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  1. I guess you're not old enough to remember Reagan!
  2. M2

    End of Spangdahlem

  3. Arrived today and the L fit my 6'2" 205 lb frame fine. In fact, it fits perfectly. I'd only be happier if I had gotten one free from a squadron, but that wasn't going to happen. Luckily I scored a great deal on one new with tags. However, with it being August in southcentral Texas, it doesn't look like I'll be wearing it anytime soon. I did try it on and it seemed to breathe well, so it won't have to be freezing before I can wear it. I also have a Gortex, so worst case I can double the two up to be cozy warm and dry!
  4. M2

    End of Spangdahlem

    Spang won't be much of a problem to shut down once its F-16s move out, but moving HQ EUCOM to Belgium and HQ AFRICOM anywhere else will be expensive and problematic. Much like Prozac's comments concerning Italy, anyone who has spent time in Belgium (and especially the Walloon area of that country) know that getting anything done is a tough and long road. Simply getting a phone connected in our new house near Mons took weeks. And SHAPE nor Chieves have the infrastructure to support such a large organization. It is ridiculous to waste billions of dollars when the end result will be no better--of not worse--than what currently exists. Ironically, I remember in 2004 when SecDef Rumsfeld wanted to move all US forces out of Belgium after it was reported he would go before the International Criminal Court in Brussels for war crimes! As for AFRICOM, placement of its headquarters has been a contentious issue since its inception...
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    End of Spangdahlem

    Why? Educate us.
  6. M2

    End of Spangdahlem

    Based on that logic, 1/4 of our military should be in the desert and that's where we typically have fought our wars in the past several decades. But this isn't a military decision, it's a presidential one based on politics. I agree that we don't need such a large force in Europe, but the same elsewhere. I don't think it's as much of a deterrent as we are led to believe. If Kim Jong-un gets the harebrained idea to cross the DMZ, no number of conventional troops in the south are going to stop that. That bloodbath will occur despite our presence. Our current presence in Europe is not about WWII, it's about a commitment to NATO which was never about preventing the rise of another Nazi Germany. It was about the Soviet threat and while the name may have changed, that threat is still real and even stronger. Countering it conventionally during the Cold War was actually easy as it could be done simply through numbers, but we still haven't figured out how to deal with new informational today and it's hurting our ability to shape and influence that part of the world badly. Plus, none of this is about the overall mission of NATO and EUCOM, it's about Trump putting the screws to Merkel. Not that she doesn't deserve it, but his claim that this is all due to Germany not putting enough of its GDP for defense is ridiculous when the countries that will benefit from this move spend even less. Germany does have a stronger economy, but that is not the point. This is an emotional move by Trump and one that makes no sense. And your point about a "33% manning boost" is moot. You act like the forces in Europe are not doing anything, whereas in fact they train as much if not more than those CONUS. That robbing Peter to pay Paul comparison doesn't increase our investment or capabilities. It may reduce the cost of having forces (it's cheaper to station people in some of the shitty assignments Stateside versus Europe), but it doesn't make us more effective operationally. In fact, I would argue the latter is the case. Russia is kicking our ass informationally the same as China is kicking it economically. COVID has put a bit of a damper on it, but they'll adjust and survive; but I believe much of the chaos in this country is due to the amount of misinformation being pumped into it from abroad. To quote Agent K, "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." Society in general is gullible and will believe whatever the media (social or otherwise) tell them, and will respond accordingly as they don't know any better. Ever wonder how one dog can control and corral hundreds of sheep? Same analogy. But anyone who thinks this move will somehow improve our influence worldwide is sadly mistaken. It's politics pure and simple, and costly ones at that. I've spent time at SHAPE and Patch, it will cost billions of dollars to accomplish and in the end nothing will change. And I didn't add a 'STS' to that as literally we the taxpayers will be taking it up the ass for this decision...
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    End of Spangdahlem

    Please elaborate... Russia is more of a threat to us militarily than China. Economically, it's the other way around; but force presence is contingent on the military threat...
  8. OK, it's lederhosen and not a dirndl, but it's still a great pic!
  9. M2

    End of Spangdahlem

    I'll believe it when I see it. And Trump needs to do his homework. He's moving troops out of Germany as he claims the Germans don't spend enough of their GDP on defense. Italy and Belgium, the two places he's moving them to, pay even less...
  10. I have a Massif Elements IWOL inbound, in large. I was able to try on a medium and while snug, I expect the large to fit. If not, I may be looking to see if anyone would like to trade a fat boy sized XL for a L...
  11. M2

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    OK, I know this has to be someone from here... 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I have a buddy who is a local constable lieutenant. His department is buying up old ACU uniforms because they can't afford OCPs. Many agencies are in the same boat. Plus, I wonder how many in the USAF refused their issued $500+ Massif jackets because it wasn't needed? I doubt many. If our organizations are going to hand out gear, the vast majority are going to take and use it!
  13. First, the DoD doesn't have exclusive rights to camouflage uniforms. Secondly, anyone who doesn't have firsthand experience of what police officers go through on a daily basis needs to request a ride-along from their local substation. The police weren't the ones who raised the stakes, they're simply responding accordingly. Like the rest of us, they're putting the odds as much in their favor as possible. As John Steinbeck once said, “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!” Any one of us would do the same...
  14. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OPSEC! 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Definitely worth a read (click on the title for the full article)... Farewell to Ned Stark Col. Jason Lamb, AKA Col. “Ned Stark,” is a career intelligence officer who in 2018, began writing a series of provocative columns for Air Force Times and War on the Rocks about leadership development in the Air Force and where it had gone wrong. They went viral, sparking debate across the service, and even prompting Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein to offer him a job. Though Lamb ultimately decided not to join Goldfein’s team, he revealed his identity last year and consulted with Air Force leadership on personnel issues. He is retiring July 31, and now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  16. Also considering this, given it's lighter and better suited for Texas... Wind Jacket - ECWCS Gen 4 Level 4 - OCP Just a caveat, what I am looking for has to be AR 670-1 compliant.
  17. Anyone wearing these? How do they fit? Are they only for colder climates? Seeking feedback...
  18. Technically not a flying video, but probably the best walk around of the Hog you'll find on U-Tube!
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    name change request

    Sorry, Jabroni already being used.
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