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  1. brabus

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    These annoyances can be avoided by simply wearing normal workout clothes. They don't know if youre mil or contractor.
  2. brabus

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Current 4th gen already compliment the 5th gen; as long as funding is appropriately provided to continued development of vipers and both eagle variants (not hogs, because that'd be treason), well be OK with 4th gen mass supplementing smaller numbers of 5th gen. The big question is if the CFGs will allocate the funding required to keep our 4th gen fleet advancing at the required rate.
  3. brabus

    Finance Problems

    Don't need to provide a receipt for less than $70. Claim as taxi on voucher. Problem circumvented (albeit not solved long term as you pointed out). Why did you guys lose variations authorized?
  4. Same. I've seen many LTs the past few years who are well below average, on a secret LOX post-MQT, would never in a million years got 38s let alone a fighter 5 years ago, etc. The current AETC average product is shit. The naturally talented do great, the average guys are below average in the CAF, and the "old days" slightly below average guy is a .1 away from killing himself and/or someone else every day. This is what we have right now with guys who have hundreds of hours and have been through far more training. What are we going to get when the bottom 1/3 types are pushed through a gutted program? I acknowledge tech increase will narrow the gap and likely out perform status quo UPT teaching methods to an extent, but it will not close the gap with the wreckless amount of slashed training time. I sincerely hope this experiment breeds some awesome increase in instructional/learning capability to be implemented in UPT/IFF, but not seen as a full replacement.
  5. They had to have flown more than 30 hrs in 6 months, that'd be about 3 sorties per month if true. Please tell me that's a typo. Going from barely being able to find your own ass in a T-6 straight to a $90M jet with 40K thrust where a brand new wingman is expected to have the SA/decision making ability of a 4th gen flight lead...yep this is going to work well.
  6. brabus

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Agree with Hoss - we switched to standard for the last 3 years of my AD time...kicking myself for not doing it earlier. Prime is bullshit. Unfortunately for my situation now, there's not a whole lot of places where I live who take Tricare, so our options are limited, but not necessarily bad.
  7. brabus

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    I know, I was also being sarcastic and making joke.
  8. brabus

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Contrary to popular belief, stupid questions do exist.
  9. Sounds like you are fairly against the idea of being in the military if you're not a pilot. If that's true, then guard/reserve will be your best option in terms of no strings attached. But, be ready for the possibility of not getting hired or still failing the medical screening and being right back where you started (civilian, no military service or benefits to speak of). No way is perfect or without risk.
  10. brabus

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Set a DOS immediately and hope it is registered in the AFPC system prior to you receiving an email. Had a friend in a similar situation - he didn’t have a cranium’s up like you, just so happened he set his DOS a few days prior to receiving the deployment notification. They initially said he had to go, but he immediately got out of it when he pointed out there was a DOS in the system that was prior to the date he would return from the deployment.
  11. brabus

    Rushing Units

    I'd say once is "enough," but of course more is always better. Considering the app is due in Aug (so I assume boards within a few months of that), once is probably fine on your current timeline for that unit. If there are other units you're highly interested in, but their boards aren't for another year or so, it's probably worth going twice. Bottom line, try to make a trip within ~4 months preceding the board so your visit is "fresh" in dudes' minds. Technique only.
  12. brabus

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    How anyone goes past their initial commitment in that branch is beyond me.
  13. brabus

    What is right with the Air Force

    Eglin is one of the worst offenders - reserved spots everywhere and labeled by number (i.e. 32-69). Always loved parking right in front and getting a look from some random GS-X that knew there was no way it was my spot. That base needs to immediately lose about 2000 reserved parking spots and every person attached to those spots.
  14. brabus

    Army Officer to USAF Pilot

    You can transfer to the AD AF if the “green to blue” program is still a thing. If that works, you can then apply for the AD UPT board. Or, serve your three years in the Army and go for an ANG UPT hiring board slot. The latter is the best option in my opinion - you’ll have about 4 years before you’re too old (assuming your ~22-23 right now). But, the downside is you need to have a plan for what you’ll do for work post-Army, prior to ANG employment. The easiest plan may be to transfer directly into an ANG unit that flies what you want to fly. Go initially into whatever career field is available/most similar to your MOS, then try to get a UPT slot through them on their next board.