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  1. Champ Kind

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    So are we going to be able to wear leather jackets in this uniform? As for the off-base stops, I fully intend to blow off that rule, especially considering it's allowed for the "OCPs" but supposedly not for the "A2CU".
  2. Champ Kind

    The new airline thread

    There was a great thread on APC where people were posting their 2017 W2 earnings with company, year, and caveats. Incredibly informative. Can't find the link now.
  3. Champ Kind

    “Red is the new Green”

    This could be fuel for the argument that's come up in a previous thread: the MAF doesn't know what to do with WOs. Well, here's their chance. You want to beef up training requirements to reflect the current threats out there and the integration required to mitigate them? You've got people on your base that can have your crews ready when shit hits the fan. You just need to let them develop and execute a training plan and leave them alone as far as the other jobs and queep Dream Big discussed above. And when your units are better off than they were before as a result of the hard work, reward the guy or gal appropriately (and I don't mean with a sweet exec "opportunity") and push them for leadership roles. This really is not that difficult.
  4. Champ Kind

    “Red is the new Green”

    I’ll play along.... why is this a bad thing? Squadron manning aside, there’s still a job crews need to be ready to do. Sounds like someone near the top of the mobility world thinks we suck at parts of it and want to fix it. I think that’s good.
  5. Champ Kind

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Best of what’s left.
  6. Champ Kind

    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    I’ve never strapped into one of these VR contraptions, but so far, my experience has been that nothing replaces your ass in the seat of a real airplane.
  7. Champ Kind

    Promotion and PRF Information

    NKAWTG beat me to it. Lots to say on this topic, but that sums it up: the CAF and MAF appear to value different things. Ram, I appreciate the dialog regarding patch necessity in the MAF, but I think that they do play an important role. Their role would be even more important if the MAF used them to their full capacity, but because of misplaced values, we have what we have now. The issue that the MAF is facing is that I truly don't think they know what to do with WIC guys. MAF upper management has been told by their colleagues at the CAF that patches should be treated as shiny pennies. So, the MAF has done the only thing they know how to do with shiny pennies: make them execs so that they are "broadened" as to what happens outside of the squadron and in the wings that they will supposedly command one day. Probably well-intentioned, but completely antithetical to what the Weapons School is supposed to produce. MAF management can't fathom bypassing developmental opportunities by leaving a shiny penny "down in the squadron" to build, teach, lead, and make the unit more effective in its primary (non-queen) mission. And while I realize that patches in exec-type roles are non-standard in the CAF, I can say firsthand that I saw a patch flyer O-4 carrying Gen Goldfein's hat around on a base visit.
  8. Champ Kind

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I had hopes for that initiative too. I can’t really think of a good reason to restrict “fly only” pilots to VIPSAM and keep that talent from the operational MAF. To be fair, the article also says, “Or, the pilots could become instructors.” If they include the FTU in that category, then at least it’s somewhat viable.
  9. Champ Kind

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    At the risk of a total sidebar... I agree that PT is out of control as a "QFI", but how does one fail a PT test in the desert? (i.e., what was he doing taking a PT test while deployed? How is that even a thing?) If the PT test was immediately upon return to home station from a deployment, what was he doing taking it instead of being on post mission/recon?
  10. Champ Kind

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Now we know you're trolling. Nobody learns anything at SOS.
  11. Champ Kind

    Promotion and PRF Information

    The PRF was blank. Your OPRs, TRs, and decs were visible.
  12. Champ Kind

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Spot on. Is there a manning issue, or not? The USAF has a hard time distinguishing between mistakes and crimes.
  13. Champ Kind

    1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Are there any other incentives big blue is offering to return? I think I remember seeing in the bonus thread someone saying something like “yeah I’d come back....for $$$/year, permanent PT test exemption, no deployments, no queep/fly only, etc.” Just wondering how much they are trying to sweeten the deal to attract back some talent and experience.
  14. Champ Kind

    Promotion and PRF Information

    How does someone heading to JCS get passed over?
  15. The Airlift Group (AG) commander (before the 317th was a wing) during the C-130 H-to-J transition was a Herk nav.