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  1. Also apparently the term "bro-culture" is now social recategorization and using "male-centric terminology to describe team comradery" are a micro-aggressions. So better find a new term because it looks like "being a bro" is now banned.
  2. Yeah screw their app, pull up your Citi statement it will have the currency conversion rate that you were charged. This is a clean kill on their buffoonery. If they persist you can mention the IG or maybe that you are refusing to sign a fraudulent voucher claim.
  3. That's one way to put it, it's more like a controlled impact, but she can stop on a dime.
  4. Couldn't find a better place to put this; I wonder if Gen Johns will cite himself as a contributing factor to the issue by driving out a lot of experienced pilots from his time as AMC/CC. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/11/07/congress-names-aviation-crisis-panel-members/?utm_campaign=Socialflow+MIL&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social
  5. I know an SFS O-5 that's on their 2nd SQ/CC tour (one before IDE/Staff).
  6. KMWH is busy pretty fricken busy between the flight school, Boeing test flights, test flights from some other companies, regular GA traffic, firefighters in the summer, McChords primary AUX field (3 squadrons + the C-17 WIC), and the Growlers out of Whidbey. The airspace is wide open sure but Moses is on any given weekday is about as busy as a UPT base already.
  7. Oh good and you're a TPS grad to boot, great job AF. 🙄
  8. Wait the AF selected you and is paying to get a PhD but you aren't good enough to make O-4? YGFSM!
  9. Most of your points have to deal with a failure to embrace emerging technology (much like the VR debates going on elsewhere here). Not failing to teach future air force pilots basic airmanship. If you want to go along the line of limited resources, the majority of our aircraft (to include fighters) no longer have production lines; is not in our interest to give our pilots training that not only keeps them from having to eject but also potentially recovers a tens of million to hundreds of million dollar aircraft that's no longer in production?
  10. The C-17 crews have been wearing patches similar to those above with duty positions (Pilot, Load, Chief, Raven) the left shoulder flap of the A2CUs for a while now. A lot of people get all worked up about it, since it's not allowed per the AFI but SF, Fire and AE crews all get special patches because who knows why.
  11. I have nothing against AFWERX but calling for ideas when the PTN v1.0 outbrief is still not released and making the claim to make pilots faster with the same quality is putting the cart before the horse. The degredation in quality in new pilots who actually flew planes before they got their wings is evident so I can't wait to see how these ones perform.
  12. I can't speak for the loadmasters, but the copilot got a PCS to another C-17 base (don't know where CP is now) and the AC got picked up for a unique opportunity which he took. Its a shame because I only got the opportunity to work with him once and he was far from the "reckless cowboy" Allardick accused him of being.
  13. Update the WG/CC just issued clarification that 2 pieces were authorized for everyday wear.
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