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  1. I sold back 30 and took 60 days of terminal...I wish I’d taken 90 days of terminal. I’d take it all unless you have some really good reason to swear into the guard/reserve sooner.
  2. Shack...and that’s the point too many people don’t understand nowadays. See Guardian’s post above - nailed it.
  3. Do we know that anything happened worthy of punishment beyond an ass chewing? You can play devils advocate all you want, but this statement lives right in line with guilty until proven innocent, squarely where OSI and the Air Force Times loves to live . Totally possible Fargo did some unsavory shit, but I’m also not going to shit on the man and color him a dirt bag solely because of an OSI investigation that dovetailed into character assassination disseminated by the Air Force tabloid, both groups of which have very little credibility in my opinion.
  4. I agree it’s not a stretch, but let’s also consider how many dudes have been crucified with non-existent evidence or shaky circumstantial stuff at most. What about my wife?...well if she was the type who’s vindictive, petty, and/or so over reactionary, then she probably could have been the source of 69 CDIs over the years. But she’s mature enough to not rake someone over the coals for a drunken “inappropriate hug” or whatever other overreaction our PC society loves. She also has no problem dealing with someone being an idiot immediately instead of running off to tell stories to OSI, a CC, etc. Too many have forgotten how to first address issues as their level and instead go tattling to dad as the first step. My 4 yr old daughter has better conflict resolution skills then many in our society (and military) today.
  5. Did he do things exactly as described in Air Force Times? You’re putting more faith in what that POS publication says vs. a fellow pilot who many will vouch for with first hand knowledge of the man. Shack, OSI standard. I was involved in an OSI investigation once and in a similar position as your ex-wife. They threatened me with punishment, getting me kicked out of UPT, etc. if I didn’t essentially roast someone/give them what they wanted to hear. I said nothing and life went on, the other individual didn’t get fucked over, and we all lived happily ever after...except for the bloodlust OSI agents who were pissed because they lost a chance to fuck someone over. They’re a bunch of coercive scumbags and I will always be extremely skeptical of anything OSI has “extracted” from someone.
  6. We only got one new hire into UPT in FY20...there definitely is a shortage of ANG slots. Hopefully FY21 is better.
  7. I haven’t seen Fargo in several years, but I’ve been around him for multiple years and have never seen him do anything out of the ordinary that a shitload of other people haven’t done. Yeah he’s done standard drunk fighter pilot shit that 95% of us have done, but not things as described by the Air Force rag. I know Fuge too and trust his judgement, but this still smells a whole lot like something blown out of proportion combined with guilty until proven innocent (and by the way, nobody is going to put any effort into trying to prove innocence). Fuge was probably handed something he had no real choice on, but fuck OSI for going to such great lengths to destroy people.
  8. Flying with other units happens all the time. How often and duration of such is wildly dependent on multiple factors and nothing anyone can predict for you. Bring it up to your sq/cc when you’re getting closer to the end of seasoning and see what he says. Going with a deploying squadron who needs manning help is your best bet for hours, tax free pay, etc.
  9. Danger is right; I know some great leaders who, due to poor luck and timing, have a lot of fighter time and no combat time. It is not a reflection on them as pilots or bros, but rather AFPC not syncing them up with deploying squadrons...life isn’t fair. As far as Combo, well she’s avoided Q3s because wing/cc wouldn’t let the SEFE give her one. And then she became a SEFE...zero cred.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/new-years-eve-swingers-party-upsets-hotel-guest-theres-crazies-in-the-hot-tub This is what happens when the average family man runs into U-2 pilots in Sacremento on New Years. A guest who only identified himself as Huggy said, “we offered to let his wife and 18 yr old daughter join in; I don’t get why he was so upset, we were just trying to be inclusive...just can’t make some people happy.”
  11. Second powder...good skiing with the kids and good mil discount. It’s a bit of a drive though if you’re hard up on staying in SLC every night. Never skied Solitude, but looks like they’re about the same cost and closer to SLC. Looks nice on the drive past, not sure how it is for beginning kids.
  12. to Pyro. Hopefully the Rats are working on a fund for his kids.
  13. As a LT I was barely making over minimum wage, all while married, spending 1.5 yrs away from home, and doing shit that was hazardous to my life expectancy. The manager at the restaurant I worked at in high school was making more than me. And that’s as an officer. Not complaining, but pointing out how ludicrous this article is. Then again, if they specifically were talking about the non-support group that spends 25 hrs week actually working, but work is defined as fucking it away whole sale with little effort attached, they’d be on to something.
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