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  1. We need to stand up a SECDEF retention task force.
  2. That’s really Q3-able? Damn, AMC keeps living up to the stereotype.
  3. Don’t worry about me. I’m a lost cause. Bashi on the other hand is the golden goose. I’ve personally witnessed him in the depths of a 36 hour hold-em binge down 2 grand end up making good profits through sheer force of will alone. Will and somehow making a rage bet on Minnesota vs New Orleans and winning compliments of the “Minneapolis Miracle”.
  4. Thanks, Panch. We’ve got a Vegas rejoin this weekend after WIC grad and I CANNOT overstate the 777 maintenance.
  5. It’s taking everything I have to not make a joke about a woman yelling at people for not being “correct enough” for her. But I’ve evolved.
  6. Glad to see the U-2 is starting up participation in WIC. I think the RQ-4 and them are going to be a part of the intel WPS. Anyone confirm?
  7. Did the MAF WUGs do well in the planning/execution of CF400? That’s the way to earn respect.
  8. I’ve never directly interacted with her, but several people whose opinions I trust have good things to say about her. I’m surprised to hear about a toxic climate.
  9. That is crazy. When I saw “disrespected subordinates” and “AFSOC General” I thought it was someone else... Also, if the IG is looking, I’ve never pencil whipped anything on my flights.
  10. This was found on the USS Goatrope back in ‘69 before all these millennials came and ruined everything.
  11. How is it possible that a guys UPT records were good enough to get B-1’s but not good enough to fly something else when that didn’t work out. That’s mind blowing.
  12. Anyone else watch that? Interesting piece that talked about the frat where an ODA inadvertently called a strike on themselves and the B-1 was unable to see the friendlies marked by strobes. Thoughts? Perspective from that incident?
  13. Anybody here fly the MAFFS mission? I’m interested in that post AD but I’m not a 130 guy. Would that matter to those units?
  14. Instructional Fix: CSAF should read “The 5 Love Languages”.
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