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  1. Just looked back in my order history and saw that I was paying $189 per case of 1,000rds of brass 9mm last January, only shed a few tears for the Good Ol' Days...
  2. If you're really set on the "Sidecar Type" holster I would go with Tier One Concealment. I carried in a Sidecar and Tier One holster for a few years but there's far more comfortable and concealable options out there. I've been using PHlster and Tenicor holsters for a my carry guns with lights for the last couple years and they're pretty bitchin'.
  3. I've got a good hookup for shirts/hoodies and screen printing, small business that does a bunch of really good work for military units predominately
  4. Revival of a music thread? I'm a fan! I've been going back through all of Bury Tomorrow's albums, if you're a fan of the more metal side of things they're one of my favorites.
  5. What he said, we're not special and everyone across the globe is dealing with the same shit sandwich in any industry or group you could think of. Take a breath, buy some nice bourbon, and maybe learn Spanish or something.
  6. I'm not sure when your big trip is supposed to happen, but if it's any time within the next three months I would cancel those plans to visit right now. Pretty much every unit across the ANG and Reserves are canceling all hiring boards and meet-and-greets for the foreseeable future due to the 'Rona, so I can almost promise they will not be entertaining any outside visits.
  7. Official word is that all training such as BMT, OTS, UPT, etc, are all considered mission essential and moving forward as normal minus public graduation ceremonies.
  8. Gotta start to practice flexing that ole' SA muscle!
  9. What made you the most sold on the 14 vs other Vans or light GA aircraft in general? I'm trying to gather as much info as possible before making any moves on it
  10. Currently looking at buying an RV-14 (non-A) and interested in some light off-airport action. Those of you that own or have experience with RVs, what's the general consensus on the extent a tail-dragger RV can handle (grass strip, gravel strip, river gravel bar, etc.)?
  11. Dudes, Seadogs is doing what he does best again and being a massive troll, ignore and do not feed.
  12. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32401/general-atomics-wants-to-give-aerial-tankers-their-own-missile-laden-loyal-wingmen-drones Any thoughts on this? Seems pretty interesting, but I'm just a new guy trying to get more educated-er.
  13. Except for the sound of fresh corn being made?
  14. I went through Wright-Pat with Guard dudes who have been assigned FY2020 dates for UPT as recently as last month. For some reason those of us waiting for UPT love starting rumors as a whole, but they're mostly unfounded, if you have access to the system you'll see that there are openings for most UPT classes for the remainder of the year. Having said that, maybe it will turn out that the rumors are true and we do have to wait, in which case I say we enjoy our time off. Play golf, go fly fishing, take up underwater basket weaving, knit a sweater for your mom and your dog. At the end of the day we all still won the lottery, a little longer wait than expected is still worth it.
  15. For those of us that will be able to apply right around the time of that "crest" is that going to be a tough time to get in or about the same?
  16. He literally explained it in the first three lines of his post.
  17. I have everything but the UPT date part knocked out so I guess we'll just see how things fall, all worth it in the end!
  18. So, sounds like even longer wait times for UPT then? Awesome.
  19. Can you elaborate on the "slots were cut" part of that?
  20. Every one of us here who has gotten selected for a pilot slot has a story of adversity along the process or a time where we had to fight for it or lose it. You will too. Embrace it and use it to make yourself a better candidate now and a better co-pilot/wingman in the future.
  21. Absolutely, your scores and background are very strong and as long as you can prove that you're a good dude I'm sure you'll find a fighter or attack squadron somewhere, and as always rushing stacks the deck in your favor even more. Good luck and hopefully I'll give you a plug for some gas one day.
  22. I think it's going to be a squadron to squadron deal for that answer. Your scores and background are extremely solid and I don't know what board wouldn't want someone with those numbers, and especially someone that is prior service with a combat deployment. However, back before I decided that the heavy track suited me best and was visiting different squadrons, one ANG F-16 unit I was at politely asked an individual to leave and not return after they discovered that he had gone through USN flight training all the way to the carrier landings where he was disqualified. He said that the reasoning they gave him was that he had "already had his shot and it didn't work out for him" and they wanted to give somebody that hadn't gotten their chance at fighters yet a shot, so that could be an issue that comes up. With your scores and background though there's no reason not to give it a shot. Rush some units, get some feedback, see how things are going to shake out, and continue from there. Edit to add: The commander of the ANG squadron also called the commander of the guys prior training squadron to ask about the guy, so there could have been something discovered in that phone call that aided in the decision to ask him to not return too, I'm not sure.
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