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  1. T-38 Down @ DLF

  2. One Kidney

    Here are a few suggestions... verticalreference.comkiowapilots.comAPTAP.org But honestly I think your best bet would be to contact an Army recruiter and see what they say! Good luck! M2
  3. History Friday - Patches

    Jim's a good dude!
  4. Yes, commissioned officers can be reinstated after resigning their commission, or they can simply enlist; as long as the conditions of their separation were honorable. Obviously, doing so is much more complicated that just asking to return; but it's possible.
  5. Gun Talk

  6. Texas Church Shooting

    Full supporter of 2A, and carry (to include OC'ing) as much as I can. Too bad the USAF doesn't understand what "shall not be infringed" means, but as I still have to bring home the paycheck, it's a risk I have to accept. Otherwise, I'm usually packing a 5.25" XD-M with 13+1 rounds of .45 ACP (plus a second mag). True, the shooter had an AR and would definitely have an edge on my with my every day carry gun; but at least I would have a chance to defend myself and even more importantly, those I love. I will not speculate on this recent tragedy which struck so near home to me (Sutherland Springs is only 35 miles SE of San Antonio), but I am curious as to how a congregation of 50+ people in a rural Texas church did not include any LTC/CHL holders. Given the number of licenses issued by the state, there's usually a good chance someone is packing. I don't know if the church had a 30.06/30.07 (prohibiting concealed and open carry) but if that were the case than this is how disarming law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop such shootings. As has been seen in previous mass shootings they usually occur: 1) in a place where the victims are unarmed and 2) end quickly once the shooter is threatened with a counter-force. In fact, reports are indicating that a citizen with a rifle most likely stopped the shooter from claiming more victims! God bless him and the guy who helped him stop the threat! Unfortunately, much like the recent Vegas shooting, NYC truck massacre, and every other mass killing in recent history; something else will pop up and this will be quickly forgotten by everyone except those directly affected by it. There will be the usual cries for greater gun control (that will have no impact on stopping future shootings), but that is about it. I don't believe it's some huge conspiracy as some claim, it's just the way of the modern world. People will react, but the truth is we are becoming more and more desensitized to such horrendous acts. Sad...
  7. Security Clearance with immigrant spouse.

    I wouldn't wait to apply based on your wife's residency/citizenship status. The SF86 questions concerning foreign-born spouses are pretty straightforward, but pay particular attention to the one in section 17.1 that asks 'For your foreign born spouse, provide one type of documentation that he or she possesses and the document number.' If none of those apply, then simply ask the security manager how to answer. Also pay particular attention to sections 20A - Foreign Activities, 20B - Foreign Business, Professional Activities, and Foreign Government Contacts and 20C - Foreign Travel where applicable. Good luck! M2
  8. Latest Movies

    While it was definitely stretched out, I really didn't feel it dragged at any point. I'll most likely see it again at the theater, as it has to be experienced on the big screen; but I am also looking forward to getting it on disk as some of the dialogue was tough to follow at the theater where we saw it (or it could be my lousy hearing).
  9. Latest Movies

    Blade Runner 2049 was absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt the best movie of 2017!
  10. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I am not going to try to "match wits" with the 40lb brain stems on here discussing Constitutional law, all I can share is that 1) I can kill someone with a rock, so does that mean we have to outlaw rocks? 2) we not only didn't lose rights during the eight years of the Obama administration, but actually gained them; so my prediction is that absolutely nothing in terms of firearms restrictions will come from this Vegas tragedy and rightfully so, 3) it is not surprising that the kooks are coming out of the woodwork anytime an incident involving a firearm occurs, it is what their idiotic contingents expand and actually demand, and lastly, 4) good luck trying to pull an Australia in Texas...this is our governor! We don't fuck around when it comes to our firearms, BBQ, religion or football!