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  1. Holy shit, send me to Klamath and I’ll take only $300 extra a month. That place isn’t in the same galaxy as Creech. Klamath is awesome!
  2. B-21 Raider

    I know you’re a higher level guy in the bomber world and I’m an AFSOC Captain nobody, but I’m interested in why you say this. Isn’t the B-1 a maintenance nightmare whereas the BUFF is more (relative term) reliable? Capabilities of stand-off delivery are good and the high speed low alt ingress have given way to medium altitude precision strike. Im not trying to be a smartass at all, I’m genuinely curious why you think this is a bad idea.
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    My ENJJPT experience with Italians was interesting. If the Germans, Dutch, or Norwegians offered an exchange UPT, I think it’d be fine. I only had student experience there so that’s pretty useless, but Italians didn’t seem to have their feces colocated like the other countries.
  4. Latest Movies

    Black Panther was really good. It was super entertaining and very well made.
  5. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Are you a UPT guy or an FTU guy? And if you think CBRNE will be waived in your North Korea example, I think you may be mistaken.
  6. "Center the Bug"

    My favorite one is when I see guys move the heading bug 1 degree when flying a PAR instead of just flying the airplane. Few things get me from 0 to seeing red faster than that.
  7. Help with a Divorce

    Lead turn it as much as possible. If you have a POC out there (Flight CC ideally), reach out ASAP. Ideal situation is they push you back a few classes and move up other guys and there’s zero drama.
  8. Israeli Viper Shot Down in Syria

    Time to activate these guys. https://politics.theonion.com/clinton-deploys-very-special-forces-to-iraq-1819565019/amp
  9. New SOS in-correspondence

    SOS is honestly a nice break from the daily ops grind. You have to do next to no work and put in minimal effort to accomplish the work you actually do have to do. Caveat: I went through the 8 week version, had a pilot as a Flight CC, had 9/14 rated people in my flight, and the other 5 were super cool. YMMV.
  10. SNL Call Sign Skit

    Pronounce that “Gamble” and you’re golden.
  11. Has the worldwide gouge that coffee makes you crap not reached the Viper community? Interesting. On deployment, immovable schedule item is the pre-Flight shit. All other events are subject to change except that. Any items that can enable a more regular and enjoyable constitutional would be welcome in a care package.
  12. fitness maps at secret deployed locations

    This is so not surprising to me. I can’t tell you how many opsec briefs I’ve sat through pre-deployment and then had squadron members (from FNG to leadership) posting the exact stuff we were just told to not post. The most egregious was a Major posting a picture of the globe with every place (ICAO ID’s) our community had been throughout the world over the last year and talking about how busy they’d been. The Commies don’t even have to try anymore. We’ll just give them the info eventually.
  13. More Uniform Changes!

    FFS they better not get rid of the green bag. I wear the damn multicam deployed and I’ve spent enough time doing that shit. Can I please look like a pilot and not some Army wannabe in the name of “joint” when home, please?
  14. More Uniform Changes!

    When was that? Those bush hats are pretty sweet.
  15. Columbus AFB Information

    Here’s my answer by proxy to your 3 sentence challenge above: 1. I’m a pilot. 2. You’re not and want to be. 3. We’ve offered advice and you’ve argued about it’s merits so fuck you. That succinct enough?