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  1. Biden a "regular guy?!?" Who are you hanging around with? And Trump's "lack of electability" was solely personality-based (mainly based on those "mean Tweets!"). Most on both sides will agree he's a pompous ass, but his actual record as president was quite worthy of re-election!
  2. It'll be Ron DeSantis. Romney, Bush and Rubio have zero chance. Feel free to quote me on that in 2024! And also feel free to explain Biden's "Electability." I just don't see it.
  3. F-15EX Named the Eagle II Chappy would be proud!
  4. I love these old historical documentaries! 😉
  5. You had me convinced until that last sentence. What our society needs more is people who give a half fuck about themselves! With an obesity rate over 40% and increasing rapidly, it doesn't appear a large number of Americans gave a fuck about their own health before COVID hit. These same people who want everyone to wear masks for their benefit are the first ones in line at McDonald's drive thru to get the McRib sandwich when it comes out (too much work to actually get out of their vehicles to get them). It also contradicts your "thinning the herd" argument. Despite most Americans bein
  6. Not quite grasping the point here, are you?
  7. Holy shit, am I really getting that fucking old? Marilyn Manson? Never heard of her... This was the concert shirt that caused my Mom to think I was heading for hell back in 1979...
  8. We've been needing to resurrect this thread...
  9. M2

    F1 Thread

    Rest in peace, Murray Walker!
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