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  1. Thread bump. I’ll repost somewhere else if there’s a better thread to drop this. Air Force still struggling with pilot retention https://warontherocks.com/2019/05/the-role-of-the-personnel-system-in-the-air-force-leadership-and-retention-crisis/ Also cites the RAND study saying $100k/year is cheaper: https://federalnewsnetwork.com/dod-personnel-notebook/2019/04/new-study-shows-grim-outlook-for-future-of-air-force-pilot-shortage/ My question to the masses: has anyone seen any appreciable change in climate as a result of ACTF, CSAF initiatives, bonuses, or funding? Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Except for a few solid posts, this reads like if we did PME by correspondence via the YouTube comments section.
  3. That’s not at all what he said. He clearly implicated the Russians as behind election meddling. Don’t you think the “innocent until proven guilty” bit refers to the several indictments already brought forward in the criminal system? You know what Mueller said about bringing criminal charges against a sitting president. Just because he can’t be indicted in a criminal court doesn’t mean an investigation has to turn a blind eye to evidence.
  4. YMMV. That’s great if you can do it. I’ve also had bosses that loved to clear folks off at 1400 on Friday, only after a handful of 2-3 hour meetings during the week (and then wonder why work is not getting done). Mentoring a Mx LT who was going up to be a group exec captured the dichotomy between Ops and non-Ops when it got down to leaving at the end of the day. She, for the life of her, couldn’t figure out why people would dare stay beyond 1630 (aside from career advancement). Then I explained how much work goes into a 6.5 hour night tac, or how much time is spent constantly staying green on all of your mobility requirements, GT, Big Blue AF requirements, ground jobs, etc. PME and studying your airframe? You can do that on your own time. Face it, most of us on this forum work two jobs. When you throw in the litany of appointments and mobility requirements, or schedule a full training day of mandatory fun, there’s not much time left on the clock.
  5. To be fair, with dark blue thread or hi-glare chrome, a lot of them look the same from 6-9 feet. I wonder if a lot of folks in career field X know any of the symbolism behind that badge. Or what weapons systems are based at their base and what they do. And more importantly: how they contribute (or detract) from getting the mission of winning our nations wars.
  6. Wasn’t that the primary driver of SOCOM wanting light attack? Sure, extra firepower is nice, but I thought the primary plan was to equip the 6 SOS and do AvFID with it.
  7. You too have been operating in the same low intensity conflicts the rest of us have. I’m not so convinced an HH-60 or HC-130 force would necessarily do any better. Probably the best thing you’ve got going for you is a natural integration framework to the rest of the CAF. AFSOC has a fair bit of diversity when it comes to operability and survivability in certain IADs...some more than others. I’m not going to speak for the PJs, but I would be surprised if they didn’t have a decent home alongside the ST community. The -60s used to be AFSOC, and the command probably wouldn’t mind having them back. I’ll concede that once SOF gets their hands on it, tastings go up, but Pedro seems to have a pretty solid identity built on CSAR. As far as the -130s, AFSOC needs more lift. MC demand is far above what can be supported, and on top of that, it gets tapped to pull PR coverage anyways.
  8. Found it. AFPC can’t guarantee a payback ADSC from Initial qual if you’re that close to retirement.
  9. I appreciate that the Lockheed guys are calling it the Talon III
  10. Does anyone (I.e. central boards and SR) actually care about FGO quarterly awards?
  11. Shaft/AirGuardian, thanks for the solid advice!
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