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  1. Damn... Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  2. https://www.youcaring.com/ashley-eadie-654162 Posted by a squadron mate. Him, Him. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  3. Awesome thoughts, thanks Weed! Edit: yes, I meant single engine stuff.
  4. O.K. Guys, I'm going to wade in here with some general questions for the guys who have been hired. I am retiring this summer at the age of 40. Second, I'm a Nav. But I'm a Nav with 2k ish hours of PIC + another 3K of sailplane time (I know the airlines don't give two shits about glider time, just a data point.) I'm going to have to do the ATP the hard way because I don't even have a multi rating yet and the wife and I just got this in our heads that this is a possibility for something to keep me occupied. Therefore, very little pre-planning was done. With all that being said, I'm gonna burn some GI bill on getting the ATP. I already have all the required hours except the multi. So, some questions of the dudes I respect on here who have been there- done that. - The wife is a Dr. And we don't have any kids. Don't need the money, just want to stay a bit busy. Going to be living in Denver area. With that being said, in my shoes, would you target corporate, airlines, or something really fun like fire fighting? Everyone needs pilots right now it seems like. - How would you go about doing things? Puppy mill for multi and ATP? - How would you weave the Evaluator Nav hours and CRM experience stuff into a resume without making it look like you were trying to make it look like you were trying to pass yourself off as a military pilot? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. For those of you who "know me" from this board, Nav jokes are welcome and encouraged. For those that don't, and make wise cracks, I present a preemptive " you".
  5. This needs to be ended. At least he isn't some screaming liberal douche nozzle who has never served and hates all things military. Constructive feedback has been given. He can take it or leave it.
  6. Clearly sounds like a Lt on casual who was forced to work in an MPF somewhere.
  7. What's funny is, I'm fairly sure this thread was well on its way to being dead before "spark" stepped in to defend his "bro".
  8. NATO AWACS wears the country flag as shown with squadron patch below (his website says he was stationed in Germany) Obviously he is not wearing a NATO AWACS patch. I could forgive the helmet as it could be something his handlers thought might be a good idea, but the ENJJPT patch is unforgivable, and misleading. Don't know the guy.
  9. Yeah Huggy, talking about our generation is much better than the teenage wasteland of today. However, with the airlines hiring again, Fingers will have to remember that the exodus is here.
  10. Good words, GP. Here is an article with a bit more on the advisor mission. You can see how thankful the Afghans are for our time and money: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/09/27/world/asia/us-is-struggling-in-its-effort-to-build-an-afghan-air-force.html?_r=2&referer=
  11. Don't do it. No vag there. No one will blame you if you jump ship, I'm pretty sure. It's not helping America, and it's for sure not worth your life. If you can get out of it, by all means, run far and run fast.
  12. Thanks, Gearpig. It's important to remember there are 400+ brothers and sisters sentenced to that each year with no end in sight.
  13. I went over there as a non vol staff weenie. The orders were a gift on my 18 year, 360th day in the AF (no shit). Pretty much every prior E gets hit with these so I knew it was coming. I let it roll, because I wanted to roll the dice vs not having to serve a sentence at the 'Deid. I flew quite a bit as a "guardian angel" which means that while the IPs are trying to teach the Afghans to fly airplanes, you sit in back, ready to cap one that gets out of hand. I'm a 39 year old dude, and not made to run around with full body armor on every day, yet that's what I did. Even as a staff weenie, I still had an Afghan counterpart that I was trying to "mentor". As far as the flying goes, the Afghans are pretty terrible at it as a general rule. If you have never had the opportunity to teach a C-130 "AC" that he needs to keep one wing low when landing in a cross wind, this is your opportunity. Everything you do is dangerous. I raised my rifle with intent to shoot over two occasions in the one year I was there. I didn't end up pulling the trigger for different reasons each time, but the threat was still there. Had a truck bomb go off right outside the base gate one morning. If I had not been lazy, I would have been right by it on my morning run. Two of my former office mates were killed two weeks ago when their helo Caught a mooring cable from an aerostat on a routine visit to headquarters. Getting out of there in tact both physically and mentally is about luck, not skill. The mission is pretty hopeless, and you will come home disgruntled at both the Air Force and the 16 years of terrible foreign policy our country as a whole has had. Oh, add on to your 365 two months at lovely McGuire AFB under GO 1 for Air Advisor training, where you will receive a code on your SURF saying that you can do that and are highly susceptible to having to do it again. Overall, I'd take the Deid any day over that place. I promise I will write more coherently when I have not been drinking. Please feel free to fire away with further questions. That job + all the extraneous factors going on in the AF I joined 20 years ago made me push the button for retirement. I'm done. They took away any love I might have had left for our service. Sorry I can't speak more to the guard/reserve aspect, but I might be able to come up with what I remember when I have not been going shot for shot with my wife for every kid at our door who is that bitch from Frozen.
  14. Just got done with a year of this bullshit. I can answer questions. Also, the weapons laws were a bit better when I left. M-9 loaded and off safe, M-4, one in the chamber on safe.
  15. Not one more U.S. Life to that goddamn shit hole. Please. No more. It takes healthy troops and money and only gives back heartbreak and broken families. RIP, brothers. Damn.