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  1. About the only current art I've seen are painted MFS on HGU-56/Ps...
  2. You mean stealing CADPAT from the Canadians?
  3. The only remaining example of the N-9M, of which Northrop only ever built four, has crashed in a prison yard in California. The plane was destroyed and the pilot, the sole occupant, did not survive... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/27594/rare-and-historic-northrop-flying-wing-crashes-into-prison-yard-in-california
  4. Seriously? That's what Big Air Force does!
  5. The Army's Combat Vehicle Crewman jumpsuit has a completely useless shitter flap...
  6. Today would have been Rich's 46th birthday. You are still badly missed, brother. Rest in peace!
  7. It's tough to take that source as being subjective when they use such phrases as "In the backdrop of the #MeToo movement" and "destroying evidence that could have potentially identified a suspect through DNA." Undergo polygraph tests? Holy fuck, we're not talking about who shot Kennedy here! And holy fuck #2, it's not like this happened to her... What a clusterfuck of biblical proportions!
  8. M2

    Latest Movies

    Watching Free Solo a few weeks ago while TDY in Virginia. Was captivated by the story, and the documentary was brilliantly done; but I was also unnerved as well by some of the risks Honnold took. He is definitely wired differently from the rest of us, but you do have to admire his passion!
  9. Cole is on Doolittle's left in this picture...
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