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  1. Danger41

    What's your favorite mission?

    The best part of being an aviator is the squadron life. I heard it described once as like being in a motorcycle gang, but your mom is proud of you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Whatever you fly is the best airplane in the Air Force.
  2. Danger41

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Interesting. Does IFF still do the 3 track thing depending on your follow-on? I.E. I did the Air to Air track and the A-10 guys did far fewer rides in ACM and BFM but did SAT and something else. If so, which track are they sending FAIPs through?
  3. Danger41

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    If he’d have gotten kicked out for something like excessive partying, then I would’ve had respect. But to get kicked out for cheating at SOS?! WTF! There’s nothing there worth cheating on in terms of difficulty.
  4. Danger41

    We’re doomed

    Fast, neat, average, friendly, good, good is now used to describe the cleanliness and demeanor of the support animals.
  5. Danger41

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Lol! Where’s that Michael Jackson popcorn gif?
  6. Danger41

    Latest Movies

    If you’re a member of “The Pilot Network” on Facebook, all these dweebs are stumbling all over themselves to shit on Top Gun because it wasn’t Schindler’s List or something. It always cracks me up when people point out how inaccurate the movie is. No shit it’s inaccurate. It’s also entertaining as hell for a kid in the 80’s/90’s and still fun to watch. Sorry, I got #triggered for a second there.
  7. Danger41

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Go to ENJJPT for the aforementioned reasons of being universally assignable in a T-38. Not to shoot holes in your plan, but why do you want AFSOC? The espirit de corps of SOF? The reason I ask is because the 4 AFSOC assets are very different in their missions. I always tell guys to pick based on mission. If you want to haul trash and refuel helos, go MC-130. If you want to shoot a lot of bad guys and have a stroke herding cats, go AC-130. If you want to be viewed as an annoyance to leadership and loved by your user, go U-28. If you want to sit around, maintenance cancel, and get worshipped, go CV-22. TL;DR: Pick based on mission, not MAJCOM.
  8. Danger41

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Talon 12
  9. Danger41

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Why would you downvote this Waingro? If this story of a senator doing harm to a great Officers career because of a personal vendetta, this needs to be out there. *caveat* I know nothing other than several people saying this guy is a great dude and a senator screwed him. He may be a huge POS for all I know. But as a tax payer, if someone that’s a talented Officer is being stymied and weakening the AF as a result, that’s corruption and collusion and I want to know about it.
  10. Danger41

    Promotion and PRF Information

    This seems like the perfect venue to get the actual story out there and get some Senator to do the right thing/be revealed as a dipshit. Who was the Senator?
  11. Danger41

    TSgt John Chapman MoH saga

    Not sure if you all saw that Senior Chief Petty Officer Britt Slabinski was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Roberts Ridge back in 2002. The interesting part is that TSgt John Chapman is also being awarded the MoH for the same battle. The controversy is that some think Slabinski left Chapman behind and the NSW community tried to block Chapman’s MoH to protect the reputation of the SEAL community. Thoughts? http://www.newsweek.com/2018/05/18/navy-seals-seal-team-6-left-behind-die-operation-anaconda-slabinski-chapman-912343.html?amp=1
  12. Danger41

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    This is a great story of no shit heroism by some professional aviators. Just out of curiosity, have any Stan Eval dweebs gotten their panties in a wad about not following the checklist and punching the other guys out?
  13. Danger41

    2010 promotion timeline?

    People that want to make an extra grand a month. Or people that are proud to be promoted in the military.
  14. Danger41

    Columbus T-38 down

    Guess that safety day last week didn’t take.
  15. Danger41

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    Huh? Never seen or heard of that happening at KHRT and the vast majority of flyers here are in 2 piece OCP.