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  1. I wouldn’t recommend bringing her with you on Day 1. You get one shot at UPT. Don’t muddle that with trying to sort whether or not she’s “the one” with the 0.69% of your time not spent in the books. Like it or not, she’s going to have to deal with you being gone 200+ days/year in most MWS, not to mention upgrades, WIC or other times where the AF demands the majority of your attention. I’m not saying dump her, but the risk of being a single dude for 13 months and having your weekends open to partying with your class and your mind focused on becoming a USAF pilot are less than the risk of half
  2. For a flying-only track It would be nice to see the AF actually open opportunities to flyers with >10 years TAFCS time. Kinda ironic to be told as a captain that you’re too old to meet a board for consideration, for ADSC reasons.
  3. Caption says: “KC-46A landing at Edwards.” You would think for an instrument refresher course, they could correctly ID the aircraft in the picture. I doubt that’s Edwards AFB either. Also, 6 hr CBT as a pre requisite for a 1.5 hr class...that’s a bit much.
  4. Because we haven’t spent more on the flying hour program for less result?
  5. That’s a good idea, it should work for one of the lower altitude tracks I need.
  6. Does anyone have any experience getting a CONUS-based ALTREV coordinated? I’m trying to figure out how to set up AAR off track and the local knowledge how to do that has departed the fix.
  7. Given that we are leaving the Stan, I’m sure there’s another reason to be glad not to be an AFPAK Hand.
  8. Bring back casual Lt’s. I’m willing to wager that the increase in spicy corn production offsets the extra PCS costs of an ex-college student.
  9. Cougar Baron: It’s the Baron you like but thoroughly upgraded, with fresher paint and new, larger, firmer glass cockpit and a strong desire to go out for a spin. Also comes with a drinking habit, divorce, 2 grown kids and a carton of Newport’s.
  10. It’s a bit disgusting...from the Knife himself.
  11. I think you just described IFS, phase 3 and IFF
  12. Anyone know what the status of the schools board is? I wouldn’t be surprised if it slipped, because: COVID
  13. Exactly. There is an appetite in Africa for US advisory, including FMS of A-29 or AT-6 of the US can get out of its own way.
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