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  1. Points aren't days; all days count as points but points do not count as days. Only days on orders count towards TAFMS and the 'active duty' retirement (20 years and punch). Points count towards both retirement systems in the calculation of 'years of service. You have to accrue 20 years of days in order to qualify for the active retirement, but... "The years of creditable service for computation of the retired pay percentage multiplier include all active duty and any credited reserve points divided by 360." In order to have a 'good year' for the reserve retirement, you have to have at least 50 points in that year (or that year doesn't count). Also, any points earned in a year above 365/6 don't count... at all. My understanding is that if you don't reach 50 points, you don't receive that year as credit towards the 20 good years you'd need in order to be eligible for a reserve retirement, but those points are still creditable points. If you want to get to 50 points, you'll need to get points if your unit can't, for some reason, give you your IDTs, which alone should be enough. Can you not ask for rescheduled drill? When I was in the Army guard, there was something called 'points only' status that they'd use when they were broke, or when a part-timer needed to do something in a mil status that wasn't part of their line of duty (say, like go for an incentive helicopter ride). Their admin folks would put them on a points-only status that basically cost the unit nothing. I know of academy grads that talk to prospective candidates for points-only in the IRR to get a few more good years. Perhaps that's something you could talk to your unit about? If you do nug out PME, it ought to show up after you complete the program. I believe it took until the PCARS was finalized about 60 days after my R/Y ended for my ACSC to show up, as they only seem to update your PCARS once a year. Fair warning, I only received 1 point for my efforts. I accrued 379 points that year for membership points, days and IDTs, so I don't particularly care to address it, but caveat emptor.
  2. I doubt they did yet, at least not all of them. I hope more data gets made public as there's a super brave dude on sister ship.
  3. I'm a USMA grad, former Army commissioned, former Army Guard warrant, current ANG pilot. My mistake at age 20 was assuming the military was a meritocracy and if I was just good at my job I wouldn't have anything to worry about. My primary, alternate and contingency plan all fell apart when I got stuck in a non-flying job while the guy that banged my girlfriend while I was back at Rucker for PME took my slot as the flight commander of my old unit, mostly just because of dumb luck. I tried to revert on active duty but our year group was undermanned so that wasn't going to happen, but I'd made enough connections in the Army guard that I got in got to revert. My current unit was on a stop-hire when I got out of the Army, but eventually the big Army tried to screw me again and I was in a shit-or-get-off-pot moment to get into this squadron, and it all couldn't have worked out any better.
  4. FY21. Apparently they're not having too much trouble filling slots on the production side as there's always a ton of prior enlisted that want to fly and would be going to 20 anyway after a few years enlisted. There was a lot of youth in their last 2 mid-airs. "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong."
  5. Get a job with the feds then go to UPT. Max perform for 5 years of USERRA knowing you've got a job in your back pocket. You want to trough it to upgrade and get good at it, no matter what. Then go get a line number at your local domicile then max perform for another 5 years so you've got enough seniority to bid what you want. Maybe even rinse and repeat.
  6. Not to get too off topic, but is anyone on T10 ONE alert getting TAMP? The way I read our orders it seems to me that we ought to be eligible for TAMP but can't seem to get it.
  7. BLUF: The day you start a qualifying T10 order, go sign a bonus agreement for the Tier 3 bonus. Of note, the FY bonus is, in practice, a CY bonus. For instance, if someone hypothetically came off of a MEST order and started a T10 order on 20 OCT 22, they should take that order over to their bonus rep and sign a Tier 3 bonus agreement for the FY21 program, as the FY21 ANG bonus agreement started in late March-ish and could be entered into through the remainder of the calendar year. If, say, your bonus rep never bothered to actually read/understand the program, and didn't distro the program details to the commanders/potentially eligible people so that you didn't know that you were eligible to sign, you are shit out of luck until they announce the next year's bonus, which is how I got screwed out of 6 months of the bonus. FWIW I would roll year-to-year as they pay it in arrears. From the FY22 ANG bonus, the following didn't change in FY23: 2.1.7. For Tier 3 AvB, members must serve at least one (1) year of full-time orders without a break-in-service in support of ACA/Alert Support, RPA, RC-26, Counterdrug (CD), Formal Training Unit (FTU), F-35 conversion missions or National Guard Bureau 3 (NGB)/Major Command (MAJCOM)/Numbered Air Force (NAF) staff positions. Members may transition to other types of orders, such as deployment, training, school, and other assignments, and be able to remain on their Tier 3 AvB as long as a preponderance of their time is in support of a qualifying Tier 3 mission. School and Mission Essential Skill Training (MEST) orders are not eligible for Tier 3, unless qualifying under the F-35 conversion mission. At time of application, members do not need orders to cover the entire one (1) year period, however, no payment will be made and agreement will be invalidated if one (1) year of continuous full-time service is not completed by the agreement anniversary date.
  8. @RedStng65 I assume you aren't AF. We don't have minimum flying hour requirements. Certain events have currency requirements. Proficiency is theoretically gained through the maintenance of currency. In the end it's an pain in the ass for the schedulers and makes for a ton of thrash on the schedule. @Pedro 6-1 Yes. Air Force ending procurement of HH-60W combat rescue helicopter in FY23 - Breaking Defense
  9. Not great... Post-Afghanistan, US Air Force changes Jolly Green II helicopter purchase plans (defensenews.com) We're fat on pilots right now, but we don't know what the force structure will look like in a few years when this all shakes out either.
  10. See this thread: You might have luck applying through the civilian path to wings program. My understanding is that the Army's FW qual doesn't have sufficient aerobatic work, but I'm not sure of the specifics. Pretty sure you'll need to go to UPT if you want to fly fixed wing, though.
  11. Guard helos are all rescue squadrons. The mission is great, provided you actually get to do it. Currency is the same as anything else and is driven by regs. Proficiency takes reps, which takes years but you'll be in the same boat as everyone else. FYSA, I flew 200 hours this past year, though that was mostly due to initial qual and seasoning. I averaged 150 hours a year in the Army guard as a part-timer. Given the flying hour projections I'm seeing due to the 60W fielding, I highly recommend a civilian flying career.
  12. Guard 60G dude here. I got ~280 days (8 months). Used to be a year but it got shaved down a year ago. Word I got was that everybody wanted seasoning days (Finance/support/etc) and so they've been cutting into our allocation. Also, apparently TDYs cut into your total MEST days, so there's that. But at least in our unit we haven't been short ADOS for a long time so it's been good for the traditionals for a long while.
  13. I have 10%. They are independent processes. I have heard above 40% disability means you can't get flight status, but I don't know for sure. I would recommend getting a rating before you come off orders.
  14. AD, AFR or ANG? UPT or R/W only? There's a few of us that have come over. They don't make it easy but it's well worth it. If you dig through the forums you'll probably find some info to help inform your desires. DoDI 1300.04 covers ISTs. https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodi/130004_dodi_2017.pdf
  15. More than possible. You should be able to do an interservice transfer, though expect it to be painful. I was a prior AD Army commissioned officer and a CW2 IP in the guard. It took 18 months to get into the Air Guard. If you were previously commissioned, you are always commissioned. You should, on day 1, go back to your previous rank and they ought to adjust your date of rank to give you equivalent time in grade (i.e. minus your warrant time). You need to go through the IST process; mine was different-ish because of the guard. You'll be limited to rotary wing unless you try to get a UPT slot. PM me for any questions you may have. If you're a few years out you're starting at the right time.
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