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  1. I have no issues at all with considering prior experience. My point on this thing is that people who are able to afford PPL are usually from a more advantaged background financially. Holistically, if that means people are excluded from UPT selection because of the hand they were dealt, that’s too bad but national defense is more important than equal opportunities prior to selection. However, if there was something out there beyond a gut feeling that people of various backgrounds (gender, race, religion, etc) would produce better pilot and officer candidates, then I would say ensure that the ac
  2. GD he has a punchable face. And “doughy moron” for a guy that’s ran 2 MAJCOM’s and had the audacity to say that getting a PPL is an indicator of having a more advantaged upbringing? What a moron. *White privilege trigger warning* I understand the SJW type initiatives if that’s what the people you’re trying to recruit are thinking about now. But recruiting to fly for the services had never been an issue. With that luxury, why not stack the deck to get the best candidates*? I’m also not ignorant to the fact that there are probably some diamonds in the rough out there (look at WW2 fight
  3. https://youtu.be/8dLS8_xM2LI The absolute gold standard of hot mics
  4. My $0.02 Get back to one primary trainer and one advanced trainer. The argument over CRM being critical to teach for half a year in the heavy track is crazy IMO. Learning CRM should take about a week in the FTU, even if the guy is trained in a T-38/T-7. It’s not hard to ask someone else to do stuff for you. I realize I’m being flippant, but CRM is not some highly challenging concept.
  5. I’m anxiously awaiting the headline that says “SECDEF orders Pentagon to focus on winning wars”. Isn’t the alphabet people issue solved already? This actually brings up a question for the masses. In our extremism training the other day I was asked what I would do if I knew a member of the squadron was a racist. Not a klan member or something overt, but just prejudiced. I said if he didn’t act on it but was good at his job, I wouldn’t care. I just wouldn’t be the guys friend. When asked why I felt that way, I said if his actions didn’t affect anyone else beyond feelings and he was g
  6. Not trying to sound like an old tool, but why is it such a big deal? Every deployment I’ve done but one I’ve stayed in either an 8 man tent or a 4 man conex with nobody on the same schedule. You just walked out quietly and had a headlamp available to see. We were always on 24 hour ops as well.
  7. If it’s truly a question of experience in the form of hours and cost of those hours on airplanes, we legit need to look at something akin to the old ACE program and put T-6’s or something like that at bases. You can develop fundamentals in that (instruments, formation, etc) and then use sims to top off other things (radar work, etc). Then have every 4th flight in the actual MWS to get more bang for your buck. This of course assumes that being good at your actual job is a priority for the AF.
  8. Interesting note on that recent story about the Marine mentioned sharing naked photos within the unit. She makes a tiktok where she’s crying and talking about facing the accuser and all that. Turns out, the pictures he shared were from this girls only fans account (aka she made them herself for sale if you subscribe to her site for $4.99). The real part that pissed her off was all of this “exclusive content” was showed without people paying. What a world!
  9. How could Trump have allowed an Ebola outbreak?! Impeach!
  10. BRS pays out at 2% per year for retirement vice 2.5% of the traditional system so like was mentioned above, it’s 40% vs 50% at the high 3 at 20 years.
  11. 100% agree on that. I had a privileged upbringing but I was 1 generation away from abject poverty on both my parents sides. Without the Air Force, I wouldn’t have had anywhere close to the opportunities I had because my dad took advantage of the programs to earn a commission, become a pilot, retire as an O-5, and go fly for the airlines. His dad dropped out in middle school and worked the line in a meat packing plant until he died at 60. If he and his brothers don’t join the AF, they’re more lower class working stiffs (nothing at all wrong with that) with much less opportunities. I a
  12. https://www.airforcemag.com/app/uploads/2021/01/27-Jan-2020-ACC-Bagram-Airfield-E-11-AIB-Narrative.pdf AIB released on E-11 crash in Afghanistan. TLDR version: Engine failure followed by shutdown of good engine with no air start.
  13. Oh shit! Now you’ve done it... I looked at a few articles he posted. Didn’t know there were so many “traitors” in our midst.
  14. According to the article she sent that to him.
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