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  1. I'm in the middle of UPT at Vance just barely keeping my head above water. Hate pulling Gs with a passion. Wondering if anyone here can speak to the C-146 or any other AFSOC MWS; things you didn't know going in that you wish you did etc. I got to talk to a crew who stopped through Vance a while ago. Really cool guys and very appealing mission.
  2. As of right now my top bases actually would be Minot, Ellsworth, Mountain Home, and Offut. The convenient thing for me is that most of those jet only have two or three stations. My biggest hurdle is going to be figuring out what mission I'm most passionate about which can be tough cause so much is need to know.
  3. Will do. Thanks for the pointers!
  4. Offut is pretty close to home for me so that's a bonus in my mind. What you are implying is that the junior captain who are here want to come here as opposed to staying with their op squadrons? Look for the people that aren't here?
  5. I really wouldn't mind Offut. I have heard it's a small community that's pretty tight-knit with good people.
  6. No gremlins see above. Follow on could be any fighter or anything in the inventory? Say I wanted to go AFSOC or heavies?
  7. Thank you for all the responses! Clearly I overstated my aversion to vault time haha. When I interviewed at the ANG viper unit the fighter life style just didn't seem for me, that's all. Obviously I'm sure it's different between the various air frames. I have three cousins flying a viper, C-17, and a BUFF. The C-17 and BUFF appeal more to me just from talking to them. Everything else is on that list because I've had a very difficult time finding info on them. One of the guys I went to OTS with was involved on the civilian side with the certification etc of the U-27/208 and the things he was allowed to share were hilarious in some case and awesome in others. BeefBears, thanks for that. I meant AFSOC, I understand there is a difference. Are you working with them? Would you be willing to talk over DM?
  8. These are the MWS I know the least about.
  9. Currently at UPT and starting to think about a dream sheet. Unfortunately ole' COVID has really hampered operational guys from stopping by so I can pick their brains. I'm AD and I came from a Viper guard unit (enlisted but I did interview). I enjoy flying but as much fun as fighters would be, I'm pretty sure I don't want to spend my days in a vault. Looking for advice on any of the following: U-27 and 28s CV-22 130 (SOCOM) ISR 135s U-2 B-52 T-38A (to my understanding this is considered a pre-22 assignment?) I greatly appreciate any insight.
  10. Going in for two Air Guard interviews (c-130s and F-16s) within the week. Anyone have any insight as to the type of questions they ask? Thanks
  11. Wow nice! what airframe? I took the AFOQT in February I think so I won't be able to retake in time for applications. My score isn't bad but I'm aware it's not the best. That's my why I'm applying active too. The other thing that's kinda nice is that I won't be at the mercy of the NGB if I go active. I'm already part of the MNANG and would just wait until I get a slot there but I'm kind of itching to start a career.
  12. Holy smokes that is an abnormal timeline. Did you apply nation wide or did you have a few you really wanted? We you already enlisted or off the street? Have you shipped to training yet? @brabus The only fighter unit I'm applying right now is my home unit.
  13. Ya I'm not dead set on fighters anyways. They'd be super fun but I think people discount heavies too quickly (which may work in my favor XD). Did you apply just to fighter guard units?
  14. AGE: 21 AFOQT: Pilot: 81 Nav:68 Acad: 76 Verbal: 92 Quat: 53 PCSM: 82 LOR: Civil Air Patrol Commander, Army two star (ret, personal reference, I do know him well), College Prof. GPA: 3.75 (History B.A.) 20/15 vision Ratings: ASEL, AMEL, ASES, IA, CFI, CFII, AGI, 310hrs TT (working as a CFI now) Two years post college working CAP Billy Mitchell Cadet I'm currently applying to both MNANG units and Active Duty in the event neither of those work out. Two of the three apps are already in. I'm just waiting for the last unit to open. Whats holes do people see here that I should be ready to address in an interview? Thanks
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