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  1. Anyone here work for/have a good POC for the 141 ARS with Washington ANG?
  2. If you’re in flight suit version of OCP, don’t blouse.
  3. I bitch as much as the next guy, but what would be a good thing for leadership to do to show they “care”? Not trolling, I’d love to hear some actual suggestions other than (my standard game plan) just complaining. I bring this up because someone asked me this yesterday as I was holding court and bitching about this and I didn’t have an answer.
  4. Put a ton of effort into learning instruments correctly from the start. Don’t get through the phase and dump the knowledge. That solid foundation will pay off whether you’re flying an Eagle back into Lakenheath or a tanker landing in a sandstorm.
  5. Why doesn’t the T-6 Pensacola guy who had the Sheppard story earlier take the General up on his offer and get his waiver? Ref Bashi earlier because it works.
  6. They said that they want to value teaching at ROTC and USAFA much higher and for it to look favorably on records. We’ll see how that plays out.
  7. I disagree with the blanket denial of guys that aren’t 11F or 11B to teach T-38’s at UPT. I agree with the action of not auto approving waivers for shitty pilots (that it sounds like you ran into). I’ll admit, I didn’t know that was the situation with new IP’s coming to 38’s. From where I’m at, the guys my community (or I should at least say my former squadron, can’t speak for everyone) were 11S straight out of UPT and are fantastic aviators. There’s a guy now in the PIT pipeline for T-38’s that got sent to T-6’s even though he won every award at UPT and was the #1 grad. He chose U-28’s. That sort of thing is where my frustration comes from.
  8. That’s actually pretty awesome, in my opinion. Disagree with the action, but at least he’s got the balls to get out there and defend it.
  9. The hilarity here is that the same shitty 11F’s that are being complained about will be the ones who are shipped back to UPT after a 2 year touch and go in a fighter. From my little slice of the AF, my U-28 bros that went to 38’s (after ~2000 combat hours as evaluators) would all have ended up in fighters if not for the poor planning of being 2008 college graduates. But those guys are now not “good enough” to teach a guy how to fly tac and extended trail. I don’t get it.
  10. Take advantage of those programs and don’t try to rub some dirt on it and get back out there. I’ve got constant neck and back pain that has gotten significantly better by talking to the people mentioned above. At Hurlburt, it was the same guys that work with the STS folks and they helped me a good bit. It was simple stuff to help strengthen certain muscles and get others into balance. It’s worth it.
  11. Valid points. If a UPT grad shows to IFF and can’t fly instruments, then that person shouldn’t have made it out of the instrument phase. If IFF instructors are dealing with that and not rate fight mechanics or whatever, that’s a foul.
  12. That’s my point exactly. Mobility guys don’t do that? I’m not a Herk Guy, but they either have the worlds greatest PR machine or they do some pretty tactical stuff. Same with Gunships, MC-130, C-17 etc. If a bomber pilot is somehow up to snuff, then those other guys should not be excluded. I’m willing to concede that not all 11M’s have the natural ability to get back into the FM and tactical after years going from A to B on autopilot. Those individuals shouldn’t make it through PIT. The more I think about it, this seems like a lot of easing off of standards and hoping it will work out in the end. If that’s due to pressure from leadership, inadequate syllabus, or something else, I don’t know. I also went through UPT and IFF 10 years ago at KSPS and I know that place is a bit of an outlier when it comes to syllabus anyway. I wish you UPT bros luck.
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