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Found 7 results

  1. I'm only 16, so there's still time for this to change, but I'm 5'3". I come from a Southeast-Asian family so I'm considerably shorter than most, but my dream has always been to become a Warthog pilot. Even with the old height requirements being sacked, I've read that there is no chance of hobbits like me taking the ejection seat/fighter track at all due to the way the seats are manufactured, and not even a waiver can save me. Is all hope gone?
  2. Hi! My name is Bonne, I am a 16 year old dutch highschool student that dreams about being an air force pilot (F16) since i can walk, because i live close to an airbase. Since i am 12 I dream about becoming a F35 pilot on the other hand. Though after doing some research, things can get crazy along the way... But in order to get there i first need to apply and be accepted. Physically i am great, just a small thing with my eyes, I wear glasses, my left eye needs +3.25 and my right needs +0.5. Can i still get accepted? And if not, can I after i get a lazertreatment? I'm worried about my chance to get my absolute dreamjob, so if you can, please help me out! Thank you so so much in advance!! -Bonne.
  3. Hello all, I took my first class flight physical for the Air Force Reserves back in December and unfortunately found myself disqualified, due to color vision. I just recently got word that they lowered the color vision standards for the Air Force. Passing is now a 55 (not sure how the scale works), but I now pass in one eye with a 55 and fail in the other with a 50. I was seeking advice on how to potentially get re tested. Should I try to fight for another FC1 test? Do they even offer that? I was also told to maybe find someone who offers the CCT and submit the test. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks. -Cody J. Burd
  4. Hello All, I know there have been a lot of threads like it, but I think I have a few questions that make this post stand out. First of all, here are some basic facts about me: Gender: Male Age: 24 Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.2 Flight Time: 1 Hour (I plan on getting more) Fitness Level: Active, slim build. It has been my dream since I was younger to be a pilot in the USAF. During my freshman year of college, I was in AFROTC. After freshman year I dropped AFROTC due to it affecting my grades in engineering, and me doubting my chances of getting a pilot slot due to medical conditions. I regret this decision, and I want to correct it and chase my dream by either going Guard/Reserves or attending OTS. During college, I worked at an avionics/aviation research lab for about two years. The lab was at the local airport, and we had two fighter-trainer jets (L-29 Delfin's) and also a military helicopter. I got the chance to fly in all of these, and even pilot the L-29's from the back seats several times. Most importantly, the lab was constantly bringing in Air National Guard fighter pilots for studies. I worked with and got the contact info of a few of them, and I believe they would be willing to write me letters of recommendation. The things that are concerning me is a past juvenile record incident, as well as my medical history. When I was 13 years old, my friend and I were having an airsoft gun war outside of his house. One of ours friends from school was walking by on the street, and we very stupidly thought it would be hilarious to fire a few pellets down range at said friend. This was a terrible mistake and I regret it. I don't know what I was thinking. My friend and I both got brought down to the police station, I got charged with battery (as a juvenile, obviously), my mom signed a paper, and I went home. That's the last I ever heard of it. While I wholeheartedly regret this decision, I cannot change the past. I wanted to get your opinions on how this will affect me getting a pilot slot/top secret clearance. I want to fully disclose what happened because I refuse to lie on any forms. I already lied on some medical forms in the past during AFROTC, regretted it, and fessed up and corrected the forms. I don't want to make that same mistake again, so I will be disclosing this incident. On to my medical history. Around 11 years old, I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I don't think I had anxiety or depression, but when my parents divorced I was forced to see a doctor and that's what they diagnosed me with and gave me medicine for. I will admit that I showed symptoms of ADHD, and the medication I got for it helped me. A year before I started college, I got off all of this medication. In addition to this, I was born with a few knuckles missing in each finger on my left hand (thumb is fine). The fingers are all shorter on my left hand. My right hand is totally normal. This birth defect does not affect me at all, not even a little. While I cannot bend the fingers the same way on my left hand, I still have full grip control and dexterity. In fact, I type at a well above average speed, play guitar, have flown aircraft, and do everything else anyone else could do. Now, let me explain reasons why I don't think these medical problems affect me. I got off the medication a year before college. I did well in college and never had any problems getting good grades. I got a 3.2 GPA in engineering, which I know isn't the most amazing GPA ever, but I am proud of myself for it since I worked hard. I have done very well in all of my jobs, and any of my past or present employers would be willing to testify to that. I am a very driven and motivated person, and I know that will shine through. As far as my hand goes, I can prove to the flight doctor that my hand is fully functional by doing whatever tests he or she asks of me. In addition, in AFROTC, I passed my DODMERB medical exam without even needing a waiver for my hand. I believe this is because I was able to prove to the doctor my hand would not hinder me. She asked me to do basic tests with my hand, and I did all of them with no problems. Hopefully the fact that I passed that medical test is a testament to the fact that my hand will not cause me issues when piloting an aircraft. That is about it. I apologize for the wall of text, but I didn't want to leave out details. I plan on blowing the AFOQT out of the water when the time comes. Can I please get your opinions on my chances on successfully overcoming the adversities I discussed (past juvenile record, past medication, and hand deformation), as well as just my overall chances of getting a pilot slot?
  5. Hey everyone. I am a newbie to this forum. Based off of what i've read so far you guys seem like an informative bunch. So, perhaps one of you may have some insight to contribute to my question. Here's my situation. I have had a life long ambition to fly for the Air Force. In one year I will graduate college with a BS in physics. I have a good GPA, no felonies, in great shape, etc. In a recruiters eyes I check all the right boxes for a Pilot hopeful. However, back in 2009 doctors found a small tumor in my shoulder. Long story short, the tumor was removed via minimally invasive surgery. Once out of me, the tumor tested positive for cancer. Good news is, since the docs caught it and removed the tumor early enough, not a single cancer cell spread into my body. I was announced cancer free in early 2010. I have been returning to my doc on a bi-annual basis to run scans. So far, no cancer in sight. Now I have done my research. I know the DoD says in general a history of cancer is a DQ but outside 5 years of treatment an applicant will be reviewed on a case by case basis. What I would like to know is if any of you guys were able to join under similar circumstances? How hard was it to get a waver? Were you (or someone you know) automatically PDQ'd from entering service. Any insight will be helpful. Thanks in advance
  6. (please bear with the lingo and "perspective"...ROTC cadets like myself are more than an amateur in the processes and lingo of active duty) Current status: - ROTC cadet (3rd year, approaching senior year) with a rated categorization, specifically CSO 12XXX - In process of getting my flight physical scheduled...filling out the self reported inventory of what's "wrong with me" - have a current knee injury (or so i believe an injury) waiting for official doctor diagnosis of whats wrong with it, MRI has been done, waiting for results Problem: - I do not want to lose my CSO slot for something as minor as a knee injury. - possibility of going on MRS when I return for fall semester if the injury does not improve over summer Worst case scenario: - knee is injured, requires surgery and this occurs in the process of getting the goddamn flight physical. - they take note of the injury on the flight physical, and reject me as qualified to fly because that stupid shit. I brought the injury to my chain of command's attention (i don't want to shoot myself in the foot!) (or did I already?) best case scenario: - knee just needs some time to heal (no physical training for a while, rehabilitate before semester starts up in the fall again. ) - keep CSO slot, hopefully nothing else can possibly DQ me. Questions: - is MRS something to fear while obtaining this flight physical. To my understanding, you can't fly while on MRS, which would mean you can't obtain a flying physical either? - with regard only to my knee (not any other possible DQs like eye problems and shit like that) how do I eliminate the risk of losing my CSO slot due to my own reporting of this god damn knee injury. you can probably sense the frustration...it's because this was caused by something so stupid, and I would be pretty frustrated if I lost such a great job opportunity for this. Thanks for the help.
  7. I just comissioned and am suppose to be going to IFS in a few months. I just found out i have a rare condition that requires back surgery. Basically i have a hole in my vertabre and i have to have them stick some pieces of bone graph in there to stimulate bone growth and fill in the hole. The doctor said that i should be able to be doing physical activity in a month and that it should heal up to be 100% but that will take a while. Is there anyway this would be waiverable. If i have to push back dates will I automatically lose my slot? (I'm suppose to start UPT in Jan.)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also wondering if there's anyway i could keep this under the radar?
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