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    I'd like to point out the great success of the SJW's and just how indoctrinated everyone has become ..... by calling manning "she."
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    Similar crimes? For releasing 750k documents containing classified and sensitive information? Who got 3 years or less? Pollard - life in prison Ames - life Hansen - 15 life sentences Walker - life Clinton - declined to prosecute So I guess that averages out to 3 years. I guess it depends on what you call 'similar crimes'. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    All I can think about when I hear "eneterprise" is Capt jean Luke piccard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One of our young guys was all set to do a similar program - going to PCS to Kadena for a 3 year tour as a ANG guy. Sounds great right? B) False We got the details and turns out you have to leave the ANG, get into the AD. You have no rights to your ANG job after your tour, you could get stop loss, you are in the bucket with everyone else (and likely under the hammer from your new boss) for non-flying 365's, etc. It sounded a whole lot like GFY...
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    I liked the line "We're gonna take people off of welfare and put them back to work"... I'm sure that scared the sh!t out of a lot of people today... More "peaceful protesters" bashing windows, setting everything on fire, and shooting into crowds are close to follow I'm sure...
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    The problem is how many other programs were affected. Most effective would be a complete disk erasure and reload the OS but don't see that happening. Here's some of what might happen to start the restoration process: http://thehill.com/policy/finance/314991-trump-team-prepares-dramatic-cuts
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    Glocks are awful. Just awful.
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    another deployment down another finance pay fck up...took 4 months after returning to get all combat pay/tax free pay, etc...let's see how long this one takes to un-fck! God forbid i have $1 late on my GTC though...
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    For the sake of argument, let's say that Hansen and Manning each caused the same amount of damage. I'd still support a lighter sentence for Manning. Hansen knowingly caused harm for money. Manning thought she was doing the right thing (obviously she wasn't). The law accounts for motive when assigning punishments, and it usually accounts for mental illness as well. I can't imagine there would have been much uproar if Manning had originally been sentenced to 7 years. If Manning had been found guilty of "aiding and abetting the enemy", 35 years would have been fine. But she wasn't. Further, I think Obama did everyone a favor by making this problem go away. The next President doesn't have to deal with hysterical conspiracy theorists making Manning into a martyr if she manages to succeed with another of her suicide attempts. The taxpayers are also off the hook for a sex change operation. The law was upheld and a criminal punished with a reasonable sentence that accounted for mitigating circumstances while also being severe enough to deter future leakers. I'm ok with this result.
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    I've attached a spreadsheet that's old (2003-4) but it shows actual people who did what you're doing right now and what happened to them. Some were already AD, others were civilian like you. I'm sure there's an updated one, more than likely it's somewhere on https://www.airforceots.com. I'd post over there as well, they'll probably have more direct answers for you since OTS and the applications are more their thing. I'm a ROTC/ANG guy, so I can't really give you much else than that. Hope it helps. Copy of 12OT03 Applicant Roster.xlsx
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    Two words...strategic messaging (IMHO) Killing assholes in Hilux's could have been more cheaply and easily done with EUCOM assets, but wouldn't have caused Russia and China to look up from their desks. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    Not the same thing, but... On a positive note, he also pardoned GEN Cartwright. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    I think he has been giving us the middle finger for some time. Now, he's waving middle fingers on both hands yelling FU!!
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    It's okay, I downloaded it from a Russian porn site. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G530AZ using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
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    Pictures with info that shows deliberations/findings, etc are privileged. Pictures with no such information/markings are not privileged. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    BLUF: lots of text here. Feel free to skip. Merry Christmas. I'll check out of this thread for a while and let others have the floor...PM me if you want to discuss further. M2, First of all, I'm not sure where that graphic is from, but it is not an accurate representation of the county-by-county Presidential election results in 2016. Hillary won Dallas county, Harris and Fort Bend counties (Houston area), Bexar county (San Antonio) and Travis county (Austin) among others. I may not be the Texas expert you are, but those counties are not depicted as blue in your graphic. Jefferson and Newton counties are also depicted as blue despite the fact that Trump won those counties. Honest mistake I'm sure, but I encourage you to check your sources more carefully if you're gonna come off the top rope claiming to be some kind of expert on the state and calling me out. You said there were no born-and-bred and proud Texans that voted for Hillary and challenged me for some facts. My initial argument is that 3.8 million people voted for Hillary in Texas under full GOP control in terms of setting up and running the election...I assumed that was proof enough. But if you wanna go into the weeds even further, let's do it! Look at what's been called the most Republican county in the whole United States, King county, Texas. There were 159 votes cast in King county in the 2016 general election, and Donald Trump received 149 of them. A total ass-kicking indicative of the county being extremely conservative, no doubt. But Hillary received 5 votes in King county, not zero. Five votes in a county whose election process is almost certainly run by extremely conservative republicans who would not be inclined to allow for errant Hillary votes to be counted. The state also has a voter ID requirement. Are you telling me there were 5 people who cheated your Republican-run system in King county on election day? In a county where everyone almost certainly knows everyone? If you think that's the case, you should probably contact the election officials from that county. While you're making phone calls (or a road trip!), maybe it would be more productive to see if you can find any of those 5 Hillary voters in King county and talk to them, see where they're coming from. Are they illegal latinos on welfare looking for a handout like you implied? Maybe hold-out Johnson Democrats who've been voting blue for their whole lives? Or young people rebelling against their Republican parents? There's one way to find out for sure, and you're much closer than me. My entire argument is basically this - Trump voters in blue states are not all racists who wanna grab America by the pussy and punch Muslim refugees; Hillary voters in red states are not all welfare queen illegal transgendered people who want their own special snowflake bathroom. Try to understand the other side, work on a positive political message, build more coalitions and do less identity politics. I was hopeful that might be a more broadly agreeable message even in deep-red territory like BO.net. On Texas being one of the most conservative states in the U.S., in many ways that you pointed out, you're right. But in terms of Presidential electoral politics that simply wasn't the case in 2016. Texas was the 15th closest state in terms of the margin between the winner and the loser (Trump +9.0%). There were 20 other state more Republican than Texas in terms of Trump's margin. So yes, Texas is quite Republican and a 9-point victory is still a solid victory, but you guys should check your 6 down there the same way that Democrats should have checked ours in MI, WI, and MN and ME (all states in the top 8 closest that Hillary won [minus MI that she lost] yet are not normally thought of as "swing states"). Look, I'm trying to forward a message that the both parties need to do a better job of representing all of their voters and all Americans in general. I want the Democrats to pay more attention to the non-college educated white christian men from the south, midwest and rust belt who feel alienated by some of the liberal cultural war issues and left behind by the modern economy. Not a lot of those voters voted for Democrats in 2016, but some did and others maybe would have with a different message and candidate. Democrats need to stand up for and speak for those Americans. By the same token I want the Republicans to pay more attention to young voters, people of color and religious and ethnic minorities who feel alienated by some of the recent GOP rhetoric on immigration and civil rights in particular and who feel scared by the incoming administration. Not many voted Republican in 2016 (some did), but I would encourage the GOP to try to better represent those Americans too. if you made it this far and still give a damn.
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    FWIW there were nearly 2x more Hillary voters in Texas than in Massachusetts. There were also more than 3x more Trump voters in California than in Alabama. Its easy to just assume that all Hillary voters are hippy late-sipping costal elites or that all Trump voters are slack-jawed white nationalists from flyover country, but the facts say otherwise. If as a country we're going to continue having close Presidential elections (2000, 2004, 2016) and divided government in Washington (most years), we need to do a better job of working to find common ground rather than assuming the worst about the "other side." That can be tough, but we need to try harder if we actually want to fix Washington rather than just talk about fixing it or railing against it. Most voters aren't nearly as polarized as the parties would have you believe.
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    I'm a little late to the fight here but dude, your engrish is f'ing terrible. Seriously guys?
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    I'm not sure what "valuable information" you're referring to. You should reread his comment history. Seriously.
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    Technique, don't post pictures of sh!t until the SIB is done.