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  1. Gentlemen, As some of you know, the guard slung out some rapid fire $20k cash bonuses for DSG pilots this year, and are now trying to recoup them based on “erroneous NGB/A1 guidance” about eligibility. The paragraph referenced implies that this is about some sort of service commitment to the guard post UPT. I’ve heard this “10-year commitment” mentioned before, but have never seen any sort of formal guidance or signed anything related to a service commitment. Can anyone point me to more info? Thanks. Lefty
  2. Any obvious reason "Torque" is spelled as "Torqe" on that that T-shirt? It's spelled correctly all over the site, but not on the shirt itself. Is that because of the call sign letter limit? Or just a mistake?
  3. Expensive watch. Brand name starts with a "B" and is located on the face, with the only other ornamentation being a set of metal pilot wings. This is starting to remind me of another watch but I just can't put my finger on it...
  4. More bad news for the year. A nickel on the grass for another good dude. No word on base, just "shortly after takeoff" and not combat related. http://www.businessinsider.com/an-american-f-16-pilot-was-killed-in-a-crash-in-the-middle-east-2014-12
  5. I always understood that the whole military justice / court-martial system operates at the behest of a commanding officer. There simply is no independent judiciary in the military. Courts-martial are convened because the commander does not have enough time to arbitrate each case. It's interesting that people are incensed over a commander's authority to overturn a verdict, yet have no problem with the President's authority to pardon known criminals. As for the case itself, when the investigating officer's decision to recommend a court-martial was based on the fact that the woman had no motiv
  6. 12-15 CAFB T-38 Assignables: F-16x2 F-15E A-10 B-52x2 T-38 FAIP T-6 FAIP MC-12
  7. CAFB T-38 Drop was pretty sweet: T-38A/ F-22 (Red Air Aggressor) F-16 x 2 A-10 T-38 FAIP MC-12 B-52 F-16 (ANG) F-18 (International) Toners Got the Usual Toner Stuff: KC-135 MC-130P U-28 x 2 C-5 C-17 x 2 E-3 etc...
  8. No waivers at Brooks. As for submitting my package, I had my stuff turned around to MPF by the first week in February, but I'm pretty sure they didn't get it off until April-ish (not that I'm surprised).
  9. Finally got my friggin dates: Hired - January 2010 Brooks - June 2010 AMS - March 2011 IFS - May 2011 H20 Survival - June 2011 UPT - July 2011 (Columbus) Prior Enlisted, BTW
  10. The 187th FTW is an ANG unit in Montgomery, Alabama w/ F16C and D's
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