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  1. brabus

    What's your favorite mission?

    Killing ISIS while your friend shouts at you on the radio and getting a big hug from him when he got back in one piece. Best/most rewarding days of my life. Outside of combat, SEAD and FAC(A) are great because they're both very dynamic...I like the challenge of flying into the fight with a decent plan, but knowing it will change 69 times in the next hour and I'll have to make those 1 sec decisions that will determine win or loss. Flying fighters is like playing a very competitive team sport...it never gets old (but the queep and AF bs sure does!)
  2. brabus

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    No, I was talking about heavy dudes teaching phase 3 in 38s.
  3. brabus

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    It's been a thing at CAFB for over a year at least, maybe more.
  4. brabus

    Increasing SUPT Commitment

    Make it say "doesn't want to leave, won't quit" and that describes 69% of the GS workforce. The AF gets a shit product for way too much money with these useless individuals. Theyll get the same shit product for way to much money with an indentured pilot force who stops giving zero fucks at year 10 of 20.
  5. brabus

    Kadena F-15 Crash

    Behind on FHP and green dot, more time required for UCI prep - there will be no weekends for the next month to support the wings priorities. Oh and remember guys, we care about families! Also, you're deploying for 6 months in 34 days, sorry not sorry we didnt factor that in...
  6. brabus

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Don't think that applies to every T-1 guy, but I still remember a sizeable difference between most of my 38 IPs (all fighter/bomber, couple FAIPs) and my phase 2 IPs (all non-CAF). Certainly not in bromanship, but yes in flying ability and in several cases, instructional ability. The two tracks/mentality are not significantly similar that one can excel at teaching either. My 38 IPs probably would have been shitty T-1 IPs. Secondly, yes I think most guys could pass PIT and teach basic 38 stuff. But the mentality difference, lack of CAF experience, etc. is not growing that student to be ready for IFF and the CAF squadron that lies beyond.
  7. brabus

    Holloman Units

    Yep, that's who I'm talking about - wasn't aware of the requirement to already be in the AZ guard to apply.
  8. brabus

    Holloman Units

    Tucson will send guys to UPT. You get seasoning at another unit and then come back to them. If you’re shooting for that region of the country and/or a FTU career, worth looking into.
  9. brabus

    Upcoming Boards

    I disagree, if you know you want to fly, then go to college and fly afterwards. Enlisting makes you older, and therefore less attempts available to get hired on a pilot board. It is also not a guarantee to get hired at your home unit. The CC's opinion on said subject matters a lot as well, since they have the final say. Some CCs are heavy leaners towards hiring internally, others don't care if you're in the unit when meeting the board. You (and the pilot who gave you this advice) have no idea who will be the CC in 5 years and also don't know that unnamed CC's opinion regarding this.
  10. brabus

    Palace Chase info

    ISR is the Avenue for the paperwork; your CC will have to sign the 1288 initially...so talk to both.
  11. brabus

    Palace Chase info

    You won't be forced into BRS.
  12. brabus

    Tanker to Fighter

    Honestly fairly low based mostly on age, secondly on non-T38. A lot of fighter guys are bailing from AD in that age range and it's unlikely a squadron would hire a non-fighter guy over current/qualified guys. But, it never hurts to go visit a unit, talk to the dudes/the CC and see what they say. Every unit is different, in a different manning situation ,etc.
  13. brabus

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    He could also get an E3 out of T-1s. And he doesn't know what he doesn't know, his mind could change significantly once actually flying in the military. 38s keeps all doors open, T-1s closes doors. It's a no brainer to do enjppt if possible and figure your wishes out there.
  14. brabus

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    You just described what several AFSOC and ACC assets do during the current fight...so...good luck. Go ENJJPT - Flying 38s was fun, you still have a decent array of options for assignments, and Wichita Falls seems to be the best UPT base out of all of them (location-wise and the local town is better than the other options). I say all this as a guy who didn't go there. Lastly, its fine to think about what you think you want to fly, but keep an open mind. Talk to your IPs as you go through UPT - dismiss those who tell you "the other guys" are assholes, suck, mission is lame, etc...they have no idea what they're talking about if they never flew it. If you have a bunch of non-fighter IPs, seek out fighter guys for perspective. Do the opposite as well. You might stay steadfast on the AFSOC idea, but you may also surprise yourself at what you end up putting on a dream sheet 2 years from now.
  15. brabus

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I wish I had done that, at least once. But I think it would only work in theory, you'd still get fucked over somehow...forced out of your rental house/paying for a hotel out of your pocket, all of your shit not getting picked up on time out of said rental house, etc. I think it'd be a great play for a single guy, probably not so much with wife/kids in tow.