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  1. https://countycomm.com/collections/bags/products/mid-range-bag-by-maratac This is a decent bag as well, slightly narrower than your dimensions but it holds up well takes up minimal space while still holding a lot.
  2. Stepped away from this thread for a hot minute, but just wanted to thank the recent posters for all the gouge. I have followed a good amount of it already and will continue to reference it.
  3. Thanks all for the responses, I have already implemented some of this advice as I prepare to head over there
  4. Thank you, all that is very helpful!
  5. Just found out I'll be headed to Kadena early next year. I would appreciate any/all current info on life over there, and how to navigate an OCONUS move. I have a few specific questions: 1. HHG - I know I'll get the brief on how this works, but I have it in my mind to sell or give away pretty much everything and start from scratch when I get there. What I have now barely fills a 1br apartment, so there's not much to get rid of. Alternatively, is it better to just ship it all and get reimbursed for whatever gets lost or stolen? 2. Electronics - will my stuff (laptop, stereo) work with just a socket adapter? 3. Housing - Having been TDY there once before, the apartments on the sea wall right by final approach into the airfield look awesome. Are these affordable at O-3/O-4 housing rates? Are they worth the daily traffic jams? 4. Finances - Any recommendations on how to access my money without getting charged foreign transaction fees? Do most places take Visa or Amex? 5. Personal documents - Single, 0 dependents, so I'm thinking of getting a safe deposit box in CONUS near trusted family and keeping it all there while I'm gone. Anything to watch out for with this plan? Thanks in advance for anything anyone has to offer.
  6. I'm on my third and final attempt at the AD UFT board. Currently an Instructor WSO with 77 PCSM, PPL, strong letter of recommendation, and hoping to be granted a TFCSD ETP. My next PCSM hurdle with regard to flight hours is 201+ which would get me to an 81, and cost me about ten grand. The AFOQT I took 10 years ago is dragging my PCSM down. It's been about that many years since I had a good grip on the AFOQT components that comprise the Pilot and Nav scores, so I'm pretty concerned that I'd tank it if I used my second attempt at it. It's anyone's guess if I can scrape by on the whole person concept, just wondering if folks would recommend that I buckle down and try to raise my scores or let it ride. If nothing else, a cautionary tale to the young dudes reading this with time left to affect their scores.
  7. My squadron gives tail flashes to departing members and I've inherited the job of building these. The inherited process is slow, expensive, and results in a shitty product. I want to improve this. I know there are one-stop-shop companies that do tail flashes but they all work in plastic or wood. At one point ours were built using real aircraft sheet metal from the maintenance shops. Those days are long gone, but I have still been restricted to using metal for the tails. Does anyone have experience with companies that make metal tail flashes? Is there a contact for salvage or Boneyard employees who could supply me with aircraft sheet metal? Any and all advice is appreciated.
  8. Revival. B-52 Nav/Radar Nav type. Any bag suggestions?
  9. Brand new Lt here, and a CSO candidate. I am due to report to the OSS at NAS Pensacola one week from today. I have been unable to find a phone number to contact the unit in advance, and the NAS's automated answering service has no options for the Air Force units. If anyone has a number I can call, as well as any information about what to expect when reporting, I would appreciate it very much.
  10. I'm also interested in this as it pertains to CSO types. I'm headed for Pensacola within the year (I hope).
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