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  1. @RedStng65 I assume you aren't AF. We don't have minimum flying hour requirements. Certain events have currency requirements. Proficiency is theoretically gained through the maintenance of currency. In the end it's an pain in the ass for the schedulers and makes for a ton of thrash on the schedule. @Pedro 6-1 Yes. Air Force ending procurement of HH-60W combat rescue helicopter in FY23 - Breaking Defense
  2. Not great... Post-Afghanistan, US Air Force changes Jolly Green II helicopter purchase plans (defensenews.com) We're fat on pilots right now, but we don't know what the force structure will look like in a few years when this all shakes out either.
  3. See this thread: You might have luck applying through the civilian path to wings program. My understanding is that the Army's FW qual doesn't have sufficient aerobatic work, but I'm not sure of the specifics. Pretty sure you'll need to go to UPT if you want to fly fixed wing, though.
  4. Guard helos are all rescue squadrons. The mission is great, provided you actually get to do it. Currency is the same as anything else and is driven by regs. Proficiency takes reps, which takes years but you'll be in the same boat as everyone else. FYSA, I flew 200 hours this past year, though that was mostly due to initial qual and seasoning. I averaged 150 hours a year in the Army guard as a part-timer. Given the flying hour projections I'm seeing due to the 60W fielding, I highly recommend a civilian flying career.
  5. Guard 60G dude here. I got ~280 days (8 months). Used to be a year but it got shaved down a year ago. Word I got was that everybody wanted seasoning days (Finance/support/etc) and so they've been cutting into our allocation. Also, apparently TDYs cut into your total MEST days, so there's that. But at least in our unit we haven't been short ADOS for a long time so it's been good for the traditionals for a long while.
  6. I have 10%. They are independent processes. I have heard above 40% disability means you can't get flight status, but I don't know for sure. I would recommend getting a rating before you come off orders.
  7. AD, AFR or ANG? UPT or R/W only? There's a few of us that have come over. They don't make it easy but it's well worth it. If you dig through the forums you'll probably find some info to help inform your desires. DoDI 1300.04 covers ISTs. https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodi/130004_dodi_2017.pdf
  8. More than possible. You should be able to do an interservice transfer, though expect it to be painful. I was a prior AD Army commissioned officer and a CW2 IP in the guard. It took 18 months to get into the Air Guard. If you were previously commissioned, you are always commissioned. You should, on day 1, go back to your previous rank and they ought to adjust your date of rank to give you equivalent time in grade (i.e. minus your warrant time). You need to go through the IST process; mine was different-ish because of the guard. You'll be limited to rotary wing unless you try to get a UPT slot. PM me for any questions you may have. If you're a few years out you're starting at the right time.
  9. I didn't know that. Thanks! I didn't notice that caveat in there.
  10. As far as I know, lately all orders state specifically whether or not they are USERRA-exempt (and therefore do not count cumulatively against the 5 year limit). You'd have to be both blessed and stupid to run out the clock on USERRA as it's rare there's enough days to keep you on for 5 years running. You'd need to do something like hire on for an extended AGR tour after seasoning and not bother to go back to the airline for a few months to reset the clock. They can fill that billet temp AGR while you're gone. If you do end up in that position, obviously you're a good fit for the unit and the unit is a good fit for you.
  11. The average of +100% and -50% is 25%, but that's not what happens to 100 dollars invested. You'd think you'd be at ~$156 but you're back at $100. I'm old enough to have lost a large chunk of my principal within a year or two of starting to invest in the market which soured me on the whole index investing thing, but I'm young enough to stomach volatility in other assets. I've made it all back and have enough unrealized gains to pay cash for my house but I'm gonna keep dancing with the one that brung me because a world in which the market continues to rise in the face of millions on unemployed Americans is a world in which my investments do a lot better than 8%, all the while the bank that owns my house is stuck with 2.75%.
  12. Another kudos for Jon and crew. 2.75% cash out refi closed at the beginning of the month. Wife and I have plenty of cash on hand, but this way I effectively keep my payments the same and pay for the projects in 27 years with equity today. You investor types have a lot of questionable assumptions. The 2.75% is a known, guaranteed loss, but that's running really close to the official rate of inflation and likely even lower, so essentially free money. But your estimate of gains in the market is definitely not guaranteed. It only takes a 50% loss to wipe out 100% of gains. Losses matter a lot more than gains, and pretty soon the only "safe" investment, bonds, will be yielding negative, forcing us all to take a lot of downside risk. At least my downside risk is capped (though the equity could tank if the real estate market tanks when banks start escalating the risk premia to extend loans, but in the meantime I can live in it).
  13. What are the tax implications of a IRRL if you bump the mortgage amount to finance a house project? Are you selling the house to yourself and resetting the cost basis? Is the difference treated as ordinary income? I get a million of the spammy letters in the mail about this stuff and I haven't been super keen to pursue it, but if I could essentially finance some remodeling on a 30 yr note it'd be the smartest use of debt I could think of.
  14. My unit didn't stop my orders in '13 when I went to school. Overpaid me 6 weeks ADOS and didn't catch it until the end of the FY. It took me until last year to pay it back 😎
  15. Not quite the bonus, but relevant; in case any of you part-timers out there want to waste your time trying to participate in our democracy, there's a link to contact your reps at the top of the page: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/hr2953 H.R. 2953: Aviation Incentive Pay Parity Act To amend title 37, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of a military department to pay an officer in a reserve component of a uniformed service aviation incentive pay at the same rate as an officer in the regular component of that uniformed service.
  16. 10 months to process the ARB @ NGB is BS, which is especially dumb if you're going to be going to UPT anyway. I'm at like 10 weeks and I'm pissed. Of course, it did take 11 months to FEDREC me into the Army Guard so I'm not terrible surprised. Interestingly, I've been told I don't need my conditional release until the ARB is approved.
  17. C-23 was pretty good for the Army, while it lasted anyway.
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Princeton-Tec-Remix-Headlamp-Lumens/dp/B00UAACCE2/ref=asc_df_B07BQNGBC5/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312162172209&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13485014215762734333&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9033901&hvtargid=aud-801381245258%3Apla-568779641162&th=1 cheapo headlamp, cycles through 2 green intensities and you have to hold the button down to go to white so it's hard to so inadvertently in the cockpit. i preflight in white and pull it down to my neck when i put my helmet on. *** in case the link dies: Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp w/ Green LEDs ***
  19. It's a valid question though. I know that there are companies that will round file your resume if they notice you're in the reserves or guard. They've had enough issues with us in the past and they can't accommodate someone leaving for drills or AT during the season. I get it. I split train all of my drills when I'm scheduled for work because I have a hitch schedule. In helicopter aviation, if you allow someone else to start flying your contract, then they have your contract when the music stops and there's no more work. You might still 'have a job,' but when you're paid a daily rate and not salaried, that doesn't mean much. I'm in a better situation now with a lot more leverage over my employer, but I don't screw over my employer because they pay my mortgage; Uncle Sugar doesn't. Long term orders are a bit of a different story, but it's still a very valid question. If I was the OP, I'd go to a large company that will stand a good chance of weathering a recession and still existing in a few years. I'd also be very proactive in communicating with the first-line supervisor about what to expect and try to work out with them a plan to minimize impact to the company.
  20. ARB right now. Then I have to do the IST. I'm staying under the same TAG so things should be pretty straightforward after A3 approval, but there's the whole WO=>O DOR/TIG issue that will probably have to get sorted out again as if it's the first time ever.
  21. There's a formal process, easy to find on the public internet, with dedicated personnel to intake off-the-street guys. There's a formal process for ISTs, but no dedicated personnel and it took a lot of google-fu to find the requirements; if you're doing the IST you need to keep pushing things along and making sure your packet doesn't get orphaned, also hopefully you're current unit is helpful. For Os, If you've had a break in service, or are planning to, you're time in grade keep building in the ready reserve and can grenade your chances depending on your current grade. For WOs you have to go to OTS. For Army pilots, you'll be rotary only unless you get hired through a SUPT board (which puts you through the off-the-street process, which, though more extensive, has more support and is a more streamlined process). I was a prior O, current WO, doing an IST. It took a year of phone calls, texts and emails between myself and the boss and the deputy before I got fed up enough (with the Army) to go over there and not leave until I talked to the commander. That was in November. My packet is finally at NGB after extensive delays, mainly unforced, but I can't access the templates and checklists that the HARMs office used to assemble the packet (not that I even knew what HARMs was until 6 weeks after the recruiter sent my info off to the group HARMs office instead of the squadrons and I went over to the squadron to ask what was going on). They also kicked it back immediately because they didn't read past the first page then asked for a bunch 'more' information, which was all already in the packet. If I was smarter I would've at least applied to a SUPT board for the sister Herc squadron and hoped for an age waiver, but if I was smarter I wouldn't have gone to the academy in the first place.
  22. You gotta be thirsty with the AF types. Treat it like Tinder: Always Be Closing...
  23. The process takes forever either way. Go for both. And they should already assume you're dumb. You joined the Army to fly.
  24. Do you want to be a SEAT pilot? Fly the heavies? Air attack is more of an entry level pilot gig. SEAT guys make good money once they're federally carded but are gone all season. Change is afoot in the industry though. You've got plenty of time. SEAT guys need Ag time though. Just go to a fire conference sometime and network. Carding requirements are public and set by OAS. You'll probably see companies post on JSFirm and the like as they are having a lot of trouble filling seats.
  25. 60G course is around 5 months. Without UPT you'll be restricted to helo only, but not necessarily 60s only. QOL, duty locations and flying opportunities will be better on team blue than on team green so you could fail and still fail up.
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