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  1. Also a lot of people agree that 9/11 was an inside job and the Holocaust wasn’t real. And just because you say they are “doesn’t mean it’s not true.“ Id also like to add Qanon, pizza gate, forced microchipping, the us gov creating Covid, and vaccines intentionally killing babies and causing autism to the list of things that right leaning conspiracy theorists believe right now.
  2. I will post this again for you guys. Double click it. Are you just ignoring this unintentionally or are you intentionally only responding to the parts that are convenient? By the way, Guardian, the way it works when someone claims wrongdoing is that THE ACCUSERS actually have the burden of proof. Not the other way around. If it’s set in stone, release the metadata.
  3. Why do you all of a sudden believe something that the FBI has “had for over a year” (and they didn’t press any charges) is new information, when the CIA and leadership of the intelligence community says it’s overwhelmingly likely it’s disinformation? Why would Giuliani sit on the laptops for months if they showed clear wrongdoing? Oh it’s because he can release them 2 weeks in advance and get guys like you to say “yeah! They probably are criminals” and vote before the smoke clears. Reminder that your source (the computer repair man) is literally claimed to be someone who has a condition that doesn’t allow them to remember or recognize faces. Convenient. You so badly want to believe whatever supports your side, and it’s kinda sad.
  4. Fox News and most other mainstream conservative news outlets also refuse to talk to the story. Why? Because there is almost no veracity to the outlandish claims. The truth is that these allegations are a hilarious Hail Mary to throw some dirt 2 weeks before the election. Heres your choice: take the red pill and believe the unbacked up claims of the NYP (who are hilariously biased, they literally just endorsed Trump on their front page). Or take the blue pill and recognize that multiple CIA directors, national intelligence directors, defense intelligence specialists, and leaders in that community have all stated that this is overwhelmingly likely to be Russian disinformation. When did the whole of the US intelligence machine become a liberal hoax? Conspiracy theory is putting it lightly. (Double click this to open the letter) As much as I don’t like the guy, someone like Biden was a really smart choice when it comes down to running against Trump. He is boring, old, probably a little slow in his mental capacities. But he’s not a pure criminal, and he hasn’t done too many shady things. Hearing Trump repeat the “Hillary for prison” chants at his rallies, just updating them to “Biden for prison” is honestly desperate and pathetic. This is the state of politics in 2020, and it’s a large reason why I’m voting the way I am. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.com/amp/news/2020/10/28/trump-conspiracy-theoryhunter-biden-433131
  5. I misinterpreted both of your points and I apologize. Agree with your statements.
  6. Relatively easy example with made up numbers. If straight couples are taxed at 20% and gay couples are taxed at 30%, how is that not a surcharge for being gay? It doesn’t matter how you spin it, sexuality should not be a discriminator when it comes to access to benefits. If you want to take away all the expected governmental benefits of marriage, then that’s totally fine.
  7. And just to be crystal clear, yes I am equating advocacy for Christian marriage as all that is allowable in America to advocating for sharia law, at least when it comes to ethical arguments. Also, why do evangelicals never advocate for the abolition of pork products (Leviticus 11:47) or the illegality of wearing two different fabrics to a nightclub (Deuteronomy 22:11)? If we’re gonna try to oppress people based on the Old Testament, at least be genuine about it.
  8. Sure. Another solution would be to get rid of the governmental benefits of marriage for straight people, but I dont see a lot of advocacy for that for some reason. You can’t financially and legally marginalize human beings and say that you aren’t treating them poorly. If the argument was “marriage is a religious ceremony, so we will disband that as a government entity. Everyone is entitled to the governmental benefits of a union so we support the union regardless of your sexuality.” But the right wing would rather further entrench religion into politics. I was fed the same BS and felt similarly to you all on this until my sibling came out as gay. It changes your perspective on what is malicious and what isn’t. I assume you guys aren’t for sharia law (although guardian probably takes offense to me assuming this), but it is a totally reasonable and understood opinion of society for a huge part of the world, so we should respect that amirite?
  9. I mean, Pence has definitely treated gay people poorly, literally trying to take away basic rights. Just cause he didn’t literally punch one of them in the face doesn’t mean he didn’t treat them poorly. 2000: During his congressional campaign, Mike Pence said, “Congress should oppose any effort to put gay and lesbian relationships on an equal legal status with heterosexual marriage.” 2004: Mike Pence co-sponsored a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would define marriage as solely between one man and one woman. Many more...
  10. As someone who is, at least policy wise, leaning towards voting for Biden, I have to agree with Lord Ratner. When it comes down to VP vs VP, Pence is the one who seems like he has a moral compass and tries to stick to it, even if I don’t agree with some of his ideas. Harris comes across as extremely condescending and motivated by stupid shit like wokeness or dog whistle racism bs. I really didn’t like her act in their debate.
  11. I’d be interested to read more about this if you have sources.
  12. Stop just saying socialism with no context when you just don’t like a policy. It’s pointless. You debase literally the meaning of the word. This is what you sound like: Also, alternative reality to your “truth”: he led America through the Great Depression and WWII, ultimately giving America the ability to rise to be a world superpower. Sorry that the effects of his policies don’t fit your narrative. Do you think Ike and Nixon were also socialists since they presided over similar times?
  13. I assume you are referring to the socialist United States of America of 1936-1980. 🇺🇸
  14. I never came close to saying that. My point is literally in line with what you’re saying: you can have meaningful regulation and limit the free market and have it be our version of “capitalism.” But this point does require many people to concede that government intervention and limitations on the free market do not automatically equal socialism, and I feel like that’s the more common trope on this forum.
  15. Antitrust judgments aren’t consensual and are often forced upon people and businesses who have acted within the bounds of the free market. The point is not that everything should be regulated, but some things should.
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