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  1. Danger41

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The Special Operations people up and down the line don’t know what they want to use this thing for. It’s frustrating and disheartening hearing AFSOC and joint SOF people not be able to articulate what the airplane would even be used for. If it’s the argument of saving money and saving time off the wings of the CAF fleet (which I think is a great idea), then why does SOF use it? If it’s to do what SOF is doing now with other assets, then an AT-6 is a horrible platform for it. I could see FID, but even then there are other options that are better suited. It honestly seems like a lot of people in SOF that want to fly upside down and shoot a forward firing gun want light attack because it would be fun. I’m all about fun, but come on. /rant
  2. Danger41

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Because most aviation incidents involve middle aged, pudgy, balding dudes. This involves a hot chick. Duh. The gossip fest is definitely not just in the spouses clubs.
  3. Danger41

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    That guy sounds like a real fuck face.
  4. Danger41

    Promotion and PRF Information

    CSO’s or any other non-pilot Officers (and plenty of E’s) can do plenty of non-flying jobs and kill it on the outside. Don’t sell yourselves short.
  5. Danger41

    Annual C-5 Nose-up

  6. Danger41

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Now you’re getting it.
  7. Danger41

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Watch a documentary about F-16 ops titled “Iron Eagle” and focus primarily on Hades bomb employment.
  8. Danger41

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Look at the list of Tank’s Gucci and non-Gucci locations for FID on the previous page. I can’t imagine too many of them are interested in jets (regardless of fantastic capability) for their own CT fights.
  9. Danger41

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I’ll never understand some of the AFSOC leadership that are so opposed to the Friday shirts, callsigns, etc. Dudes love showing off their squadron and having a little fun in their jobs. IMHO, this sort of thing is in direct contradiction to Goldfein and his “revitalize the squadron” initiatives. I’m sure some people don’t like them under the guise of “professionalism” or something but miss the forest for the trees.
  10. Danger41

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    If that’s the case, I’d say goodbye to the FID mission portion.
  11. The tightest groups are overseas units nd tightest of the tight are the fighter squadrons. AFSOC units are really close due to the time on the road together and units at Cannon are all usually close. I can’t speak to AMC but it doesn’t seem like they’re that close from the outside.
  12. Danger41

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Wow. I’m shocked. 🙄 Get those Strike Eagles back here quick for this dirt farmer!
  13. Amazing story of a great American.
  14. JFC is that’s what your undergrad classes sounded like than my degree from College State University is even more worthless than I thought.
  15. Honestly, there’s a lot of people in the AF that have the same stuff as the WW2 and Vietnam guys that had that legendary camaraderie. What’s different now is the society in which they’re living. The very realistic fear of ending up in serious hot water for actions that were commonplace 40 years ago is a huge part of how things have changed. Pair that with a risk averse culture rewarding the risk averse continues to feed on itself. However, if the big one kicks off, that same stuff that was present in the guys in RP 6 and over Berlin will reveal itself. And that’s what really matters.