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  1. Also curious. Our ORM sheet is entirely qualitative and there are no numbers/figures of merit that automatically drive ORM categories into L/M/H/E. It’s AC’s discretion. All I’ve seen safety do is compile trends for crew ID’d top risks. Even then, I only think I’ve seen them do this 2-3 times. Then the shop changes out and the fad goes away.
  2. And the various civilian hiring freezes, sequester and overall “do more with less”
  3. Those units that rate direct customer service typically game the system and double boom lift. There a many inefficiencies built into the current system downrange, and it’s less to do with platforms as it is the tasking process built to service those lift requests.
  4. AD: Ramstein Little Rock Yokota Dyess ANG: pick a state. Pick any state ARC: you get the gist Fly Herks instead
  5. Last number I heard was 46.7% take rate across the board with two weeks to go. My strategy of promotion via attrition is on track.
  6. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt for SERE, water survival, CATM, CBRN, etc
  7. I’ve been amazed at how much hiring back support staff has mattered: current ops & UDM contractors, enlisted personnelists, and our OG actually trying to work some human performance initiatives aimed primarily at aircrew. That last one moved the needle a little bit for me. Maybe if wings could keep finance/MPF/med open until 1630, or have some after hours CDC options for the shift work guys, that might help too. Me personally, I wish we had some actual big blue tech support just it doesn’t take 20 damn minutes to open my email each time. What about a non-flying position to work DTS issues? I’d say block training of annual/biannual GT requirements would be huge, but that’s another topic altogether. Sure would be nice to block out 2 weeks and knock everything out instead of scheduling a couple dozen courses individually. The AF has decided it’s unable or unwilling to buy our commitment commensurate with the airlines. Fine. But a focused use of our time would address a lot of our gripes? If I didn’t have to waste so much of my time taking care of queep, maybe I could focus on my job aviating, and do so in a reasonable time.
  8. 2...it’s a complete crapshoot. Who knows, the H3 unit could get BRAC’d and the tails go somewhere else. There’s not much logic to it. Pick the unit that suits your needs and don’t look back.
  9. FFS AFSOC could have had a couple deployable squadrons CMR with the time and money Big Blue has wasted.
  10. Bendy, you make some good points. I’ve been eating popcorn reading the threads debate what SUPT has become. My unit got its first batch of copilots in a couple of years, so it’ll be interesting to see what sorts out from UPT to FTU production wrt the quality of green copilots. At this point, it looks like the AF has dug itself a pretty deep hole, and the only recourse it has left is for all of us to shoulder the risk of dudes getting fewer hours in the seat to gain basic proficiency. I don’t see how else it realistically can fix the mess it’s in.
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