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  1. I’m aware of how OPM pay works...it’s still not great. I don’t know the OP’s location, but 11 step 1, “rest of US” locality = 80k/yr, all taxable. Compare that to let’s say 3 year O-2 (assuming based on training timeline), you’re only 60k taxable + another $24k non-taxable (assuming $1.5k BAH...I picked a random value). Not saying you can’t do ok on it, but it’s not a phenomenal deal. Also, I thought TDART was a contract, as in it’s not easy to just walk away? Maybe it changed. Now that said, I’d say regionals is the only reality for the OP in 1.69 years, but like you said, he’ll accu
  2. Personally I think less than GS-13 is bullshit pay for a pilot. While the ART system has received a decent overhaul in pay a couple years ago, it’s still grossly underpaid for pilots less than -13 (my opinion). You also have to ask yourself if you want to be doing this until your 55 (the general point of permanent ARTs, which I think TDART logically dovetails into). It sounds good in your 20s, not so good for 99% of dudes in their late 30s/early 40s. That said, how many turbine PIC hours do you currently have? Reason I ask is seeing how competitive you’d be for airline hiring. While I understa
  3. That’s great news. What’s also interesting is while suicides fell 6%, gun sales increased 85%. Anti-gun crowd trying to explain how people only killed themselves because guns exist...
  4. I stopped watching all sports a few years ago; maybe a game a year. Turns out there’s tons of stuff to do with my time that is infinitely better than sitting on the couch supporting these bullshit organizations. Life without football and baseball is phenomenal...never would have said that a few years ago.
  5. Borrow OCPs from a friend for the last couple days...name tape on order. Under no circumstances would I spend a dollar of my own money on that shit, on principle alone.
  6. That’s true, they did get an interview. But point is being home unit doesn't give them any amount of leg up in the interview/job offer itself. That’s why age is very important when considering enlistment for the ultimate purpose of getting a UPT slot. Enlist at 18-20, sure...20s post college maybe not. But that’s just an opinion based off how we specifically run our hiring. I know some other units are like us, and I know some are not. I also don’t know even remotely every unit’s stance on this subject. Play accordingly.
  7. Option A: The highest probability for getting a fighter slot, but have a back up plan for life if it doesn’t work out. Option B: Very little chance of flying fighters (age), but if you’re content with serving in a non-flying capacity, go for it. Maybe more chance getting a slot at a heavy unit if that’s where you enlist, but that’s pure conjecture on my part. Option C : Doesn’t hurt to look into it. See if they’re offering OCS pilot slots...I’d rather fly fighters in the Navy/Marines than not fly fighters at all. Option D : You won’t clean up financially for a LONG time. Getti
  8. Fine, let’s just call it even and you have to pass an FBI background check every time you want to exercise your constitutional right to vote. Also, you can’t vote directly by mail, but you can drop a ballot off and stand there while someone takes 20-69 min to validate whether you’re legally allowed to vote. Lastly, some guy in the govt decided arbitrarily that if you want to vote for anyone shorter than 6’, you have to pay $200 and go on a list that you voted for said candidate. I do understand what you’re saying, but had to point out how hypocritical it is for people to be so pro-gun
  9. On the ID topic... https://www.dailywire.com/news/watch-black-americans-debunk-liberal-talking-point-that-voter-id-is-racist-theyre-ignorant?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro&fbclid=IwAR3LXnfay3S0y2WPcMfwIq__8NhTOLvRO4v9-_KnD1wB1AUmWHuOpPFh_nU
  10. Not saying it’s not a fast moving ballgame; in 12 days 30+ can get it, and in 15 days 16+ can get it. That doesn’t change the fact this is blatant racism. Is it acceptable and not racist if I use the N word in public, as long as I clarify I’m only doing it for the next two weeks?
  11. We didn’t hire a single home unit person this board (we hired three last time). Not every unit puts a lot of weight into an applicant being a current member. Kicking ass at the interview is what matters most.
  12. It’s even worse than that. A 16 yr old healthy, black person who has almost no risk of dying from COVID gets a shot while a 39 yr old white person who has a high-risk child or parent at home does not. This has nothing to do with risk and everything to do with political pandering. Congrats Gov Scott, now you’re not just an idiot, you’re a racist too.
  13. There's always setbacks. Can't remember rebuilding an engine and not having one Did a full rebuild of everything forward of the firewall. Moment of truth, running pretty well...and quit. No restart, fuck! 3 hours later - did I put the fuel pump push rod in? The little things will get you!
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