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  1. Help with a Divorce

    I remember an enlisted guy in our wing who simply separated after his 20 was up, he didn't formally retire so his ex wouldn't get half. Drastic, but I am sure he had his reasons...
  2. Stuck at Kef

    Linda would love knowing that this thread has been resurrected!
  3. If you have a BS in Computer Science, why aren't you seeking a commission?
  4. Latest Movies

    And what's wrong with that? It takes all kinds!
  5. Latest Movies

    Yep, I'm more Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory!
  6. Latest Movies

    Not surprising, Act of Valor demonstrated that using non-actors doesn't add to a movie. If anything, it detracts. Not surprisingly, both have/are getting lackluster reviews. Eastwood should have known better. By the way, I wasn't impressed by American Sniper or Lone Survivor either. I guess I am too critical of combat-related movies. Black Hawk Down is probably one of the few contemporary movies I've felt was fairly accurate even though I know some aspects of it were also changed for entertainment's sake...
  7. Latest Movies

    I was less impressed. I really wanted to like it, and felt it had great potential; but overall it fell way short of the mark. Of course, it must've impressed someone as a sequel is already allegedly being planned and possibly even a franchise...
  8. I need some advice

    Are you serious?
  9. At least the Duffelblog is providing some comic relief on this issue... https://www.duffelblog.com/2018/01/strava-pentagon-fail-opsec/ https://www.duffelblog.com/2018/02/entire-military-disappointed-no-one-thought-run-dick-shaped-route-syria/ But seriously, how fucking stupid do you have to be to upload running paths at a sensitive/secret location?!?
  10. More Uniform Changes!

    Rumor is the USAF will be adopting OCPs to replace the ABU this year...
  11. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    This is my favorite video of all time No worries, there's other versions of it on U-tube!
  12. Overseas PCS and your cars

    The only dings I got on our cars during our three overseas assignments were all gotten on base...
  13. Latest Movies

    Yep, we were pretty impressed with it as well. McDermott and Peter Stormare have great characters, and Kim Matula is easy on the eyes. Even Nathan Lee Graham (Todd from Zoolander) does well with being funny but not the usual cram-it-down-your-throat (phrasing) gay flight attendant. My son even recognized Nathan Kress, who played Freddie on iCarly. It has all the makings of a great show, hopefully they can sustain it!
  14. Gun Talk

    My latest acquisition, a Webley Mk I still in .455... I believe it has been re-arsenaled, but not updated to a Mk I* (a dovetailed hardened backplate installed and in some cases the hammer is replaced, essentially turning it into a Mk II). The Mk I was approved in 1890 and approximately 40,000 were made. The vast majority have been re-arsenaled. The holster, a 1943 Canadian canvas one for a Mk VI variant, was included. It's my fourth Webley. I have a 1918 Mk VI also in .455, and two Mk IVs in .38/200. Cheers! M2