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  1. Who the hell knows? I don't think it was a bright idea to go public with his email, whether by him or one of the many people cc'd on it (another not-so-bright idea). Embarrassing your chain of command is never going to help your career (and as a carrier commander, he had some career left). I suspect there's more to this story that we'll never hear, but just because the crew cheered him on his departure doesn't necessarily mean he was a great skipper. Hell, the mere fact that they're all jammed together to do so when there's allegedly so many COVID-19 cases aboard makes me wonder about the situation in general!
  2. Per the SECNAV... And... https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=112537 To summarize, he had better choices...
  3. M2

    F1 Thread

    On Netflix while everyone is hibernating...better than Ford V Ferrari! https://www.netflix.com/watch/80158800 Speaking of which...
  4. https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2020/04/aircraft-carrier-captain-fired-poor-judgement-over-coronavirus-letter/164336/
  5. Been watching that model for a while, it's probably one of the best ones around. You can see each individual state via the pull-down menu at top. Some are quite scary!
  6. M2


    USAA's business model shifted from quality to quantity about 20-25 years ago... And Schwab bought out USAA's investment and brokerage accounts back in July for $1.8B in cash! I wonder if Obama was involved! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/26/charles-schwab-to-buy-usaa-assets-in-1point8-billion-deal.html Just to put that in context, this is what $1.8B in cash looks like... But that pic is from a DEA seizure of Tijuana Cartel assets!
  7. Bless your heart. You're not too bright, are you?
  8. In 2017, Texas grossed more than $264.5 billion a year in exports—more than California ($172 billion) and New York ($77.9 billion) combined. There is also a significant difference between the cost of living in California and Texas. Housing costs in Texas are 54% less than in California, while a family with kids may save over 60%. There is an 18% difference in food cost, 8% less expensive health insurance, and 14% lower spending on entertainment. But the biggest indicator is which direction people are moving. in 2018 almost 700,000 Californians moved out of that state, of which 86,000 ended up in Texas. In fact, Texas was the second most popular state for moving to in 2018, with over half a million newcomers. You could count the number of Texans moving to California on one hand. This sums it all very nicely! https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/01/the-truth-about-the-california-exodus/605833/ So yeah, sorry if the rest of the nation doesn't weep for California! They are responsible for their current situation, especially due to the politicians they keep re-electing. When they put illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities above the needs of their own constituents, it should be clear it's time for someone else; yet they continue to keep the same idiots year after year...
  9. Austin isn't Texas. If you did a little research, you would find that a lot of its residents are California transplants who are trying to ruin this great state as badly as they did their old one. In fact, they exemplify why Texans don't like Californians moving here! Any state that continues to re-elects Pelosi, Schiff, Waters and the rest of that bunch gets what they deserve.
  10. Jeez, overreacted much? Did Abbott say he was sending a DPS SWAT team after them? No, all the order says is that random check-ups will occur. Texas has ever right to ensure those New Yorkers (and other suspected contagious individuals) stay in place as the law requires. https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-issues-executive-order-mandating-14-day-quarantine-for-travelers-arriving-from-new-york-tri-state-area-new-orleans2 Plus, inasmuch as New York feels it can meddle in Texas' business, for all we care they can stay the fuck there!
  11. Shit, we've wanted to stop people traveling to here from NY, California and other liberal bastions for years! The Kung Flu just gave us even more reason to do so... And it isn't a violation of civil liberties for the police to investigate a person if there is probable cause or reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime. What's more alarming is the amount of hyperbole occurring...
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