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  1. My understanding is that the new NDAA mostly handed over the rules to the DoD versus them being in Federal code. So yes there is no law now requiring up or out but the my understanding is that the DoD has to draft new guidance and they could choose to keep it.
  2. Fuzz

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Looks like we are on to "UPT Next 2.0", anyone seen the results of 1.0? https://www.afwerxchallenge.com/ptnv2challenge/
  3. Fuzz

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The CSAF gets to pick his team, he has the entire 500K+ active, civ., AFRC and Guard personnel of the greatest of AF on the planet at his disposal. I believe the CSAF has exactly who he wants working for him, if he doesn't then that rests solely with him.
  4. Fuzz

    What is right with the Air Force

    Finance can't pay a voucher when 99% of the work is done for them in DTS within a week or let alone get it correct. What makes you think they'll be able to take it start to finish correctly in 3 days?
  5. We were logging sorties and currency as well as FCIFs, testing and Form 8s in GTIMS. Actually made processing sorties a lot easier and quicker.
  6. I literally have no idea what I need for currency between the Published Vol 1, the released admendments, the cluster that is ARMS in both the AF wide change and the fact that ARMs doesn’t reflect our new Vol 1 plus all our logging sheets for sorties are now outdated.
  7. Sad that it’s mostly come to that, watching SQ/CC ask on a facebook page why they are finding official news from a Facebook page instead of official channels is entertaining. Also that info came from my commander in response to a direct question.
  8. Updates we received said this only applies to those returning from a different airframe/staff. This does not (for now) apply to long term DNIF, overdue checkrides, Q3s etc requals.
  9. They keep missing the boat with all this after the UPT commitment is up, by that point it’s too late. Also like previously mentioned other AFSCs don’t have to wait until the end of their commitment to receive professional pay, so this will likely backfire once again.
  10. Fuzz

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Word from the unit is that person was completely compartmentalized from the squadron when he was working that job but he did have to make regular trips to Shaw due to IT issues.
  11. Fuzz

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    What is happening? I feel like there are deleted posts I missed.
  12. We requal a decent amount of people in-unit, just depends on their background and slots available at Altus. Typically airdrop is our most common in house requal.
  13. WIC falls in rule 16 but no mention of IPUG from what I can see.
  14. Except for note 2 which talks about in-house requals also incurring an ADSC.
  15. It actually shows your commander is completely ignorant on what actually happened with that board and that's disappointing. However, not surprised given how terrible of a job HAF did in communicating what was actually happening with that board, regardless he's still a tool. Hope he doesnt feel that way when AFPC shifts the promotion rates like they do every year to ensure we promote enough people to fill the demand.