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  1. Even better, I’ve been both PT and FT with the flight pay change and still get 6-9 paychecks/mo regardless of status. Why is it so hard for support functions to do their job effectively. The way they operate, I’d be GAB-ing 90% of my sorties due solely to pilot error/incompetence. The other 5% would be something truly out of my control, and the remaining 5% I’d get airborne and summarily expect everyone to be stoked and thank me for a job well done.
  2. B courses have been cut down for years, and yes, the general product has lagged behind preceding years. Lots of kicking the can down the road to the CAF. So, it’s the entire AETC pipeline that’s a problem, not just one part. It’s also not as much the tactical employment part that is concerning, it’s the general airmanship that’s alarming (decision making, risk mitigation, SA, basic flying tasks like instrument approaches, etc.) As I’ve said before, the naturally strong swimmers persevere and overcome quickly, but the average guys lag the fight and it takes way too many “concerning” flight hours until you have a reasonable amount of faith they’re not going to kill themselves or someone else. This is a common viewpoint amongst the experienced members in the CAF. I’m not speculating on what happened at SW or LN, but I won’t be surprised if this type of stuff is a CF, yet is summarily ignored and swept under the rug by “leadership.” Now for you ACC (that’s right, you’re not innocent in this), the quality/quantity of training is bullshit. When I was a LT-young Capt in the viper, I got about 269 hrs/yr in training (not accounting for any combat hours). I now see the same aged guys (who have had alarmingly less AETC training than I got) get 40-50% less flying. Our sims are also dumpster fires. The mission complexity and difficulty has increased significantly over this same time period. You want us to do something well beyond combing the desert (and not finding shit), get fucked! Organize, train, and equip...how do you think you’re doing ACC? Maybe some serious introspection is on order. And I haven’t even had my first beer today...time to go fish and lower my blood pressure. (“You’re cool” directed at the bros executing the training mission)
  3. “We need 69 min POL before you can drop $100k worth of weapons on this desolate pile of rocks”.
  4. Wow, apparently the real-world inspiration for Randy Marsh is also a pilot...
  5. Had a 71 stingray I did a ton of work on for 12 years. Awesome car, but life changes and it’s gone now. Now onto sinking money into airplanes!
  6. I also remember the DE telling us the few stories of why people had hooked and they were really dumb things. I was thinking I would have hooked the guys also. So, bottom line was the DE was fairly low threat unless you really fucked it away.
  7. When did they do it and what was their specific gripe? At least 4 years ago it was great.
  8. My assumption is ENJJPT produces less “shouldn’t have been assigned a fighter” types since they started having crew aircraft as an option. Back in the day if you could graduate, you had a very high chance of fighters, so guys got fighters who probably would never have even gone 38s at a SUPT base. Lots of great pilots have come from ENJJPT, but it’s undeniable there at least use to be a leak where the weak swimmers snuck through. FWIW I also know several great dudes who should have got fighters out of ENJJPT, but didn’t due to some low-fighter-count drops that started occurring back in ‘10 or so. Luck and timing matter, even at ENJJPT.
  9. I’ve seen both ways...what the two previous posts say, and what I said (MFRs stated unable to make meals from TDY start date through end date). You definitely at min should get M-F MFR (and not have to fill out lost meal forms).
  10. Every day, not just during the week. Shouldn’t have to fill out Lost meal form, just need an MFR, usually signed by someone in FM, that states you’re authorized full per diem because your schedule precludes you from making DFAC meal times.
  11. I generally agree with your statement above, but yes, there are a lot of otherwise smart people who immediately and blindly follow a narrative based on a headline, a tweet, a misleading infographic, etc. It’s due to one or more of the following reasons: laziness (they don’t want to spend time engaging in critical thought, research, comparing multiple sources, etc.), emotional connection (or aversion) to one side of an argument (and unwilling to let facts sway them), they live in a bubble that is better than what 99% of the world experiences and think they have ultimate SA when they actually have nil (I liken this to the Army’s self-image of their SA on how to use airpower), and they see modifying their viewpoints as losing/quitting/giving up, so they won’t do it (regardless of new information presented). I see the above every day, across the political spectrum, from college-educated, “smart” people. They’re good people, but they blindly follow a narrative and refuse to have an open mind to new information, or information that doesn’t support their opinion. They then are unwilling to accept that people may disagree with them, and are disrespectful, disdainful, condescending and/or aggressive towards them (vs. having an unemotional, respectful conversation). Much of America is driven by emotion (fueled by social media and the MSM). So yeah, a lot of otherwise smart people very much make their opinions while sucked deep into the FaceBook void, and I think that essentially is a vacuum of single POV information with more misleading and flat out false information than their is truth. Instructional Fix: Stop getting your information from social media, throw your emotions in jail for a second when you have a complex conversation, and be open to other ideas and welcome information that doesn’t support your bias. Even if you don’t trust it, acknowledge it and do some research yourself to verify it (from reputable sources), then don’t be ashamed to update your viewpoint if said info is found to be credible/accurate. Lastly, have respect for others and in the end, this is not a competition...be OK with someone else not changing their mind and accept that you can disagree while still being friends, neighbors, etc.
  12. Test recommended non-fielding 2 piece in ejection seat aircraft...so, there’s a hurdle any anti-bag decision makers would have to ignore. Not saying it can’t happen, but it makes it harder. Honestly the 2 piece was preferred for anything out on the ground while deployed, but otherwise not a chance it’s better than the bag for every other situation.
  13. Did I I just see a cop shoot at people standing on their porch? Tell me there’s more to this I’m not seeing...
  14. You’re going to have to move to the unit location for at least seasoning, bare minimum. The length of seasoning and expectations afterwards likely differs a lot depending on airframe. At least with fighters, you need to be at the unit for around 5 days per month, and that doesn’t take into account days you burn not accomplishing required training due to weather, broken jets, etc. That is to say you’ll experience months where more than 5 days are required to get all the training done. Sure some guys make unique situations happen (for a while anyways), but there’s a reason the majority of fighter guys live at least within a couple hours, most sub-hour would be my guess.
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