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  1. discus added a post in a topic F-16 & Cessna mid-air over SC   

    Would have never happens if the Viper had a Flight Engineer.
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  2. discus added a topic in Market Place   

    Anyone PCS'ing back to the states from Germany?
    If you are, and are not bringing a vehicle back with you, I may have an opportunity for you to both help a brother out, and make some green. Shoot me a P.M.
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  3. discus added a post in a topic AFPAK Hands   

    This program is a sink hole for all the other services too. I currently work with several Air Force, Navy, and Marine "Hands". The only one getting anything out of it is the Marine, who was put there simply as a holding pattern until he took over as a Squadron commander (C-130 pilot), and therefore it made no difference to him. One of the Navy dudes is an F/A-18 bubba, USNA grad, and getting tagged for this program will take him out of the cockpit...And promotion potential to O-4 for good.
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  4. discus added a post in a topic AFPAK Hands   

    AFPAK Hands - RUN! Run far and run fast. It may have been fun back in the days when they got to roam around Afghanistan with a full beard, sleep in mud huts and do whatever they wanted to...(For some, not me) I work with a bunch of them here and these days they all go to non flying staff gigs. It's a terrible deal. Two deployments required. One 10 months and the other 12 months. A shitty deal all around.
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  5. discus added a post in a topic In Need of IBM Forms Travel Voucher   

    They have been trying to justify the incredible cost overruns of PDF forms for years, and recently put in a proposal to cut all IBM forms, however congress is preventing it's retirement due to it's effectiveness.
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  6. discus added a post in a topic Medical Disqualifiers, pre-UCSOT   

    From the CAF perspective - Dr's only purpose in life is to make you not able to fly/do your job. We have a LtCol pilot in Afghanistan right now with a broken wrist. His fix? A wrist guard from the BX. Maybe a bit extreme, but now you understand the mentality. Does said knee injury prevent you from running/jumping/walking? If so, Dr. is needed. If you can tough it out, no Dr. needed.
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  7. discus added a post in a topic MARS Phone Patch Web Site   

    You guys are awesome!
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  8. discus added a post in a topic Webmail / CAC   

    So I was having problems too from the AD side trying to log in from out of country. I turned on the VPN to the U.S. and the problem went away. Possible solution? I don't know how many of you are out of country.
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  9. discus added a post in a topic SOS/ACSC information   

    Anyone know of the ramifications of marking the box "I am not interested in school right now" on your 3849? I just did that because I'm currently on a 365, and a prior at the 19 year mark. Not ready to commit to another three years just this second. I put that down as my reason as well.
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  10. discus added a post in a topic Kirtland AFB info   

    The wife and I keep our airplanes and gliders in a hanger out in Moriarty. Have an apartment built into the hanger with beer taps coming out of the wall. Pretty much our idea of the perfect vacation home. Suggest looking at Edgewood/Cedar Crest area, I can give you the name of a great realtor if you want to live in the East Mountains. Love New Mexico and the surrounding ABQ area, and where we plan to retire. IMHO, ABQ is a great town to "Go into", but I would not personally choose to live there. Let me know, and I can put you in touch with a retired Colonel/Nam POW out there who loves helping AF dudes out with getting settled. You going to the Safety Center?
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  11. discus added a post in a topic Harrison Ford Successfully Lands Malfunctioning Aircraft   

    OK Jarhead fair enough. Part 91 and single engine ops have no "Special inspections". (Warbirds) This lady is still talking out of her ass.
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  12. discus added a post in a topic Harrison Ford Successfully Lands Malfunctioning Aircraft   

    No, there are not any special inspections above and beyond meeting the regulations. This lady was the head of the DOT for a few years in the 90's, and now is a lawyer who sues airlines and private pilots for wrongful death and property damage.
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  13. discus added a post in a topic Harrison Ford Successfully Lands Malfunctioning Aircraft   

    CNN's "Expert" aviation analyst: "Expert: Dangerous plane
    The crash probably has less to do with the pilot and more with the plane, said CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo.

    The older the plane, the more likely it is to crash, she said. "As the years go on, they get a lot more dangerous."

    "They need very special care," and aviation laws proscribe their flying parameters. "You have to follow a special aging aircraft protocol," Schiavo said.

    But she complimented Ford's move. He set the unpowered plane up for a good glide, she said.

    Ford also drives a vintage car, a late model Jaguar convertible, which he has often been photographed in."
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  14. discus added a post in a topic Harrison Ford Successfully Lands Malfunctioning Aircraft   

    The golf course manager immediately asked him to please replace his divot.
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  15. discus added a post in a topic iPhone/iPad users try this   

    Thanks, dfresh! I wasn't going to complain, then I though that could be bad if one were trying to get new traffic to the site. We need another Timmy!
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