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  1. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    Fly a Piper Cub as a fast jet dude if you truly enjoy aviation. Awesome stuff.
  2. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Sounds like "deny, deny, deny, counter-accuse, demand an apology" is in order? Or don't go to AMC?
  3. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    If it fucks, flies, or floats it's cheaper to rent. Thats the main reason GA is hard to get involved with for me.
  4. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    My issue with this entire thing is that CK isn't getting a job because he seemed to be on the way out athletically. Lynch and Bennett are still studs, therefore their actions are acceptable due to their productivity. Every year 32 teams keep 2 or 3 QB's on their active roster and maybe 1 on the practice squad. For arguments sake, let's call that 100 QB's. CK isn't going to take up a practice squad spot so there's 20 less spots. 10 were drafted this year and probably double were signed as undrafted free agents. Unlike linemen, there's no benefit to having a lot of depth at QB when you only have 53 spots. Therefore, QB is extremely limited in availability. Additionally, the backup QB is most often a "don't lose the game via turnovers" guy or the next big thing waiting in the wings. CK is neither one of those things. It's for those reasons that I don't think he'd have a job even if he didn't do the protest. The NFL is a ruthless business and a ton of people get sent packing every year. Here's something you probably didn't expect: I admire the guy for speaking up about something he believes in and an issue that obviously needs attention. I don't think this act deserves prominence in a museum celebrating African American culture quite yet, but I'm not making those decisions.
  5. Mattis to the rescue?

    I saw the title of this thread and thought Mattis was becoming President.
  6. I saw some dude posted on the Pilot Network about looking at retiring at 15 years and not taking a bonus to get there. Any further on that?
  7. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    A pilot and a CSO. One of whom is a patch.
  8. Below average IQ and brass balls, I imagine.
  9. Probably better keep that to yourself. I hear it's banned now.
  10. Previous 2 posts are wrong. In my WIC class, there were at least 2 T-6 FAIPs going through fighter courses. Being a T-6 vs T-38 FAIP has no bearing on follow on assignments.
  11. CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    Anybody have any update on expired CFI renewal via IP Form 8? I know it was being looked at for this year, but unsure if changes actually were implemented.
  12. Their ability to speak fax machine is highly lucrative.
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    What's the number of dudes promoting per month?
  14. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Holy hell, times have changed!
  15. Promotion and PRF Information

    I submitted this and still made it. I guess the standards have lowered.