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    ... Said the new RNAV arrival to KEWR - yikes!
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    UPT select! 89 PCSM, 99 AFOQT P, 3.3 GPA, 2/3 for the Wing, and PPL with 120 hours
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    Just got word...UPT select! No word on ENJJPT yet, though. Anyone else heard?
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    OP, if you don't know why, you haven't been paying attention. Good luck.
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    Why bother proving the negative? Ask him for the AFI that says you need the rank.
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    Performance ranking reduces meritocracy... "Many of us have given in to “adopt and adapt” at some point in our careers, and not always comfortably. You’re sitting in front of a manager for an annual review, thinking: well, how’s this going to work? The manager in question is universally regarded as average, but he’s the one that gets to rate you, and the shortest path to a better ranking is probably to follow his advice." Link: https://cosmosmagazine.com/mathematics/maybe-you-shouldn-t-follow-the-leader Study: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.191255 Common gripe in the OPR / EPR threads is the strat methodology and favor given to the junior O's who conform earlier to the game. I'm not sure the authors fix, serendipity (fancy word for luck), is any better due its unpredictable nature...but it's refreshing to see a study confirming my preconceived notions. Post could have gone in the Promotion thread just as easily
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    What are you talking about? There is no room for reasonable discussion. You are either on one team or the other!!!!! Who cares about the country if your team doesn't win??? I'm kidding of course, but it's amazing how many people think this way. I've been called a "libtard socialist" just because I dared to criticize Trump and I've been called a "Trumpster" if I gave any credit to Trump for anything decent that's happened in the past 3 years. It's absurd. I just want corruption to be investigated, congress to learn about compromise, corporate money out of politics, and for the judiciary to be apolitical, but I guess that makes me an enemy to both parties.
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    They offered me CSO when I turned down RPA last year.
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    UPT 97 pilot, 82 PCSM no PPL Prior 92T - yanked in ‘14 for color vision I would venture to guess if I got it, both of you did as well. I denied URT AND CST last year.
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    Counterpoint to the post above, most squadrons at Luke have them (in addition to several other AETC bases) and I’ve only seen a handful of guys with rank sewn on. The vast majority don’t wear rank. Patches are the same configuration as flight suits. To be fair, I just keep my Friday patches on the green Massif and I’ve never heard a word about it.
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    We wear them at my squadron. Pretty sure all we did was have new nametags made with rank on them (Lt Col Joe "Bagga" Dicks kinds thing). Dont know what the reg says but that's how we operate.
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    Please define major so we can talk at the same level
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    Is this a troll post? Honestly if you want love about them head over to APC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure how I was first on here, but... UPT Select! Woot! GL bros!
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    How is it illegal? Show me where Trump’s foreign policy decisions are illegal and I’ll concede that the Lt Col made the right call and Trump needs to reign it in. The Lt Col even admitted that he only “had concern,” nothing anywhere about illegal activity. There is a dangerous precedent to be set when military members think that they can influence policy because they disagree with the administration. Generals for example advise, but in the end if their advice is not taken they either A. shut up and color or B. resign. Thanks for your concern about me being in a leadership position, I happen to be in one and encourage my subordinates to pass feedback on my decisions. But I’m not a civilian leader in charge of the military making national policy.
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    When was that? Those bush hats are pretty sweet.
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    Yes he thought Trump's method of conducting foreign policy was illegal. He went through appropriate channels and was silenced. When another investigative body comes along and asks questions, you think he should just shut up? Is that your answer for anytime a military person thinks they see someone break the law? "too effing bad"...keep your mouth shut and if you can't take it then quit? Jesus I hope you aren't in any sort of leadership position.
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    All this talk about Delta, United, AA, Southwest just makes me sick. Where is the love for the other major airlines? FRONTIER anyone? SPIRIT anyone? It's like they don't exist to you people.
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