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  1. Danger41

    Latest Movies

    Quint, Hooper, and Chief Brody used their giant red, white, and blue balls to save Amity Island with nary a Commie in sight. Farewell and adieu to Quint though...
  2. Danger41

    Thud Drivers Photo Exhibit

    “Euphemistically stated” lol
  3. Obviously, you are not a golfer.
  4. Danger41

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Lagers, Ambers, Bitters, IPAs, Ales! Try the whole set!
  5. Danger41

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Let’s let this play out. And then what happened?
  6. I know for a fact that there are at least 4 IP’s at PTN from fighter backgrounds.
  7. Probably about as similar as high aspect is in a Viper to a 38.
  8. For all the purists out there that did UPT back when it was difficult (like me), how much of that syllabus time was spent learning the airplane and local trainingisms that had zero effect on your follow-on jets? At least for me, understanding when I could request closed or find the VFR entry point at Hacker (which I never did right) didn’t help me much in IFF/FTU. IFF could be taught in any airplane because the program is an admin course. If you incorporate those IFF expectations earlier on and influence guys when they’re learning how things are done than you can pick that up as you go. Sure, having Air sense helped by accruing hours but that can be augmented well by high quality sims, in my opinion. Based on my limited knowledge of this program, I honestly think these students are going to pleasantly surprise people. Standing by for Spears.
  9. Danger41

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    Well, yeah. This is supposedly what everyone wants and it’s a retention measure. What’s the issue?
  10. Danger41

    “Red is the new Green”

    But they do refuel everybody that allows U-28’s and MQ-9’s to have any hope of survival once on objective... The USAF’s ability to do its job is more dependent on the tanker force than any other asset.
  11. Danger41

    “Red is the new Green”

    If a young guy shows a desire to “be tactical” in the tanker community, is he ostracized by the old heads with the attitude in the previous posts or is that trait encouraged?
  12. Danger41

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    Why did I go look at the comments there...That really pissed me off. I love the Army cooks pitching in saying that all these guys did was land a plane and they mock the Air Force for stuff like this. Those people are an embarrassment to the American military if they can’t figure out how heroic this act was.
  13. Danger41

    “Red is the new Green”

    Down range is the best place to get into the books, in my opinion. You fly and workout. That leaves tons of time to get in the books. Maybe that’s just my community but our guys are way sharper and ready to upgrade at the end of deployments. I don’t say that derisively, simply my communities technique that seems to work. Personal note: I’m the son of a tanker pilot and love the entire tanker enterprise. I’m not the only one. Talk to a Thud or Phantom driver that went downtown in Route Pack VI and had his bacon saved by some warrior minded tanker crews. The tanker dudes won’t be able to buy a drink all night.
  14. Danger41

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    Hahaha nice. My vis recce needs some work, I guess.
  15. Danger41

    “Red is the new Green”

    I’m interested to hear about the exercise where the MAF dudes did that bad. My main MAF interactions have been out at WSINT and they’ve done well. The others have been on rotators in and out of theater and they let me put up a hammock so I love them.