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  1. That website only shows me leaving AD, but no mention of the periods I've been on orders during my time in the guard so far. So, how do I either make that website reflect correctly, or do I just send AMEX a copy of orders?
  2. Texas Church Shooting

    Glock 43 with a good gun belt and a single mag carrier on the other side...I wear it for hours, in and out of the car, with no real comfort issues. I even forget it's there when driving, sitting at a restaurant, etc. A proper belt/holster set up will take care of the desire to throw your gun in the center console after 15 min. For times I don't have a belt on, a pocket .380 does the trick.
  3. Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

    Trend item: dudes are afraid to divert, go around, or eject. First step is admitting we have a human factors problem...several years ago I randomly had a bro in the backseat during a sortie (he MND'd, decided back seat was better than queep); a standard shitty wx approach to mins with rain/wet runway and extreme canopy pooling - it was his, "we just passed the 5 board" that made me go around. I was fixated on trying to land and time distortion made me feel like we couldn't possibly be more than 1.5K to 2K down the 10K runway. No good divert and the next try he called my flare off the RALT. Only time in my life I was glad to be in a D-model. Point is, canopy pooling is a real bitch and we have a cultural problem to some extent regarding decisions to divert, go around, or eject. Now that I"m more experienced I feel like it's less of an issue personally (but not totally gone), but I see it fairly strong in the younger guys - it's a thing. Monday morning QB'ing is great and all, but it's better to acknowledge this issue and be proactive in teaching the less experienced to understand when to divert, go around, or eject and more importantly, make them truly feel such actions are the right thing and not looked down upon.
  4. To lessen the impact described by crosswind, get out ASAP from AD. That means do not accept another assignment past your UPT ADSC, no matter how awesome it is. Your time to jump is ~11 years, do one more assignment and have 13 years in, you are far less marketable for reasons stated above (not unhirable by any means, just lowe chances/will have a tougher search). And whatever carrot AD waives to get you to do one more assignment is not worth missing out on the guard job you know you want IMO.
  5. Flight Scheduling

    Mat's statement is key: everyone has to drink the koolaid. If that is accomplished, the PEX way works great. I've seen mostly PEX in my career, and when I've gone somewhere where guys were adamantly against PEX, it was clearly because they didn't understand it well enough and were unwilling to go through the learning pains. The end result is no less than 6-9 different excel products (of which not all ever seem to match), commitments and PFAs getting lost (causing scheduling conflicts), etc. Despite computer upgrade pain and the occasional crash, PEX is actually a pretty good system if executed well/correctly. But, puck boards and a GOOD excel product/commitment/currencies tracking system can be decently effective, but will always be monumentally more painful/time consuming for the schedulers. Unless you have civilian schedulers now, then WGAF, make them deal with the pain!
  6. Palace Chase info

    Based on a few anecdotal situations I know of, the 6 month line seems to be a fairly accurate statement for PC of the initial UPT ADSC. If you're asking for 6+ off another ADSC (GIB, PCS, etc.), that seems to be no issue. But, no guarantees either way.
  7. Leave the TX address on your W4. Legal to do so while on MPA. When you come off MPA, you will have to change to LA if you go to an ART job, but can stay TX if you went AGR or other type of AD orders. I wouldn't worry about changing anything over the couple week period you mentioned.
  8. Yes, but it can be unit dependent on whether you get that bonus.
  9. Line Up Cards

    Write the takeoff time and tail number on your hand, problem solved
  10. Palace Chase info

    My experience mirrored kelryn's. Neither recruiter or AFPC has any contact with SAF. They are in the dark as much as you are with "no way" to contact anyone in the PC office at SAF. The only way I had decent SA on my stuff was my CC knew a guy who knew a guy. If you don't have a bro network connection like that, you're pretty much fucked at having any idea when your stuff is going to run through SAF. Great system AF...
  11. Yep, I'm sure that's exactly what it is. Thanks AF.
  12. I've heard the opposite in that IFF is a hollow version of its former self and rarely washes people out (i.e. flicks the booger to FTU). But I heard that from FTU bros, so potentially some bias. Either way it doesn't matter...work hard and don't be a millennial whiner, then you'll be fine.
  13. What would potentially change from my (customer) POV? If the rescue bros will get better support from AFSOC, then do it. I think AFSOCs mindset on some things would benefit them over staying in ACC. But that's just an outsiders perspective, I could be way off.
  14. Compared to 5-6 years ago it is. At least they're doing flow throughs now and have pretty much shit canned slide/scram. But you're right, as in any community, it can depend on the squadron. I still give the hornet guys props for driving the community in the right direction.
  15. In general they've come a long ways in the last 5 years. A lot of the old E6 guys are gone and there's a lot more Hornet influence in the community. The HVAA mindset is nearing death.