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  1. Bender

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    "...and that the issue had been resolved." Nice. Good to know. ~Bendy
  2. Bender

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Technical difficulties I guess...thanks a lot DFRESH. Thanks, man...guess it's just me. Meh... ~Bendy
  3. Bender

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I don't know what happened to my previous post, but it has nothing to do with recent or on-going events. Previous events have led to legislative input implemented via AFI and now it doesn't matter what happens or who you are...you get to participate in the discussion. Not much different than the Cyber Awareness Challenge no one can help you escape. WTF did happen to my last post? Is the meeting being referenced about something different? If so, just say so and the bitch-fest thread can return to its regularly scheduled programming. ~Bendy
  4. Bender

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Standard AFI (Congress) mandated "Professional Relationship" briefing. Why it's not a good idea to bang students and how you're supposed to turn people in even if you hear sixty-ninth hand someone is banging a student. It'll be riveting, no doubt. ~Bendy
  5. Bender

    C-47 Crash in Burnet, Texas

    It's quite interesting how insults have changed over the years. In any case, I don't, so you're safe from me (for now). ~Bendy
  6. Bender

    C-47 Crash in Burnet, Texas

    Yeah. That was pretty rough, shrug. You see, Huggy... Shakira is a popular singer for the kids these days...studies show you stop looking into new music when your in your thirties, so it's okay you don't get the reference. After all, that was about 50 years or so for you...you'll always dig Coltrane and Ellington with nothing new coming on the horizon for you. Could be worse. Point is speculation never hurt anyone...just ruffles the feathers of people that know pilots that haven't been proven to have made the error being speculated about. ~Bendy
  7. Bender

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Like many other things in life, it's about consistent performance at a very high level. Just peaking isn't going to win you any titles here or anywhere else. Amateurs, most of them. Looks like we have spotted another one streaking around...nothing to see here. In reference to the subject post though: What? You unhooked another load master, tossed the other out the back, and then hooked the entire crew to the same station? Q2 at best I'd say...shit. ~Bendy
  8. Bender

    C-47 Crash in Burnet, Texas

    Rule all of that stuff out and you just gotta wonder though! Is it really that bad thing if possible causes are discussed, irrespective of a specific reality...certainly someone would believe that discussing various causes of accidents is worthwhile, along with how they may or may not have/did apply. On the other hand there is plenty of fodder within previous mishaps to fill the void/need...but there is something about human nature that like the mystery and ego about not having the facts yet. Sometimes when it's closer to home, we even feel emotional about it from both sides of the aisle. I always wait in wonder and am seldom surprised when I finally hear...and when I am surprised, it's often like a punch to the gut that you somehow decided to ask for. One day we'll know. One guy on the plane says the plane was just fine...probably those pesky pilots again then. Wait and see at this point...sad to lose those airplanes. We know we're losing the people, but those planes could stay with us past the end of mankind on earth. Hard enough keeping those millennials in touch with history as it is. Super glad everyone will walk away from this one though! That fire was crazy bad. ~Bendy Edit: Of course, that fodder (for military) comes with privilege which HIGHLY reduces the discussion(s) from those that know what they're talking about, unfortunately. If it's not on the front side (thus speculative), there wouldn't be any conversation at all. As always, pretending you're friends with Shakira when you've never even been to one of her concerts makes you a doucher.
  9. Bender

    C-47 Crash in Burnet, Texas

    Thrust deficient one would assume, max power blasting on the other side...tough decisions when there isn't runway in front of you. Prop on the left looks to be spinning fine, but what does that even mean...nothing. Nice to hear everyone walked away, especially seeing how toasted the airframe ended up. Seems like it's always vmca and/or stall...some very troubling issues with maintenance sprinkled on top. We're crushing it all (literally) from both sides. Stall characteristic awareness and a better handing of normalized deviance and we might stand a chance of mitigating the tail spin we're in...it's going to take big blue a long time to work out the other side, maintainers and pilots need to double down on these things so we can get our people out the back end of this. Hard to watch...try hard to teach those coming in/learn from others how to protect yourselves from stalling airplanes. It was only within this decade this highlighted itself, and we have clearly not done a good enough job mitigating it. Maintaining airplanes is completely separate, but synergies often...you get what you pay for. Ask a lot of a little and you'll get less than what you need. They're going to keep racking up...do what you can to make sure it isn't you. Sometimes it's just already written into the cards (so recent history proves). If there is anything you can do about it (more focus on boldface, more attention to stall training, do it). Be humble, seek out knowledge...you don't know it all and any of these could easily be you with very little variation. Be safe out there, ~Bendy
  10. Bender

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    “We’re looking … for people who can do mentorship in a squadron and bring these young kids onboard and maybe have opportunities to public speak in schools to bring those young, inspiring students to say, ‘Hey, I want a career [in aviation],’” Everhart said. LOL...public speaking engagements at the local high school...right on, brother! Bingo! Bullseye! For Duck's sake, that right there is a ginormous wiffer. If your commitment is done, sign another 1 year deal to stay and fly...and only fly. If you were getting out anyways, every year is a year we wouldn't have had. No ADSC, but a 1 year bonus should be on the table if Big Blue is the one on the defensive. She just can't come to terms with being in a bad way. Have to take everything and feel like people should take it because patriotism. Sad story, Bro. ~Bendy
  11. You're mentoring flight doctors on their PRFs now too? You really are a truly sought after commodity for sure. Your friend is either an idiot, you're a troll, or you're a liar...what do you want t go with here? ~Bendy
  12. Is there some hint here that increasing the "opportunity" to O-5 is a desirable thing? That's going to make any kind of difference...who gives a shit? It's purely a number in grade game, and O-5 becomes more vacant by the day and the number competing becomes lower as well. "Best of what's left?"...please, that's always been true. It's a fact, used in sarcasm as some kind of point for those that feel they need it. Every SQ/CC (with 2 exceptions) I've ever hooked up, is now flying for delta...make O-5, get command, join the line behind the passed over major. Do what makes you happy and what you enjoy...I for one appreciate the people...I won't have these kinds of relationships in my next career...I'll missed that a lot. The money will probably help, but I'll still miss them. Last year captain is where it's at...if you move, blast straight to squadron command. There's no joy in ADO'ing; DO'ing for sure, but definitely not ADO'ing, unless your at a UPT base and hide in a flight as a chief pilot. (I don't know how to do this, it's just something I've heard happens). ~Bendy
  13. You're very opinionated. ~Bendy
  14. So did Duck get passed over or what? It's been f'ing years of this shit and now mums the word? My faith in the US Air Force hinges on this answer. ~Bendy
  15. [quote post="437079" timestamp="1514202387" name="xaarman" userid=" I was at a UPT base and resumed flying 4-5x a week. Pfft...thanks for the help. My "additional duties" are beyond stupid and I still fly 4-5 for them. What the were you doing all day? Bendy