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  1. Went to WP a few weeks ago. Just to reiterate, this thread is GOLD. I highly recommend everyone read it from start to finish before going. My experience went exactly as others described it. I only have a few items to add. 1. Get a rental car. The main medical office and the lab work are in two separate buildings on two separate AF bases (about 15 mins apart). Day one doesn't really matter but day two is when it pays off. After lab work, people trickle over to the main building and start on whatever tests they have remaining. Having a car allows you to beat the rush and get your tests done first. Also, if your lab results or xrays need to be redone, you will be required to travel back and forth between the two bases. All in all, it was money well spent. I can say with confidence that the car allowed me to finish up and go home a few days early. 2. Bring lots of snacks. On both days, my first meal was burger king around 1400. If someone had brought lots of food for the group, they would have been my hero. 3. They assign the group a room to hang out in and you spend most of your time here. Cell signal is hit or miss and you run out of things to talk about quickly so most of the time is spent sitting in silence and envying those that brought a book. There is a TV and DVD player however so if you bring a movie or xbox or something, everyone will thank you. 4. Go to the air museum. I have been to aviation museums all over the country and this one is by far the best. We budgeted 5 hours to see the whole thing and still missed out on two hangers. This is another good reason to have a car. 5. If you use your phone for directions, it will get you close but not to the right building. See attached. 5. No prostate exam. Rejoice! You wont get your oil checked on this trip. All in all it was a great experience. There were 30 of us and everyone passed. Only two people were iffy and the only reason they were under the microscope was due to their own self disclosure. I urge everyone to please keep your mouth shut when they ask the questions like "any history of _______" or "have you ever experienced _________". Let them find out for themselves. If you already incriminated yourself during MEPS then start working on your defenses because they will dig deep into those things at WP. Have fun. Good Luck. See you at UPT.
  2. I would be careful about using a free online service to split up pdfs. Some of the forms we send the Air Force have a tun of personal information on them. Wouldn't want that to fall into the wrong hands. That site looks pretty legit but you never know.
  3. Invitations went out on the 7th. They are interviewing 14 people I think. Congrats to those that got it.
  4. Can an ART take a military leave of absense from their civilian job. ie: can i keep my airline seniority if i get picked up by the reserves? I know i can keep it up through seasoning but will i be forced to quit after that?
  5. Thanks. Just terrible timing for them to run out of money. I turn 28 this year. Dont really have much time left to rush a unit and earn a sponsorship. Was hoping that someone would tell me that my recruiter is a liar.
  6. I am trying to get in on the unsponsored reserve board in Nov. I have not yet gone to Wright Patt for a physical and now my recruiter is telling me that the only way to get an appointment is if you are sponsored. "We were notified yesterday that no one is going to WP unless they are sponsored by a unit. Recruiting Service was paying the bill for the unsponsored to go to WP, and Reciting Service is now out of money for travel." Can anyone confirm this? If it is true, anyone have a good way to get sponsored in a month?
  7. Anyone know where the packet requirements for the 131st bw went? I saw it a while ago and wrote down the deadline but can't seem to track it down again.
  8. Yeah. I can help you out. Anyone else going to Idaho this year shoot me a pm and I'll set up a group message.
  9. I had some trouble opening the file so I did a little research and found that google stopped supporting a .kmz file on google maps. I ended up converting the file to google my maps and redesigning all the icons. I also simplified the base designation. I did not add any units to the map, however, I did add a few extra airplane colors to the icon selection so that anyone interested could go through and add all the heavy units. If you need more colors, let me know. The map is set up to be editable by anyone for now. This isn't my creation. Give xcraftllc all the credit. I just cleaned it up. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z6Qr1PclgDvM.kXWi2AP0X-xk&usp=sharing
  10. Anyone here get an interview? Has anyone here ever interview with them before?
  11. nothing here. I'm going to call today and see what is going on.
  12. Yup. Got a confirmation that they received my packet too. Invitations should be out the first week of Jan. Cant wait.
  13. Anyone going to Montgomery this weekend want to grab dinner Friday night?
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