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  1. Therein lies the problem. As a nation or political class, we’ve departed the point where there is an objective standard to be held. There’s a Republican standard and a Democratic standard and both seem willing to call out the speck in the others eye while missing the log in their own. Some of these double standards would be just absurd if it wasn’t tragic what it is doing to the nation, let alone the precedents for the future of the federal government. What bothers me the most is that there is a sliding scale of wrong doing that keeps getting more slippery. And yet it’s considered justifiable moral equivalency if it comes from your party. Republicans can’t judge Trump against the law or the Consitution any more than the Democrats can’t judge their own folks.
  2. Wow. I’m seeing the opposite in SOF. We brought in a bunch of O-5s and probably will have 5-7 non-command O-5s by the end of this year. And you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a major. There are something like 12-15 “ADOs” to make space for all of them. Granted most of the FGOs are 12S...most of the pilots are Palace Front/Chase as soon as their commitment ends.
  3. The Powell Doctrine is a useful litmus test for deciding when to start a war, but by design, doesn’t address when you’re already in a war. Like it or not, once committed, how to end a war invites it’s own set of consequences.
  4. So the Kurds/SDF don’t want to be helped? It seems like they’ve been one of the better draft picks in the past few years. I get the impression that we’re conflating US strategic incoherence and collective fatigue of open ended OCOs with a willingness to walk away from those conflicts, damn the consequences (and any allies). The SDF has been one of the few competent indigenous forces that is a militarily able and willing partner who actually has a shot of policing their own territory. Walking away from them like this will have repercussions for the US as well as discourage any future state or non-state actor from working with us in the future.
  5. Except we won’t. I’d bet a paycheck that CENTCOM was caught by surprise again. While the last pump fake may have given a sense of urgency for planning, it’ll take a decent amount of foot dragging to make any withdrawal orderly. It’s a cynically fitting end for OIR: a shitshow from the start.
  6. Just curious how Tricare has affected the calculus whether to stay in for people you’ve known? Coming into my eligibility year, free medical care to EFMP dependents >> bonus money, but that’s my $0.02.
  7. Man I wish I could engage the afterprop when we’re at max gross weight in the summer trying to max bag it
  8. MechGov


    Takeaway: If Eurocontrol has you on radar, that shit is online.
  9. Took your suggestion. Definitely listen at 1.25x. Made for a good read once you get past chapter 1. Unsurprisingly there’s a lot of history lessons both recent and not. Plenty of frustrations with strategic near-sightedness and indecision’s and plenty of missed opportunities. Highly recommend
  10. Wasn’t Lindsey Graham an ARC JAG O-6 while in office?
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