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  1. Agreed, but she voluntarily played a role in the matter and should be held accountable just as he was...
  2. Odds are [redacted] = exec...
  3. Seriously, WTF? 😲😲😲
  4. Bound to happen! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Didn't take long... 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Brit oops! But this was the best bit! p.s. The backstory... "On Tuesday, a Chinook from 28 Squadron based at RAF Benson made a precautionary landing in a field near Wantage following a mechanical issue. Unfortunately, the aircraft soon sank into the field, likely due to the extended period of wet weather that we’ve been experiencing recently. Our engineers deployed to the site to assess the mechanical issue and this has now been fixed; however, the extremely soft ground has made the recovery of the Chinook to RAF Benson very difficult. A tri-Service team
  7. I know it's a bit early, and hopefully most of this will be forgotten by October; but if anyone is looking for a Halloween costume...
  8. Anyone who thinks this was a "coup attempt" needs to turn off the television and go oxygenate their gray matter a bit! It was simply a shit storm circus complete with a ringmaster and a full compliment of clowns on both sides. So, what is the road ahead? To be honest, there is a huge opportunity for the Democrats here that I doubt they'll take advantage of because they were just as involved in all this as Trump. I am sure they'll use this to push ridiculous, un-Constitutional legislation as much like the GOP, they have no real vision. Or, more preferably but less
  9. OK, who called it?!? 🤣🤣🤣
  10. That's from a Who song with a very ironic title!
  11. I think it's already on eBay!
  12. Not arguing that Trump isn't the instigator in today's acts, and it's a shit move on his part (but not unexpected); but there were a lot of elected officials who sat on their asses and allowed the BLM, ANTIFA and other "protests" to occur...
  13. Same could be claimed for what's going on today, as evident below; but we all know we're being fed BS when it comes to "news" reporting...
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