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  1. What’s the first year group wholly affected by the BRS only/no pension at 20 years deal? Will people in that year group (or those that opted in) even be motivated to stick it out till 20? I doubt it.
  2. What counts as experienced in the fighter community? Certain amount of hours? Flight lead or instructor certification? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. Short of a no-shit criminal act, I’d say “none”. Also, P vs DP from an IDE student MLR is irrelevant.
  4. How many people have you ever heard of getting passed over for promotion while attending or having finished in-res IDE?
  5. I’m sorry... what’s your definition of shiny penny again? Because you just threw out three different categories of people in that statement, all of which fall into very different rankings in my opinion.
  6. I’m having a hard time recalling a single time that promotion results were released before the AFPC estimate. I’d go with that.
  7. Spot on. Also, to those saying that no consideration should be given to IPZ vs APZ, my concern would be the quality of his(?) records that led to getting passed over in IPZ. Seldom does that much change in a year.
  8. Assertiveness works, too. So does verbiage from the regs that works to your advantage.
  9. What is this "company culture" you speak of? In all seriousness: I hear this about SWA all the time. Can you elaborate some more and provide some specific examples? I'm particularly curious since once of the attractions of the airline industry (in any company) is the "show up, fly, leave airport, don't think about work until the next trip" mentality, so how good could a culture really be (or matter) if you're making good coin to fly airplanes anyway.
  10. Not if they went first or second look.
  11. Congrats. The DP at least gets you in the correct pile at the board. No chance without that. Your actual chances of selection are based on several things. First, it has to be more than just your PRF and OPR on top. If you’ve got a string of OPRs with #1 rank/grade based wing strats (ie, #1/100 Wg Capts....not 1/35 IPs), that’s good. If you’ve got multiple DGs (not the least of which from SOS), that’s even better. Jobs with proven leadership and responsibilities are a must. Your PRF being signed by a GO or at least a wing CC of a large wing is a decent boost too. Finally, being at the top of a large denominator of eligibles really helps. I’ve seen SRs actually push some BTZs above IPZs by stratting then as 1/XX eligibles (not just BTZ) with a push that said something like “1/XX eligibles ahead of X IPZ....he’s that good.” You have all of those things, and you’re definitely in decent shape. If only one or two or only shades of what I described, I’d put your chances in the single digits as mentioned in the post above. Either way, I’d use this year’s process (and your BTZ DP) as a positive indication that you’ll make it IPZ (in case you’re trying to make life plans as far as getting out/staying in).
  12. Copy. Your remarks make a lot more sense now.
  13. Your position on the topic is obvious. For context, would you mind sharing your aircraft and if you graduated from WIC?
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