and never bothered to "care"!!
  4. I cannot stress this enough, especially the last part. I've seen a fair amount of individuals enlist and after a few years believe that they're a shoe-in for a slot even with lackluster performance and attitude. Work hard, have fun, but always remember you are being continuously evaluated. And remember Guard/Reserve units talk, so your history/performance will transfer down the line. That being said, most individuals enlist, interview, and obtain a slot seamlessly with minimal issues. Good luck!
  5. Shaft Is Coulson Air a powerhouse in the community?
  6. https://afghanistan.liveuamap.com/en/2021/9-november-video-the-taliban-hold-a-military-parade-in-kandahar
  7. 93B=Aeroscout Observer OH6/OH58. Probably the best enlisted job in the Army once upon a time
  8. How bout a 93B to the airlines!! Anything is possible!!
  9. Why would only unvaccinated folks quarantine for weeks at a time.....wouldn't vaxed individuals need to as well?
  10. Funny thing. Here in SAN on a layover and walked by the event location. Saw everyone walking out suit and tie etc. Had to google RTAG out of curiosity. Had no idea this existed.
  11. And "The Hardest Place: Americans Adrift in Afghanistan's Pech Valley"
  12. I have dropped ML before Thanksgiving in the past (and not batted an eyelash). Why? Because I was flying a day or night sortie for proficiency. Nothing "unethical" about that.
  13. Ditto on bidding off Sept. Flight loads are less, kids are back in school, no crowds, cooler, parks/campgrounds are dead. Side note: is that pic Grindelwald area?
  14. I kept getting these female underwear ads showing up whilst browsing (not that it irritated me)
  15. Summer of '19 deployment i wore the bag w/ floppy. No issues
  16. Apparently Taliban starting to fly captured US Blackhawk Uh. that's not really flying...
  17. https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/coalition-fighter-shoots-down-uas-northeast-syria Word is a the AEW/CC (BG) shot it down
  18. Based on our current political leaderships COA? A resounding yes. Biden just wanted to pull the plug and wave the flag on 9/11 and say “see, my leadership brought all the troops home and ended the forever war” He chose….poorly
  19. Everyone back to the trailers to double up! Wouldn’t surprise me
  20. Curious to where they’re putting refugees at the Deid. I mean, its August and can’t recall facilities that would be able to accommodate thousands
  21. Oh yeah, they now have plenty of NODs as well. We no longer "own the night" Thanks Biden!!
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