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  1. Hello everyone, In March I was hired with a unit and I'm in the middle of all the processing paperwork. I've gone to MEPS for them, swore in, and I'm in the middle of the background check. I've applied to a few units and my top choice was delayed a little but I just got notice that my top unit is offering me a job. It's the airframe and mission I want and it's where my family lives. The other unit is a bit far. I really want my top choice unit obviously as that is what would work best for me but I'm unsure how to proceed. My top unit knows I've already been hired at another unit but I'm unsure how to explain this to the unit that I was already hired at. Have other people had this experience? What's the best course of action? Thanks for the time.
  2. Hi All, I'm awaiting my FC1 for my guard job. I'm always around lots of people everyday for my job so I think sooner or late I may get exposed to COVID. Let's say this happens and I test positive and recover with no issue. When I go for my FC1 in a couple months, will having a previous positive COVID test cause issues for getting my FC1? I have yet to find any guidance on COVID and FC1. Thanks.
  3. Greetings, I recently just finished MEPS processing for the unit I was hired into. Next is swearing in and getting enlisted then the FC1. When I swear in I know I’ll have a contract to sign. I’m a civilian that received a pilot slot with the OKC ANG and I’d like to get an idea of what the contract will look like before I go swear in. Can anyone give me an idea? Or what it really needs to say? Thanks!
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