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    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Almost as bad as this... https://theaviationist.com/2019/03/09/really-bad-african-paratroops-demonstrate-every-jump-ramp-error-in-one-jump/
  2. Examples of their work from their website (https://www.thomastags.com)...
  3. M2

    Nellis F-16 Thunderbird Crash

  4. M2

    Latest Movies

    I you haven't seen Spitfire (available on Amazon Prime Video), you are missing a helluva good documentary! Pure flying porn!
  5. I thought another commander was about to be fired, then I realized this was just a poor attempt at drawing an arrow on the picture!
  6. The cleaning ladies at SHAPE regularly "dropped in" while I was in the middle of a good dump. I figured they knew the risks involved when they signed up for the job...
  7. M2

    Atlas 767 (Amazon livery) Down

    $62,825 raised by 1,223 people in 10 hours!
  8. An interesting read...
  9. Not directly related, but I do know an AD USN O-3 that is joining the AD USMC as an O-1. I thought he'd keep his rank, as that has been my experience with cross-service transfers in the past; but he explained to get the transfer he would have to be "demoted" as he wouldn't have enough experience as an infantry officer in the Marines commensurate with his current rank...
  10. M2

    Motorcycle Riders Thread

    I sold the Repsol last summer. Just wasn't riding it, and felt it deserved to be ridden. It was tough to hand over the keys, but she's getting the attention she deserves. The Jeep has proven to be an effective replacement in obtaining the thrill of the great outdoors with a slightly less level of risk. Plus, having heat, music, room for three passengers (the family) and most importantly the ability to put the top back up when it rains, and having four wheels on wet roads, is comforting. I'm getting too damn hold to risk pneumonia! I still have a 1991 Honda ST1100 in the garage, it's been in hibernation for many years as well but I hope one day to make a project out of getting it back on the road. That is the bike I bought when I pinned on first lieutenant and rode all over Europe, it would take a lot for me to give up that one! The CBR was a mid-life crisis retirement gift to myself, so it was easier to let go although it's always heartbreaking to get rid of a great bike! Cheers! M2
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    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Yes Ma'am, the madness continues...
  12. M2

    The new airline thread

    One of my favorite quotes...
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    The Next President is...

  14. M2

    The new airline thread

    Speaking of robots, anyone else notice this?
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    The Next President is...

  16. M2

    The Next President is...

    Why do we have fences and gates around our military bases then? Why do prisons have walls, cells and locks? Why do banks have safes? Why did civilizations build castles and forts? Why is the Vatican surrounded by walls, as well as most "celebrities" homes?!? Walls aren't perfect, but they do a helluva better job of keeping people out than places without them.
  17. Interesting... We Talk Mistakes, Redemption, And Leadership With Commander Who Fired First Female Demo Team Leader
  18. Geez, it wasn't that bad! 🤣
  19. I swear I have that video downloaded somewhere, I gotta try and dig it up. It's been buried pretty well on the ol' Interwebz!
  20. M2

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    High-Altitude Low-Opening (HALO) operations are jumps made with an exit altitude of up to 35,000 feet mean sea level (MSL) and a parachute deployment altitude at or below 6,000 feet above ground level (AGL). HALO infiltrations are the preferred MFF method of infiltration when the enemy air defense posture is not a viable threat to the infiltration platform. HALO infiltrations require the infiltration platform to fly within several kilometers of the drop zone (DZ).
  21. ADMIN NOTE: This. Thread closed.
  22. M2

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Similar, without the nice view...
  23. Actually, the Navy considers LCDRs (O-4s) and below to be JOs; although LCDRs don't consider themselves to be JOs nor do ENS/LTJGs/LTs consider LCDRs to be JOs (everything has to be complicated in the Navy!)! For other nautical slang, please refer to this... http://goatlocker.org/resources/nav/navyslang.pdf
  24. M2

    Acute Intoxication

    If someone stuck a needle in your arm, you were "hospitalized." I highly doubt anyone "spiked" your drink as well. If asked about what happened, don't try to bullshit your way around it. Be truthful and accept the consequences. And if nobody asks, don't share what doesn't need to be shared.