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  1. Maybe they'll add a hatch so the crews can drop piss bags on the enemy.
  2. I looked it up, he has TWO air medals thank you very much. I just hope he continues the tradition of his predecessor and focuses on social justice issues within AFSOC.
  3. I would assume, like most things AFSOC, it was about not getting taken care of career-wise. The command is good at grooming officers on their HPO list but not so much the middle majority that continuously deploys. I dont think U28s are alone in that matter.
  4. Joint warfare OLMP checks masters, IDE (ACSC), and JPME I. If you start the leadership track as a captain, you can wait until O4-select and switch to joint warfare to get those credits as well.
  5. So what the heck is a 2nd tier staff job and how do I sign up for this anonymous major thing?
  6. Never heard the WIC thing... that's incredibly disheartening when tactics take a backseat to optics and politics. Its too bad Elton didn't take his place. As bad as clovis is, Elton did everything in his power to make the base and community better for the unfortunate members stuck there.
  7. Morale took a big hit when the current big boss handpicked every sq cc in AFSOC based on personal loyalty. This has resulted in leadership that prioritizes falling inline and not biting the hand that feeds instead of advocating for their squadrons. I dont see it getting better anytime soon.
  8. Intrusive leadership that holds people accountable just sounds like toxic leadership with extra steps.
  9. I have a feeling that they will interpret the regulations to hold a continuation board at 2 years into the 5 year window. Otherwise, the vast majority of majors are in sanctuary at the 6th year look. If this is the case, the major rank will become heavy and promotion rates to major will have to fall. I also think AFPC has been intentionally quiet on the subject because they have no idea how to handle it.
  10. The difference between major and ltcol pay at 20 is about 12%. With flyers being pretty much autocontinued, you really have to debate whether those extra hoops are worth jumping through.
  11. Nah, I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings.
  12. Sounds like there are going to be a lot less strats overall since you have to pair functional with a rank strat.
  13. I'm not trying to agree with the bitter buffalo that showed up but did you subtract out the missed retirement payments for 5 years? For example, its about 300k for an O5 from 20 - 25 years.
  14. How much have you talked to your family about it? Are they good with 3 more moves? Are they okay with potentially seeing you even less than before? There are other things you can be doing while you wait for the airlines. Remember to add your pension to any job you take outside the air force. If you stay in, you're essentially giving that up. On the other hand, you sound like a pretty good dude and we could use more commanders like that. Staff is hit or miss. I have had staff jobs I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and jobs that were great deals. I think it comes down to the impact on your family. Both are good options - good luck!
  15. Honestly, we could use a few more senior leaders that bounced back from issues early on rather than the risk adverse ones we get.
  16. The retroactive part is my big issue. The Air Force changed the rules of the game after the fact. I also like how the head shoe clerk said that it wasn't a one mistake air force because... he said so. Does every lieutenant that has an LOC for... dumb lieutenant things... have a UIF now? Does it count if the paperwork was removed? The article even mentions adding inquiries to the board where no command discipline occurred. I can think of a dozen good dudes that will get thrown under the bus by this.
  17. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2499406/all-services-including-department-of-the-air-force-to-furnish-adverse-informati/ Seems like the one-mistake air force just got a little more one-mistakier. It even retroactively includes all paperwork and inquiries/investigations back to 2012.
  18. I am happy for you but I also want to know more about the crazy nurses
  19. We have been eating outside, getting to go, and tipping generously because not everyone has the same pay stability that the military provides. I feel like we should help keep our local economies going. Except clovis, let that place burn.
  20. I was told that, as long as the vaccine was under emergency approval only, it will not be mandatory for federal employees. I was also told that if you kick and scream when you see the needle you might get two lollipops after instead of just the usual one lollipop. However, if you start yelling about the shot altering your DNA, the nurse will just get annoyed and you won't get any lollipops.
  21. Yeah, yeah. I get it. We can capitalize on the hopes and dreams of young guys before they know better. If that's the case, I say we just make it a 20 year commitment off the bat. I am sure there are still plenty of naive fighter pilot hopefuls that will sign up for that. Once they are in, we send them to be a MX officer that flies only for currency or something equally hilarious.
  22. What's the APR on the 2.25% 30 year IRRRL with Trident? I thought the 0.5% VA funding fee was required unless 100% disabled or some other special circumstance.
  23. Last time I ran from a burning jet I ran away at a medium pace for 1.5 miles straight off base. Then I did 80 pushups to impress the locals.
  24. Its all about having them chicken legs while carrying just enough upper body mass to pass the pushups. That's the ideal Air Force body type. I have seen plenty of chicken-legged skinny fat dudes with beer guts full of bacon grease and bourbon that have no issue with the run.
  25. It shows. Some of the sharpest enlisted are teaching at the FTU. If only they could incentivize the FTU for the officer side as well. There are plenty of good instructors that need a break from deploying but most communities still view the FTU as a dead-end. As pointed out above, this isn't always the case, but it has been based on my experiences. Making it a controlled tour is a start but it'll take a lot more to change perceptions at the squadron level.
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