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  1. The admission/enrollment side was friendly initially; the discipline-specific staff (dean, instructor) less so. Generally inflexible and hostile towards reasonable requests to maneuver within the bounds of a particular course's syllabus while still accomplishing course objectives. Much as propflux encountered students with no business being in the program, there are occasional instructors with no business holding that position or title. However, if you assess Brandman to be a good fit, my animosity towards them and their non-MBA-related program should not be a factor for you. Three
  2. I recommend against Brandman. A close friend picked this school for convenience sake, though in fairness, it was for a different program than MAOL. There are some real pieces of work that are employed by Brandman and long story short they made it very difficult for my friend to remain enrolled and maintain steady progress through the program while handling several family emergencies. Ended up filing a couple formal complaints with both Brandman and the professional organization that accredited the particular school. I do recommend looking in to Washington State University's MBA program
  3. It's not too late to get into AFROTC. Call the detachment at your school on Monday. Put your best effort forward in everything you do with regard to applications, academic work, test preparation, and fitness. Not all pilots decided to go that route early on, and not all pilots have natural skills. Show what you are capable of, and leave the questions of worthiness to your instructors.
  4. Latest and greatest out of the Air University's transition to Arizona State administration of courseware: You can't be enrolled in ACSC distance learning and the OLMP simultaneously.
  5. Awesome, thank you for keeping it alive! I will absolutely be digging in to the new material.
  6. @Zero I’ve been meaning to ask what became of The Crate. I learned quite a bit from your stories and drawings back in my cadet days - the Sandy upgrade ones were some of my favorites.
  7. Hey who knows, maybe there are customers out there for surplus 30 year old business jets, beat to shit by stan, with that sweet Alpine system
  8. U.S. Air Force's T-1A Jayhawk trainer takes flight with Collins Aerospace avionics Good thing we're putting in glass cockpits so they can fly one last RNAV into the boneyard with terrain awareness all the way down to mins.
  9. Copy all. I'm not chasing O-6 by any stretch of the imagination, but if I can get some kind of masters out of the way for $Free.99 that seems like a good deal.
  10. Resurrection to ask if OLMP is worth it at the present time and how long it took to complete, or should I just proceed with the Non Master's Program version of IDE (now at 7.0)? For anyone interested, there are now (were there always?) a few program options for those qualified: Edit: Joint Warfare Edit: Operational Warfare (WIC grads only) Nuclear (Requires completion of AFIT NWEPP program) Leadership (anyone)
  11. If we're active duty can we write letters to an editor? I'm feeling unusually compelled to highlight that f*ckstick's fascist ideas as such.
  12. There are AFRC bomb squadrons as well if the thought of blowing $hit up appeals to you. B-1 and B-52 will have CSOs on board for the forseeable future
  13. Agree on both points, and free time is something I don't exactly have right now. Also, paper trail is hard to establish when TFSC case messages auto-delete after a certain period of time. For the casual/inexperienced reader - make sure you screenshot/save every interaction with AFPC. You are the only one looking out for you.
  14. Odd situation/possible low SA on my part at the time: As a CSO with an expired CSO ADSC, I was eligible for the ACP that dropped late September/Early Oct of 18. However, well before that bonus was announced, I was picked up for pilot training. While processing my PCS orders, MPF/TFSC told me that in order to receive those orders to UPT, I had to sign an ADSC stating that if I completed pilot training, I would owe 10 years. Well, I went ahead and signed that, and they tacked on a 10 year UPT ADSC effective on the day I signed it, well before I ever left my pre-UPT assignment. So, m
  15. Bump for the previous question and to add my own: I'm about to turn in my request for circuitous CONUS to OCONUS, skipping the rotator option. TMO filled in two blanks on the memo I got from vMPF. The first says "traveler is authorized a reimbursement amount of ____ ". In that blank, they wrote in the amount the government would pay to get me directly to the port where the rotator departs. It's only a couple hundred bucks. The second blank is "The AMC portion of this request resulted in the excess cost amount of _____". In that blank, they wrote how much the govt would pay for me to
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