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  1. Yep, that’s valid. My guess is his ego is in the way and he’s concerned about his image as an “asskicking business man.” My opinion is he shouldn’t care, because right now his image should rest on what he produces as president (policy, etc.) That’s what he should care about.
  2. I think the possibility of this article being factually correct is the same as its full of shit. Don’t take this to be a defense of trump, it’s not...but they could just put the tax returns out there without stating the source’s name (we already know it’s someone connected to the Manhattan DA’s office), so why don’t they? With so many political hit pieces flying around right now, the media has almost no credibility in my eyes; show me the source information/“show your work” or I put little to no stock in your claims. If it’s all true, then it sure seems like Trump is not nailing it in business like he has claimed. But, I also know a little bit about running businesses and writing stuff off (including losses) to significantly lower tax burden is not only legal, it’s expected, and you’d be a complete dipshit to not do it. Bottom line, I remain neutral on this until info/proof beyond a MSM “source” said so. Also, a friend talked to a lady the other day who said the reason she’s voting against trump is because he sterilizes immigrants. The news (her words) told her that; without any fact checking, especially of such an outrageous claim. For those who aren’t following, a nurse claims this is happening at ICE facilities, but for one it is alleged this has been occurring for a long time (well before trump even announced running), and two there’s no evidence (surprise surprise). Yet for Jane blow America, that headline was enough to turn her into a Biden fan. Be for a Biden/against trump all you want, but at least don’t have the bedrock of your reasoning be trash reporting from the MSM/social media.
  3. Right there, you just displayed your refusal to acknowledge that “your side” shares responsibility in this political “team sport” mentality. You literally just told people how they feel/perceive things is invalid because it’s not in line with your narrative. Textbook projection (and yes, it’s happens across the entire political spectrum, so I’m not saying you’re the only one who does it...on here or elsewhere).
  4. You very well stated exactly how many right leaning people feel about the left. So what does that say about our society in general? I think the underlying problem is politics has become a team sport and nobody is willing to admit other viewpoints may have merit, even if you don’t fully agree with them. Instead, everyone who doesn’t agree with you is immediately ignorant, biased, doesn’t fact check, use shitty sources, yeah but!....it goes on and on. You do it, I do it, we all do. Maybe the first step is admitting we as a country are at this point, and need to cool the jets and be able to have conversations that don’t end in total agreement.
  5. brabus

    Gun Talk

    https://www.crossbreedholsters.com/holsters/inside-the-waistband-holsters/supertuck-iwb-holster.html Been using that with a G43 for 5 years. I forget the gun is even there, that’s how comfortable/non-intrusive it is (including hours sitting in a car). I have one of their OWB mag holders on my non-dominant side. My opinion/experience: OWB on the strong side hip area is the best/quickest draw, followed by IWB in same location. However, IWB is primarily what I do because I prefer to be concealed. I’ll OWB carry in the woods/winter when I’ve got a fleece or jacket on. https://remoraholsterstore.com/ I have two of these for when I don’t have a belt on (athletic shorts, quick run to the gas station in sweats, etc.) I prefer the more secure feel of the crossbreed, but these still work pretty well for those quick trips without a belt.
  6. It will be impossible for ops; meanwhile the underworked/underperforming shoe clerks will produce an even shittier product/service. Now for staff, that makes a lot more sense, at least in terms of pilot retention (probably get the same product, but more guys will be willing to take staff if it means not moving/still get to fly). Copy retention a smaller issue right now, but it’ll be right back to a huge issue shortly in the grand scheme of things.
  7. I understand your perspective, and I think it is valid. Perhaps the “perfect” leader would be Trump’s production combined with Obama’s emotional intelligence/communication ability ( I know that’s very simplistic). I do not like how Trump communicates or even does some things, but I place a lot of importance on what his administration produces. While I prefer him to not suck so bad at comm and significantly lacking in emotional intelligence, he produces a lot and in the end, those results are worth far more than a leader who talks a good game and makes me feel good, but doesn’t do shit to help _____ / fucks ____ up wholesale.
  8. I’m not going to claim I’ve heard/read every statement the president has made regarding election results, but I’ve seen several taken wildly out of context, as he was specifically addressing the mail-in ballot shit show, which opens up the system for fraud. Hell, even absentee ballots aren’t without risk of fraud, and the mail-in ones people want are even less resistant to fuckery. There’s a long list of things that contradict your claim of “void of any leadership.” I get it you don’t agree with some (most?) of his admin’s policies, but your disagreement is not a corollary to lack of leadership. Just as I don’t agree with many Obama policies and did not like him as president, but I will never say Obama lacks leadership capability.
  9. Nothing an SII can’t fix. Now, how would you like to hear about the exciting growth of the new pilot training that’s 100% in the sim!?!
  10. Dissolving the electoral college is naive and will not solve problems, it’ll create more. We don’t need to do all of these significant system altering ideas, we simply need term limits. Don’t even give the Pelosis or the McConnells a chance to become “political rulers,” make sure the AOCs are just an insignificant stain on the political map for a few years, etc. This one change would absolutely crush the level of partisan politics we see nowadays. We’d also see candidates who are in line with the framer’s intent...rep the people for 6-9 years, then GTFO and go back to being whatever you were previously. Policy making and voting would be based on what’s best, not on how to get re-elected for the 10th time. Kickbacks, etc. would likely be less because nobody has enough time to make it “high” and stay there in politics...the return on kickbacks/bribes/back door deals would be substantially less, and so goes the incentive to do them.
  11. The classic single-engine-out, chemtrail bomb burst. Go Air Force!
  12. Despite his overly dramatic comments, there are legitimate issues with mail in ballots, which are going to lead to a lot of contesting results and everything that goes along with that. Can’t wait for the shitshow.
  13. I agree with the air. The mini is good for balanced on a leg, but the air is better for mounted off to the side (my preference). I find Garmin to be a pretty great app. I also use foreflight at work, which is great as well. I would take the free app over the paid app, as I don’t think foreflight offers me significantly more for GA flying that warrants the cost. I also use the garmin app with a stratus...don’t need foreflight to have awesome, live weather and ADS-B. Bottom line, foreflight is the gold standard, but I have yet to find one thing that the garmin app can’t do for my GA flying needs (and that includes IMC concluding in RNAV approaches, avoiding storm cells, etc.)
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