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  1. You’re not the only one trying to get promoted. This place is like 21 Jump Street where Channing Tatum’s character laughs and says “he’s trying, what a nerd!” Do what you gotta do and set yourself up for success. Personal note: There’s no way I’m doing ACSC in correspondence. Or residence either, for that matter.
  2. “#1/10 Archaeological Enablers! Efforts directed Dr Jones expedition to recover priceless hanging garden planter. Send to secret warehouse full of treasure soonest!”
  3. The only problem with this is compare how good an F-15E of F-16 unit is at air to air mission sets compared to an F-15C unit. Same with those multi-role fighters compared to A-10’s at CAS. Or any multi-role unit compared to a single role. This cycle works for those SOF units because the missions at their core (with notable exceptions like AFO, etc) are the same regardless of the environment. Get to a compound, secure it, take care of business and get out. Not so for multi-role assets used across the spectrum of conflict. This is why you need units (CAF or SOF) that handle the missions we are doing with VEO and let big blue train for the big fight. I can’t imagine how hard it would be in a Strike Eagle unit to train for the variety of air to air METLs, then all the air to ground stuff across the spectrum from CAS to AI, and then be expected to be ready for a VEO deployment or maybe to defend Taiwan.
  4. I talked to some of the Kelly Viper guys and they said the PTN studs there did great. I’m sure you could talk to another IP in the squadron who thinks those millennial cucks are worthless, but that was the info I got.
  5. Looks like a typical recovery into Bagram to me.
  6. I’m seriously surprised there haven’t been “hazing” accusations from a debrief yet.
  7. That was for commercial, but the other stuff was for PPL.
  8. All super good advice and I want to double up on a couple. I worked at an FBO and was able to get discounts and even some free flights under the guise of something else that the chief pilot logged for me. The biggest one is the pre-study and very solid grasp of the “control and performance” concept. Once you understand that if you set up the airplane to do a certain maneuver via specific power setting/bank angle/etc, you can make much smaller and better corrections to fly more precisely. I can’t tell you how many students I had as a CFI and AF IP that treat every maneuver as a surprise and are constantly fighting the airplane to do what they want. Last piece of advice is you can do odd jobs for lessons, as well. I epoxy’d the garage of a local Chief Pilot and ended up getting 5 hours of instruction in a King Air out of it. Similar stories on helping do roof repairs, yard work, etc. Good luck!
  9. Not if you read his bio. Says his job is head of the “Aircrew Crisis Task Force”.
  10. I know plenty of former wrestlers with cauliflower ear who are pilots. I wouldn’t worry about it if you’ve already got it. If you don’t have it, might as well prevent it.
  11. Valid question and I would point to the ammount of Apaches (or whatever helo you’re looking at) and compare that to the number of Raptors. It’s about a 7:1 ratio. Therefore, you lose a pilot to separation, it hurts the AF 7 times more. I know that’s way over simplified but it illustrates the point. If you want to have a biased, emotional (but correct) argument then ask the Army how their most basic doctrine works if they don’t have air superiority. And then ask them how well their ops have been since April 1953 when they haven’t had an attack from the air strike their forces.
  12. Why would that matter? An F-22 Pilot is more valuable (money invested already/percentage of the force) in terms of retention than an Army pilot. Tactically, the Apache guy is worth his weight in gold in his role but the Raptor guy is a much rarer commodity and represents a much bigger loss when he isn’t retained.
  13. I’d describe mine as more of a “sexual tyrannosaurus” mustache.
  14. You heard about that?! Thomas Johnson 2020!
  15. Half the original guys were top dudes and the other half were booger flicks. Those booger flicks caused some problems that are still being dealt with today. And honestly, they weren’t that good. The community now is so far beyond where they started it’s pretty unbelievable. The part that has always cracked me up about the original dudes is that they always talk about being all about the mission. However, they had such an insular, “Cowboy”, and flat out dickish culture that they stifled true mission hacking IOT stoke their own egos. Not true in all cases of course, but a lot of the original guys were their own worst enemies.
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