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  1. +1 on the Model Y, had ours about a month as well. So far its an awesome vehicle. And to @ryleypav's point, for road trips the car will automatically route you to superchargers on your route and plan your stops. For a 14 hour trip (driving time), it was estimating an extra 2-2.5 hrs for charging stops.
  2. Unsure, but I know my DO sent an email requesting dates. He didnt know why it hadnt been scheduled yet either. Been about a month since then, would love to know more but I also dont want to be the annoying FNG. My unit put me in student flight and went up for 2 drill weekends to take care of admin stuff like @ryleypav mentioned, but after that they let me opt out since I currently live out of state.
  3. Does anyone know of a reason a unit would delay sending someone to wright pat? I went to meps in june same as @ryleypav, package sent to NGB in october but still no word on going for the FC1. My DO was saying they were shooting for an end of the summer OTS date with UPT in FY22 so I would think we should be getting it knocked out.
  4. Does a Guard appointment letter indicate that your package has been approved by NGB? I also went to MEPS in June, still waiting on FC1 though. Last update from my unit seemed to indicate that they were waiting on the appointment letter, and that would generate OTS/UPT dates, which would in turn let them send me to wright pat for FC1?
  5. FY21 Class dates have been posted at https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Holm-Center/OTS/
  6. Has anyone heard any word on FY2021 dates? Not sure when they usually release them.
  7. Has anyone had their NGB package submitted before they get their FC1 scheduled? My recruiter is saying that the process changed to that recently, can anyone confirm? Also am I correct in assuming I most likely won't be able to make the last OTS class this year (20-08) as I am still waiting for the FC1 to be scheduled?
  8. Is the reason they are washing out consistent? Meaning is there something in particular that ENNJPT isnt doing well?
  9. At what point in the process does that choice get made? I asked my recruiter about it but he hadn't heard about it before.
  10. This, additionally I have heard from a friend that is there now, that if a guard fighter unit hires you, you can opt to go to ENJJPT if your PCSM is over 90. Anyone have confirmation on this?
  11. Anybody have a holster recommendation for a Springfield hellcat with a streamlight TLR-6 and rmr? Looking for an appendix carry with an extra mag (similar to trex arms sidecar or LAS concealment ronin). Havent had any luck yet so its starting to look like I will have to go the custom route.
  12. Has anyone gone through MEPS in the last two months or so? Currently waiting to go, just curious how much Rona has affected the process and if anything else has changed compared to the previous posts.
  13. Does this effect folks that have already gotten hired but are still waiting for dates? Or does the unit already have the slot secured when they hold their board?
  14. Trying to understand how the slot process works for the guard/ reserve units. How do units receive their slots every year? My assumption would be that its passed down through budget and if so does that come down at the beginning of every fiscal year? Also how does that couple with a unit having a reserved spot in the training pipeline for a new hire? Ive heard of people getting selected, sent to wright pat quickly, and then having to wait for training dates, does the FC1 process run off a separate budget/ queue?
  15. Ditto desk jobs, those are solid scores. I wouldnt want to risk lowering the 99 pilot/nav.
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