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  1. B-1 (Bone) questions

    And there's the problem, people think sniper/litening pods are good for CDE scans. Real big picture sure, but FAR from the fidelity/accuracy of scans accomplished by the guys who actually are meant/built for such a thing. A buff should never be doing those scans, and its overselling capability to say to the Army a sniper/litening can effectively accomplish scans (especially to the level the army wants/expects). Again, we need to tell the Army to fuck off and play each asset to what it's for, not try to make everything persistent ISR...those assets already exist.
  2. B-1 (Bone) questions

    Honestly CAF/AFGSC assets should generally stick to sniper-like pods. Of course we should continue to improve capes, but keep in mind the mission of said assets. We are not here to read license plates or PID douche69 in a bazaar, there are many assets who are meant for that/good at it. We need a TGP to PID larger targets, self target weapons, get BHA, etc. The Army trying to use every AF asset as if it has a MTS-B has been nothing short of idiocy/FWA.
  3. The govt pays for two of them, you pay out of pocket for the third...and I assume the two cats can go in the cabin with you anyways, so it probably won't cost you much at all. As far as the civilian "housing emperor" knows, you only have two pets. It's not like you have three large dogs; this should be easy to keep on the DL. Or solve the root cause of this problem and shitcan the cats, a win-win.
  4. AD vs ANG

    If your tune is "I would love a full time job, but I will gladly take any job you can offer...if it's part time I am looking into X and Y for civilian employment," you'll be fine. If you say, "I will only accept full time and if you can't provide it when seasoning is up, I'll likely look to transfer somewhere else," you will probably shoot yourself in the foot. Remember, just because the question is asked, does not mean that is the behind-the-scenes plan, they just want to know you can plan ahead and if a time did come up where you had to do PT for a little bit, you're not going to be a "feed me!" problem.
  5. AD vs ANG

    The guard inevitably has more "unknowns" than AD; the grass is not all greener than AD (but much of it is!) Right now as Evil said, full time is much easier to secure than it traditionally has been in the past; that's not very likely to change on your timeline (assuming...) That said, you absolutely still need to have a plan B/C, and if you don't have one at all, that may crush your chances of getting hired at some units. If you want "no risk" of not having full time, then go AD...but there's hundreds of pages on here alone that can tell you why taking a small risk in the guard just may be worth your consideration.
  6. B-1 (Bone) questions

    JTAC passed friendly grid in 4/6, aircrew didn't recognize/process that fact (and clearly JTAC didn't intend to do it). Turns out plotting shit on a map is a still a good idea; it's a team sport, back each other up out there.
  7. Overseas PCS and your cars

    Definitely do not bring to Japan...plenty of cheaper cars to buy when you get there. You get one car storage paid for in the US..keep the one you want, sell any others. And you do not have to use the govt storage places, you can use a private one if you want.
  8. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Fly eagles, make a video, each "friended" crew chief is a bonus point.
  9. More Uniform Changes!

    I know guys who have flown with the green massif for years, but according to our AFE guy, "they" just recently took them off the fly list, for no apparent reason considering their flame retardant properties.
  10. The new airline thread

    Because in theory he could have made a joking statement like, "fuck you AF FO guy, I'm going to tell the passengers how badass I was in the Navy and why I'm such an awesome pilot"..."Manchester." And then he made good on the claim, thus slapping the FO. A quick lesson in Manchester...also nearing zero pk that's actually what happened, hence my sarcasm.
  11. The Next President is...

    What were the demographics of the polls? I'm not a health insurance expert by any means, but from my family's experience, the ACA has fucked over the middle class big time. Examples of that is small business was hurt (e.g. my in-laws had to let their employee count drop because they could not afford ACA mandates) and my parents' premiums and co-pays went up substantially, to the point I think they're very close to being in the same position as some others' family members mentioned above. Even the blue collar world has been affected to some degree (reference less jobs available in my in-law's town). Now, I do know there are a lot of blue collar/choose to be on welfare types that love ACA (again, referencing my in-law's town). It's damn near free health care for them, why wouldn't they like it? That crowd also doesn't care about less jobs in reality because they're happy to stay on welfare/suck at the government's tit for the rest of their lives. Bottom line, healthcare is fucked and needs an overhaul, and it blows my mind that anyone in the middle class with sense thinks ACA is the answer.
  12. Airline ticket without DTS

    " 1035 APPROPRIATE ACTION FOR FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE REGULATIONS A command/unit is expected to take appropriate disciplinary action when a traveler and/or AO fail to follow these Regulations. Disciplinary action should be for willful violations and may be in the form of counseling (oral/written), non-judicial action, or other appropriate personnel means. Disciplinary action must not be through refusal to reimburse unless no authority exists or is so stated in this regulation." 1. Is your CC REALLY going to give you counseling, NJP, etc. because you didn't use your GTC, or booked your airfare through delta.com instead of DTS (especially when the ticket price is < the govt constructed cost for the city-pair), etc? I'd wager not in all but the most bizarre cases. I could see those types of things if someone was defrauding the government by submitting doctored receipts, loading cinder blocks in their trailer for a DITY, etc. But we're not talking about obviously bad stuff like that, we're talking about you getting reimbursed for airfare you bought to go on a TDY you were given a couple day's notice on right before a weekend (no time for the standard DTS timeline). 2. If GS-15 d-bag is the ultimate AO holding the key to your unit's LOA, then shouldn't he be the guy approving DTS? Sounds like you're saying TSgt Smith is an AO, approves your DTS, but because "god" didn't know about it, he won't reimburse. So I think you have two COAs... COA 1: Shove 1035 in his face and say no JTR portion was violated and you had authorization/orders (notice there is no where in the JTR that says there is rank among AOs...though FM can trump an AO, but he's not FM, so his argument is DOA). COA 2: Don't write bullshit emails, just use DTS normally and refuse to go on anymore TDYs until your GTC is paid per the JTR (hypothetically saying this happens again). Saw a bro who was fighting the finance reimburse GTC battle, he said fuck it, he's not going on any more TDYs until it's fixed (and this is a guy who has a lot of necessary TDYs for his job). He missed a couple big TDYs, nobody could officially fault him, problem was solved shortly after. I personally like the idea of simultaneously executing both COAs.
  13. The new airline thread

    Maybe he won the manchester; unfortunately the camera was turned off before he delivered an epic bitch slap to the FO. At least that's what I hope happened...or he's a giant douche.
  14. Airline ticket without DTS

    I book airfare all the time not through DTS. Also, it is in violation of the JTR to not reimburse your personal card...though you could avoid the issue with your RA by using your GTC to self procure airfare. Clearly you have a good reason for doing so. And in the end, the catchall in the JTR is they CANNOT "punish" you via non-reimbursement. Finance MUST reimburse you - the JTR essentially says they could tattle on you to your SQ/CC, at which point your SQ/CC could "counsel" you, but doubtful even a shitty CC will do much more than hit delete on finance Amn's email.
  15. Chances of Being Deployed Nat'l Guard

    There's always the option of deploying with another wing...I'd be surprised if any wing out there who was tasked doesn't have at least one AMMO dude who would rather stay behind and would be happy for you take his place. Tell your leadership what you want to do and they can keep an ear out for opportunities.