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  1. Don’t get em too scared or they’ll just pack the court and add 2 more judges
  2. Appreciate you gents taking the bait. Because the constant talk of the election being stolen - even by many on this forum - is a giant conspiracy theory that has no more substance than 9/11 hoaxers, yet over 70% of republicans entertain this particular theory. Including a disheartening amount of you all. You guys spouting "let's just say that there were no shenanigans" implies that there is a debate about the election results. There isn't. And you may not understand it now, but every time that you say shit like this you're just further undercutting faith in American democracy. All fo
  3. Well the shenanigans wouldn't have been needed if the republicans hadn't faked 9/11 to garner unilateral support and install fox news and the patriot act in 2001. YOU really only have yourself to blame.
  4. Do you ever think that Trump may have gotten more negative press coverage because he’s a worse human being with worse policies? Just like how I talk more shit about my sisters abusive ex husband than her current husband? Not everyone is entitled to 50-50 good:bad press.
  5. Is your point that meritocracy shouldn’t exist or that it doesn’t?
  6. The blunt truth is it hurts non minorities. That’s the harm in affirmative action policies. It’s why white male pilots, for the most part, should go ahead and stop applying to be astronauts. Edit: The sinister end result is the debasing of the meritocracy.
  7. Here's the actual scientific article because, when it comes to science, mainstream news articles are basically worthless: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.01.18.427166v1.full BL: It looks like it could be bad, with over 50% of natural produced antibody samples not showing immunity to this strain. They predict that folks, even if they already had COVID or got the first vaccine, will now be able to get COVID 2.0, but this is a limited evaluation. They never tested actual people that were vaccinated, and they never actually saw a secondary reinfection. They just produce evid
  8. This is all somewhat ironic, because fairness issues up until very recently were primarily based around the extremely conservative talk radio bias that has existed for decades. Rules that would force private entities to protect political speech existed before under the fairness doctrine, which was repealed during the Reagan presidency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FCC_fairness_doctrine#Opposition Many have attempted to revive it, but attempts have almost been unilaterally opposed by conservatives up until this point because it was politically in their favor to maintain a monopo
  9. Not at all. I don't agree with a lot of free speech, but I still want it protected. But there is a different between an opinion I don't agree with and an actual mistruth. Have any opinion in the world, that's fine. But I don't think lying about facts deserves a pass. And brother, what do you mean the 100% truth about the laptop? What was hidden precisely? A last minute hail mary to smear Joe Biden based off of circumstantial evidence presented by Rudy Giuliani? What you actually have to prove is that a 50 year old drug addict's dealings directly are tied to his father's finances. There ha
  10. Disagree here, I think your point is extremely overblown. You could replace “they” and “them” in your post with Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are not the internet. Let me repeat. Twitter and Facebook are not “the internet.” Now if you’re talking about the sensible regulation of over reaching, monopolistic large tech companies, I’m all ears. But that’s not your post. Instead, you’re mad that a company has a political leaning. Newsflash: all companies do. Find a different company. The internet in its current form is a worldwide international marvel, not just an American fr
  11. I don't see how ending 230 is actually going to help. In my eyes, ending 230 protections would have one of two effects: 1) Companies are more wary of being sued, and they actually censor a lot more stuff based on their opinions of what is right and wrong 2) Companies try to maintain neutrality by allowing literally anything and everything, turning the whole internet into 4chan
  12. Interesting to see the SQ/CC at the time is now an O-7.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/mypillow-lindell-white-house-martial-law-b1788176.html?utm_source=reddit.com The onion is real. Also, pretty gucci cameras out there.
  14. Interesting argument that is legitimately making me rethink a lot of assumptions. My typical argument to post modern society is what happens to the truck drivers when trucks become automated? Why should all the money from that industry go to just a few people with automated trucks while everyone else goes out of work? But I guess in reality the majority of profits would be dwindled down by competition and passed on via cost savings to the consumer. Still would probably be nice if there was an easier way to switch professions in America, but modernization may not be as bad as I previo
  15. You implied that suppression would lead to involvement from the ACLU. Seemed to me that implies legality. Glad to see we're on the same page. And I do support the baker in that it’s 100% his legal right. It’s also 100% my legal right to personally hold that against him.
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