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  1. Honestly, could they be any more unoriginal?
  2. M2

    737 MAX

    There is a bunch of 737 MAXs sitting on the ramp at Kelly Field. These pics are from last July, I can attest there's a shitload more out there now!
  3. We have 43 pages talking about such acts. As I've recently stated, nothing surprises me anymore...
  4. Sadly, nothing surprises me anymore... 😕
  5. Odd, I tried those functions in the KC-46 winglets and Commanders Dropping threads, and they all worked as advertised...
  6. You actually read nsplayr's posts?!? 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Pretty much everyone on that flight was of Iranian descent, including the Canadians... And the two may not be directly related.
  8. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Crew-said-Boeing-767-stalled-before-Houston-area-14930298.php
  9. Rest in peace, Specialist. https://www.10tv.com/article/he-was-fighting-terrorist-forces-africa-he-was-killed-sunday-2020-jan
  10. ADMIN NOTE: Don't start multiple threads in different sections of the forum on the same topic. This isn't the My Little Pony forum!
  11. https://www.wowt.com/content/news/Offutt-AFB-Commander-understood-new-gun-policy-could-be-viewed-negatively-566763511.html
  12. Yep, been discussing it all day on a Texas firearms forum I'm on. There's been a lot of arm chair experts criticizing the reaction time of those involved, but honestly I felt they did an excellent job given how quickly it happened. It appears the defender made a 20-22 yard head shot. God bless him! Certainly the fact that a lot less than the 26 killed/20 wounded from Sutherland Springs and the state easing up on the restrictions where licensed individuals can carry proved that such tragedies can be avoided or minimized when armed, law-abiding citizens are present. It's sad that people have to protect themselves from such threats, but the reality is failing to do so can have much more terrible consequences.
  13. Gentlemen, honor him by getting checked early for prostate cancer... ‘We are Dropping Like Flies.’ Ex-Fighter Pilots Push for Earlier Cancer Screenings
  14. M2

    Finding Old Buds

    Sorry, the spammer was from Mumbai and has been deleted and banned. I also changed his password and blocked his email and IP address. Since this thread is 11+ years old, I should note that many years ago I not only found my buddy (he lives up in Fargo, ND) and was able to not only connect him with the guy that was with his father when he died, but also with his long-lost brother. That said, this thread is now officially closed (and locked.
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