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  1. Yeah, 20 years of family business experience in a blue collar/welfare heavy area. Seen hundreds of employees over the years - about 2/3 will do whatever it takes to stay on welfare, including not showing up for work or full up quitting (because they don’t want to go over X hours, which would then make them ineligible for welfare). Even when offered health insurance if they work 40 hrs/wk, they refuse because they’ll just go to the ER sans insurance for everything from a sniffle to actual emergencies. “The hospital is free man, I don’t need insurance!” And those are the people getting a couple
  2. I didn’t imply any legal action by the ACLU (you inferred that, incorrectly), and the ACLU has taken notice and does not support what’s going on with the tech giants. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election/trump-capitol-riot-twitter-ban-aclu-b1785626.html. ACLU: ”it should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions...It is our hope that these companies will apply their rules transparently to everyone.” Glad to hear you supp
  3. @Negatory There you go again responding without actually reading what I wrote. I never brought legality or the constitution into my statement even remotely, I simply said picking and choosing who is suppressed (e.g. double standard) is what most people are pissed about. The group who actually think Twitter did something illegal/unconstitutional is wrong (we agree there). I hope you vehemently support the Christian baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.
  4. Tons of “homeboys” exist who don’t see full time employment as their preferred option to get money - they prefer govt social programs instead (and only supplement as little as possible with an actual job). That’s the type of people the current system produces, and the type who shouldn’t receive direct payment. The system needs an overhaul, so I guess don’t hate the player, hate the game?
  5. I’ve seen social media/news splattered with “getting kicked off for violating a TOS isn’t suppressing free speech, get over it cry babies!” What these people haven’t grasped is the majority are pissed about the double standard. Kick Trump off, that’s fine, but you better be kicking everyone else off too who violates TOS, regardless of political leaning, party affiliation, group affiliation, etc. If you don’t and are choosing to punt people off your platform you disagree with politically while looking the other way for people you do agree with, well that’s suppression. The double standard is wh
  6. That’s been happening forever thanks to out of control social programs. The recent stimulus checks are just another iron in the fire to perpetuate what has already been happening. Great post.
  7. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200903/coronavirus-on-surfaces-whats-the-real-risk He’s not “dead wrong;” sure it is possible as jazz pointed out, but it’s not the primary way it spreads/infects...the CDC and the medical community support that. The above article explains in layman terms why it’s very low odds.
  8. That sucks; hasn’t happened here, at least yet. Still haven’t done a single guard PT test in PT gear or in the AD-style group method.
  9. It’s still a thousand times better than AD, despite the bullshit alcohol policies that exist in some places. And you’re crazy if you think there aren’t creative solutions out there...
  10. Stick with the UPT boards - patience.
  11. Let’s start with your original comment that generated a reply: “what if they only made $25B? What if only $25M?” Once again your opinion-driven math vs. actual math isn’t based in reality, per the example I gave...she sure as shit isn’t donating $9B if she only makes $25M; my 5 year old can do that math. And if she’s making $25B, then doubtful she’s donating 36% of her income that year (and her net worth would be less overall, more reason she wouldn’t donate as much). In fact, your article talks about how huge it was for bezos to pledge 10% of his wealth (at the time he did). Go ahead, sh
  12. Fair point. My follow up question/thought is once the high risk are vaccinated (assumption is that group is fairly open to/diligent about getting vaccinated), then will the lower risk group who remains unvaccinated really drain resources (because that’s also the same group who is hospitalized at a significantly lower rate)? Is the unvaccinated population the root cause, or is it the gov enacting policies that aren’t rational (especially in the near future as high risk populations are vaccinated), but don’t affect them personally/even benefit them in some ways? It behooves peopl
  13. 95% effective at reducing/eliminating symptoms, but we have no idea if the vaccine stops transmission (we’re assuming no until proven otherwise). So honest question, why are we so concerned with 80% of people getting the shots - as you put it, let Darwin take its course. If people get their shots and are protected, then why do they care if their neighbor does? In theory you have the full vaccination and I sneeze in your face, you’re protected at a 95% rate...this point has even more efficacy if the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission (unknown currently).
  14. Well for one people like MacKenzie Scott probably wouldn’t have donated $9B. Yeah there are some “filthy rich” people, but many of them donate shitloads of money, collectively provide millions of jobs, etc. They may be “selfish” in your eyes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not simultaneously contributing a substantial amount to our economy and way of life. Bottom line - not a zero sum game and we need those people far more than we don’t need them.
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