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  1. As with any jet, depends on gross weight, temp, altitude, runway length/condition, departure type, etc. Those factors drive takeoff power setting.
  2. I PCSd with a normal moving company...did everything like a civilian would; all worked out fine with normal receipts. It took some effort to stay on top of moving company and call them out when they tried to pull fast ones, but overall better than any mil move I’ve done simply because I had more control and there was no worry on getting my stuff moved when I wanted to. That said, any charges with a receipt dated prior to your PCS orders date may not be reimbursed. So be careful to not screw that one up.
  3. Lot of hyperbole and borderline false statements in that article...but sometimes it’s required to get attention from the system unfortunately.
  4. Either way is fine, though if it’s on there I don’t have to go flipping through your package to find them. I don’t think anyone looks at it negatively if they’re not on there (unless unit specific instructions say otherwise).
  5. I see no problem with a lot of hours. I may question if your hours do not align with where you should be progression wise (i.e. if you have 4K at a regional but aren’t a captain...why?) In my UPT class we had 4 1k+ guys; two did great and 2 did terrible. The terrible ones were solely due to attitude, not their experience level (which I suppose ironically is what drove their bad attitudes).
  6. We have to look at 200 of these things - resume (what have you done) and cover letter (who are you/sell yourself) are the first two things looked at. If they’re not good, your app is easily thrown to the side pile. For content, remember we’re pilots who may not know anything about your current profession (if you’re already in the workforce), so keep that in mind when you write...if there’s too much jargon I may just skim over something that’s perhaps a big deal, but I had no idea and treated it as nothing of substance. Besides content, put the effort into grammar, spelling, ensuring you have the right unit in the letter, etc. If I read something that appears a middle schooler wrote/there’s a clear lack of proof reading, I immediately question whether this guy can succeed at the entire commisioning/flight training process. Maybe the two aren’t directly related, but it’s still a bias that will absolutely exist.
  7. I think his point is more geared towards putting F-15 squadrons in a 3 year conversion status (e.g. not deployable/useful to COCOMs) rather than a capability gap. The F-35 is very capable at AA - the comparative weapon state limfac is one that is being worked. With 9x and the new racks, you get 6x2...so same state as the eagle currently and could be done very soon. Also remember, the 120/9x combo isn’t going to be the only option forever.
  8. Looking pretty good for any type of unit. Put the effort into your cover letter and resume.
  9. It’s a nice airplane, 180s are awesome.
  10. 6 of us in our squadron who are into GA. Some guys can’t fathom the thought of flying GA ever again and some of us love it. Flying is awesome, and there’s plenty of fun flying I get enjoyment out of that doesn’t involve blowing shit up and going fast (though I do love that too). To each their own.
  11. So what’s the point of the limit? I’m curious to know what “they” had to say about that.
  12. Ask your CC to check CMS to see which office, and then see if he’ll call/email them for a personal update. Mine had to do that twice to nicely nudge the app along.
  13. List it and press on. Be ready to explain the situation if asked in an interview. A minor traffic citation or two isn’t going to tank your app. A long trend of being unable to follow laws may (doesn’t sound like that’s you).
  14. Your AFOQT scores and PCSM are not very competitive for fighters. You may be able to grab an interview if you visit the unit once or twice and really connect well with the bros (e.g. your scores become slightly overshadowed by the positive personal interaction they had with you). I think the odds of you getting a fighter interview based solely on your app are not great. Retake the AFOQT to boost your scores if you want to increase your fighter chances.
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