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  1. Anyone know what the status of the schools board is? I wouldn’t be surprised if it slipped, because: COVID
  2. Exactly. There is an appetite in Africa for US advisory, including FMS of A-29 or AT-6 of the US can get out of its own way.
  3. After getting turned down at the AFMC screening for having too much TIS as a captain (not prior E), I wondered that myself.
  4. As it should be. The sheer volume of non-Ops folks in ROTC seemed like it skewed a lot of perspectives, but that viewpoint is over a decade old.
  5. I really think ROTC, and Big Blue is missing out on an opportunity here for ops folks to reblue by giving back to the next generation, and giving the instructor some seat time, even if it’s a borrowed 172.
  6. Man, if only ROTC had a MOA with CAP or some flying clubs for rated dudes to teach ROTC and do incentive flights/IFS. I remember ROTC struggling to have relevance to the Ops AF because of the number of shoes involved & lack of relevant training.
  7. Best of luck. My gripe is that the AF want experience in different programs but then penalizes 2nd MWS or 2nd/3rd tour dudes as being too old.
  8. With 5 years experience, probably
  9. Therein lies the problem. As a nation or political class, we’ve departed the point where there is an objective standard to be held. There’s a Republican standard and a Democratic standard and both seem willing to call out the speck in the others eye while missing the log in their own. Some of these double standards would be just absurd if it wasn’t tragic what it is doing to the nation, let alone the precedents for the future of the federal government. What bothers me the most is that there is a sliding scale of wrong doing that keeps getting more slippery. And yet it’s considered justifiable moral equivalency if it comes from your party. Republicans can’t judge Trump against the law or the Consitution any more than the Democrats can’t judge their own folks.
  10. MechGov

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    Wait so, a Pearl Harbor redux?
  11. Wow. I’m seeing the opposite in SOF. We brought in a bunch of O-5s and probably will have 5-7 non-command O-5s by the end of this year. And you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a major. There are something like 12-15 “ADOs” to make space for all of them. Granted most of the FGOs are 12S...most of the pilots are Palace Front/Chase as soon as their commitment ends.
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