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  1. I’d definitely retake it. Now you know what to expect and I’d bet will go in feeling confident. Hit the books again if you feel like you’ve had enough time off from it. I’m in the middle of rushing too and every unit asks about scores. Like you said, with so many applicants you gotta have good scores to get a foot in. I’d also get your PPL if you don’t have it already.
  2. Do you have flight hours? TBAS? Get your PCSM score and then evaluate where you’re at.
  3. Appreciate the intel. Wasn’t sure if it was something new with all the recent events.
  4. Today I heard from a unit POC that the AFRC has said there will be absolutely no age waivers approved for Reserve UPT slots. I trust that its honest feedback but has anyone else heard anything along those lines?
  5. Right on - thank you! In my case the G1000 has made IFR a breeze. But I also learned that way..
  6. As someone that has both glass and traditional 6 pack time and seeking UPT, would you recommend staying proficient in the glass (G1000) as opposed to the 6? I’ve also got a friend with an RV-8 and Aspen avionics that I was thinking of getting time in hoping it would be somewhat of a stepping stone to the T-6.
  7. I really appreciate everyone's feedback and support. Now that I've got my package complete its time to start knocking on doors! And, MEPS if possible. I'm certainly in the understanding that this will not be easy but that doesn't phase the intention. Please bear with me as I'm sure I'll be back with hundreds of questions...
  8. Much appreciated and congratulations on getting picked up! I just got my scores in this week and have already got most of a general application complete. Definitely on the front end of the hustle. Hoping to get MEPS done ASAP. Were you finding that there were units still taking in-person meetings? The few I have talked with recently are still pretty cautious and only doing group Zooms.
  9. After some inspirational reading from @FDNYOldGuy and the fact that my desire to both fly and serve grows larger each day I ended up knocking out the AFOQT/TBAS and graduate from lurker status to member here. This is an incredible site but I wanted to make sure I was even in the ballpark of qualified before filling up another "old guy" thread as I am 34. PCSM: 99 AFOQT: 99/93/86/92/70 PPL w/ Instrument: 250 hours GPA: 3.43 in Finance FAA First Class Medical. Good physical shape. I am currently a VP in sales/development for a medical device company. I'm hoping that background proves I am capable of taking on work and leading teams. My goal would be to fly any heavy and not picky on region. The Texas units make sense seeing as how I was born and raised here but I would welcome the adventure of a move. A few years ago I would have thought I had shot but now with Covid, the training backlog, and flood of applications I'm wondering if the old guy status will even be viable? I sincerely appreciate any input or recommendations anyone would have. Its cool to see such a collection of successful people in one spot and know I have a lot to learn. Thanks for reading.
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