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  1. I think the most you're going to get is: not needed for most part; some very few cases it would be...from your CC"s perspective, those very few cases probably do not warrant getting you a TS prior to CSO school.
  2. Need a herc guy to weigh in, but I do have several friends in Hercs and all of them initially had TS that was allowed to lapse. Don't need it to fly Hercs directly; potentially could need it for future opportunities/non-flying work (i.e. working with other services where you need to be in a SCIF for mission planning, etc.) Overall, I don't think your CC is necessarily off base regarding your lack of requirement for a TS (to specifically fly Hercs), but at the same time if there's any way to get it you should, to provide flexibility for yourself and your squadron when the need arises to send a Herc guy to fill X role and a TS is required.
  3. Gun Talk

    I only had to show a mil ID to the guy at the store when I bought the 43 through the blue label program - I think it was around $350. The prices are not set by Glock, so they may vary between stores, but generally ~$100 off normal prices.
  4. Your need for a TS will be dependent on what airframe you go to after Nav school. I assume nav training is like pilot training - probably barely any secret discussed, let alone TS. I imagine the most correct answer is you do not need TS for school, but you may need it post-school. Are you staying in the ARC/know what airframe you're going to?
  5. Or if you are interested in the assignment, you could threaten 7 day opt or say you'll accept the assignment with 0 ADSC. Seen it done, but make sure you get the 0 ADSC part in writing from AFPC.
  6. Gun Talk

    Have carried a 43 for the last 1.5 yrs...I like it. My wife also carries it in her purse when she's not with me (e.g. I'm carrying). I put the +2 mag extensions on not only for capacity, but for a better grip. They do not make a big difference in terms of printing/comfort while wearing; I use an IWB holster from crossbread.
  7. ?s on logging flight time

    HARM office had me fill out 781s to match the time written in my personal logbook that was not reflected in my flying records. They had no issues with it being the only source.
  8. Short tour info

    To my knowledge, Osan still receives short tour credit as long as you don't bring your family command sponsored. That's probably not a bad way to check this container - you can always bring your family over on your own dime (and you still get OHA).
  9. According to the guys here, all funds are properly loaded, but AROWS is messed up, so we have to wait until it's fixed. Classic cross-finger pointing. Anyone had success with the updated AROWS?
  10. You can absolutely turn down the offer, but clearly you risk going to UPT at all (if you don't subsequently get hired by another unit). Do it before swearing in, and nobody should care that much (as you said, alternates), do it after and you might piss people off. It's your life, don't let a few people possibly being pissed drive your decidion, but also know if fighters don't work out and you're back applying for heavy units, I have to imagine you may face an uphill battle (the new prospective units will find out, whether you tell them or not). Hard call, good luck.
  11. Thanks...guess another trip to finance is warranted.
  12. Tried to log an AFTP yesterday and got something about funds not available, contact the budget office...before I could sign it. ??? abound at base agencies. Anyone dealt with this?
  13. I need some advice

  14. The new airline thread

    The two closest potential bases are 3.4 and 6 hrs driving, both with several non-stop flights each day out of my local airport. So, I guess about as reasonable as it can get without living in base.
  15. The new airline thread

    It is a TX+seasoning (~2.5-3 yrs total). Not co-located, but a "reasonable" commute.