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  1. M2

    A-10 retiring

    Simply look at it this way, if you don't try, you're guaranteed never to fly the A-10...
  2. It's almost that time of year again! 😋
  3. M2

    Change to Air Force Color Vision Policy

    Admin Comment: I cannot find any way to increase the max number of messages (50), recommend you do some housecleaning...
  4. M2

    No flight hours for pcsm

    Don't just say that, share how you fixed it for anyone who may have the same issue in the future!
  5. M2

    Anyone missing a C-130 prop?

    Did anyone mention it probably fell off a truck?!? 😎
  6. M2

    Gun Talk

    That's the old Slick Guns website. Download their app and get online prices for firearms by scanning the UPC bar code. The Exchange has a price match guarantee, so they have to match Bud's, Academy, etc.
  7. M2

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    And not by choice...
  8. A C-47 named "Bluebonnet Belle" (N47HL) of the Highland Lakes CAF Squadron crashed in Burnet, Texas yesterday. Luckily, all thirteen passengers on board survived, but injuries have been reported. The aircraft was destroyed. https://www.kxan.com/news/local-news/breaking-crash-destroys-antique-plane-at-burnet-municipal-airport/1314564561 http://www.highlandlakessquadron.com/aircraft/c47
  9. M2

    Gun Talk

  10. I believe you're talking about Global Entry, which gets you PreCheck! Still well worth it for anyone who travels a lot!
  11. M2

    Gun Talk

    I have a XD-S in .45 and while it's no fun putting several magazines' worth of rounds down the pipe at the range, its recoil is a lot more manageable than I thought it would be! The XD-E (per Springfield) has a "Low Effort Slide (L.E.S.)" that requires 27% less effort to manipulate compared to striker-fired handguns in the same class. Other than that, and the hammer, it's essentially a XD-S as Breckey stated; but I think it is a tad larger than the XD-S. I don't really see the market for the hammer design, but it will probably appeal more to smaller statue individuals or those who may have physical limitations where the LES would be helpful. I am getting older and a bit arthritic, but am not at the point where racking the slide is a tough task. Perhaps one day down the road, but not today! But what really concerns me is the lack of safeties that the other XD models have. I see it has a slide lock/decocker (which I don't like), but no grip or trigger safeties. That not only adds an extra step to make the weapon fire, but also adds a degree of risk when it is disengaged. I subscribe to the rule that your first and foremost safety lies between your ears (and trigger finger), but even the 1911 has a second grip safety in addition to the slide lock. That said, some prefer the lack of a trigger safety, stating it adds ambiguity to the pull. Another concern is the SA/DA trigger, which equates to either having to cock the hammer before firing or a long, heavy trigger pull during the first round. It's all a matter of preference, I certainly am fond of the Springfield XD/XDM line but the XD-E just hasn't tickled my fancy. Maybe if I got a little range time with one that might change, but at this time I have no plans to lay out my hard-earned cash for one as I just don't see the benefits over my other XDs (I have several). But don't take my word, here's a good review of the XD-E... https://www.usacarry.com/xde-springfield-armory-review/
  12. Ever heard of American Military University? And I can attest from firsthand experience that an online grad degree has been beneficial. In fact, my company actually paid for mine, despite already having one when I was hired.