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  1. Did it every single TDY and have some very fond memories. Its all predicated on the douchebag career bobs, that also happen to wear wings, never finding out about your shenanigans. I think it matters more if they have something. But prenups don't stop herpes.
  2. Sorry but your name is very ironic based on your post.
  3. For sure. I started out in slicks and got tired of training low levels and airdrops just to go downrange multiple times and only transport shit around. I remember one crew bragging about doing a "real life EXERCISE air drop" in the red sea like it was some big deal. Yeah, we were training for the next fight, but it got tiresome hauling plastic dog shit to hong kong (sts) and never doing the mission we trained for. Went AFSOC, and while the HQ leadership is a shit show right now, I deployed and did cool stuff on almost every sortie. It was a night and day difference.
  4. Maybe O-6/GOs have been mentoring sarcastically this whole time. Peak trolling involves turning combat aviators into little bitch boy secretaries that hate their lives. Damn, im going to go find some lieutenants and sarcastically tell them to seek out exec jobs and see how many of them are dumb enough to do it.
  5. Good on you for resisting that O-6 carrot. Start collecting that pension on top of whatever you end up doing next. I plan to do the same if offered O-6.
  6. I'm sure the AFSOC flesh peddlers won't use this as an opportunity to delay PCSing people out of cannon... right?
  7. Thats why I like Cannon. Sand is coarser there. Also, the meth head girls don't test my marriage as often.
  8. BOP flat out will not work in AFSOC. The bonus ADSC is the best way to ensure Cannon manning without a bunch of 7-day opts. Personally, I didn't take the bonus and still plan on 20 years AD. The extra money isn't worth having my hands tied. I've seen the AF (and more specifically AFSOC) do some really shitty things to good dudes and they just had to eat the shit sandwich because they took the bonus. Don't take the bonus, be a free agent, and leave the reserves/guard/civilian door open even if you don't end up using it.
  9. The group commander he fired had 11 medals to his 1.5 air medals. Talk about rack envy... But seriously, you hit the nail on the head. The last two commanders have been balls deep in the blue kool-aid. I dont see the emphasis on acting like AETC while deploying like SOCOM ending anytime soon. Especially since the gene pool in AFSOC is so shallow and leadership installing their personal sycophants into squadron cc positions. The culture emphasizes a "cover your ass" attitude instead of accepting risk or speaking up. Why push the mission envelope when good officers get paperwork for things that should have been a simple chewing out. This spooks everyone else and leads to ridiculous policies at lower levels. After a dozen AFSOC deployments I am really getting sick of this shit.
  10. Agreed, plenty of time to get real boring around the O4/O5 mark where you can start daydreaming of better days while updating excel sheets in staff. As for the aircraft ops tempo, this is all well covered in "How do you feel about your airframe and mission? "
  11. Yeah it does seem like trolling. I'm happy retiring as a lt col without losing my soul in the pentagon and not moving my family every 1-2 years, thanks.
  12. Thats the problem. If they are going to reinterpret the rules then Grandfather everyone in based on the previous widely known interpretation. On another note, was it coded as a concurrent or consecutive? Are the S1's literally changing the code that they, themselves, input previously? Army aviators must have a vmpf equivalent where they can see the type of commitment.
  13. Im sure you can't say but is it any worse than, "let's bring everyone back and deploy all the tired, worn out FGOs to staff positions downrange?" With only a few exceptions, all the sharp dudes in my neck of the woods got out recently and the douchers all went to aide de camp jobs...
  14. Why would they incentivize CC when there is already a line of officers eager to deep throat big blue by applying for wing exec, GOFO exec, and aide de camp jobs? Seems like the incentive is already there. And most (not all) take the CC job for a shot at full bird which comes with a lot more pay than O4 to O5.
  15. If ChatGPT can do the job of an exec and pump out PME essays, it follows that AI will eventually take all the #1 strats/DGs and soon the CSAF will be a chat bot. Troubling times we live in...
  16. Maybe they'll add a hatch so the crews can drop piss bags on the enemy.
  17. I looked it up, he has TWO air medals thank you very much. I just hope he continues the tradition of his predecessor and focuses on social justice issues within AFSOC.
  18. I would assume, like most things AFSOC, it was about not getting taken care of career-wise. The command is good at grooming officers on their HPO list but not so much the middle majority that continuously deploys. I dont think U28s are alone in that matter.
  19. Joint warfare OLMP checks masters, IDE (ACSC), and JPME I. If you start the leadership track as a captain, you can wait until O4-select and switch to joint warfare to get those credits as well.
  20. So what the heck is a 2nd tier staff job and how do I sign up for this anonymous major thing?
  21. Never heard the WIC thing... that's incredibly disheartening when tactics take a backseat to optics and politics. Its too bad Elton didn't take his place. As bad as clovis is, Elton did everything in his power to make the base and community better for the unfortunate members stuck there.
  22. Morale took a big hit when the current big boss handpicked every sq cc in AFSOC based on personal loyalty. This has resulted in leadership that prioritizes falling inline and not biting the hand that feeds instead of advocating for their squadrons. I dont see it getting better anytime soon.
  23. Intrusive leadership that holds people accountable just sounds like toxic leadership with extra steps.
  24. I have a feeling that they will interpret the regulations to hold a continuation board at 2 years into the 5 year window. Otherwise, the vast majority of majors are in sanctuary at the 6th year look. If this is the case, the major rank will become heavy and promotion rates to major will have to fall. I also think AFPC has been intentionally quiet on the subject because they have no idea how to handle it.
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