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  1. Careful, bringing up the fact that zero schools have ever espoused CRT is just one step away from asking them to define it! I'm pretty sure the Tucker talking points don't go that deep.
  2. Agreed, it doesn't belong. But I doubt Crenshaw or Cotton could accurately describe what CRT actually is. And it isn't in our military, or K-12 curriculum anywhere. This is a culture war Boogeyman with as much factual basis behind it as razor blades in Halloween candy, or the "War on Christmas." Media personalities everywhere are giving airtime to politicians trying to build capital based on CRT fear.
  3. I'm genuinely curious, what are the CBP employees doing differently today than they were doing six months ago, that is driving this? I'll have to assume that these accounts are true and correct. So what executive-branch policies are resulting in migrants streaming over the border and then boarding airplanes to other states?
  4. Like Hoss said, very expensive for what you get. But if you sign up for the kid's plan it's literally the same benefit (your spouse is the executor so it goes to him/her either way) for like $15 a month instead. Works until your youngest is 18 or 23 if in college. That's the only way I found that it makes any sense at all to do it.
  5. What's fun is that to retire it's only 4 months required, and you get 20 days of permissive in conjunction with retirement. With 60+ days of terminal leave, you can be doing your final out just 6 weeks after dropping papers.
  6. Right-to-work means that you can't be compelled to join a union or pay union dues. Did you mean at-will employment?
  7. The majority of non-rated career fields will have O-4s as commanders. Some, like SFS and MX, they'll get multiple command tours. Which is also why it's dangerous to go up for O-5 IPZ from a line job, and not school/staff - most of your competition are sitting squadron commanders. At least under the old system.
  8. Yeah, that's problematic. This seems like a solution in need of a problem. I think the mechanism for addressing bad judgement in that regard already exists. Case in point, I had an airman make a blatantly racist comment regarding a former POTUS on a public and widely viewed Facebook page. CMSAF personally found it, it went at the speed of light through the wing leadership and to my desk to handle. I was on the fence about taking a stripe, settled on LOR with control roster though. Probably didn't warrant Art 15 and I wasn't convinced it was winnable if he declined the Art 15. Guy came close to ruining his career because he thought it was a good idea to blow hard on Facebook, it was unbelievable.
  9. Sure, it's a broad term. To me the difference is that a forum, for guns, motorcycles, military flying, sailboats, or whatever, exists to facilitate the exchange of opinions and ideas. They're generally somewhat anonymous and have no audience outside of those who deliberately seek it out. Facebook, Twitter, insta, etc are all broadcast platforms. I don't recall ever seeing a discussion of any real value occur on any of those platforms. It's the teens posting selfies like you said, and the boomers sharing stupid shit, and the too common "old man yells at cloud." Man I hadn't thought about the political discussion side of studentpilot.net in a while, that was rowdy.
  10. This is social media? I was reading and having discussions with others back on the studentpilot.net forums many years before Facebook was a thing. People interact on forums because of the exchange of ideas. Weird that you'd even be here commenting while not knowing what social media is.
  11. The first amendment doesn't protect one from consequences. You're welcome to put anything you'd like on your Facebook page, but there's nothing saying you won't face consequences from doing so. I think the "government monitoring" ship sailed back with the passage of the Patriot Act (a misnomer if there ever was one). To me the real questions is why people type out their beliefs on social media anyway. Literally zero people care that someone is against kids in cages or that someone thinks the Covid vaccine is dangerous. Edited to add: the Venn diagram of people who propagate/believe the Big Lie and those who hold extremist views is nearly a circle, and they're rarely shy about showing it online, so that makes this an easier endeavor.
  12. Anything from the right-wing terrorist Boogaloo clowns would qualify. Like the Air Force NCO from Travis who murdered two law enforcement officers a week apart. What laws do you think this runs afoul of?
  13. I don't know a single pilot that stayed in, took another assignment, took the bonus etc. because of the pandemic. Maybe five guys in my squadron retired or separated during the pandemic, all are gainfully and happily employed now, to include those who wanted airline work. UPS and FedEx never slowed down. Maybe it was different in the heavy world, but in the fighter world, the pandemic did virtually nothing for retention. Anyone who stuck around because of it was likely a tire-kicker and not ever serious about getting out anyway.
  14. The way it's worded makes this fact somewhat ambiguous: this was his first ever attempt at AAR. And it was at night. One of just many ways his entire chain of command let him down that night.
  15. It's the same legal defense that Fox News used, that no reasonable person should have considered them anything more than entertainment. Sadly I work with more than one person, all college educated and literate, that still believe the election was stolen. You're right, the party needs to alienate and shun these people if they want to stay relevant and viable.
  16. Correct, the "find the fraud" statement was verified not to have been said. Again though, the story wasn't retracted (as has been incorrectly and repeatedly stated in many posts above this one). Because the substance of the story is largely unchanged! Even if it's a minority of Americans, how have this many of us been conditioned to be ok with POTUS contacting elections officials? The best of us are rightly horrified by this, as we would be if Hillary, Romney, McCain, Gore, or any other loser of the general election were to do the same. Nevermind that it was POTUS. Sources can be wrong and/or mislead. Newspapers print corrections as needed. This correction here isn't some shocking indictment on print journalism.
  17. They didn't retract the story, it appears reading comprehension isn't strong among these commenters. They issued a correction which is substantially different. The story itself is materially the same: POTUS directly contacts a state elections official, urging them to scrutinize ballots in specific locations. Which is an absolutely mind blowing story by itself, and would only be acceptable in some banana republic. Now with the correction and the recovered recording, there's proof.
  18. I haven't read that much MAGA/Q fan fiction since before the inauguration. Thanks for the chuckle. Is it hard to find an audience for this trash now that Parler is off the app stores?
  19. "There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs." --John Rogers
  20. Good, Dr. Seuss is a classic. Unless you meant the people paying exorbitant sums for the out-of-print ones, that nobody was buying before anyway. I wonder if those people will store those unread gems with their mountain of uneaten Goya beans, unused MyPillows©, or unwatched Rosanne DVDs. Or if they'll eventually make it to the trashcan with the items Tucker Carlson told them to dump, like Taylor Swift albums, NFL gear, Yeti Coolers, Keurig Makers, Starbucks mugs, Netflix gift cards, Budweiser anything, Oreo cookies, Gilette products, Nike products... It's dizzying trying to keep up with remembering all the shit that conservatives have tried to boycott for perceived injustices lately, I'm sure I missed a bunch.
  21. This long-standing tradition started by Obama himself? 😂
  22. Nobody got "cancelled", the estate elected to stop printing these books, none of which sell well, a couple of which have sold literally zero copies in the last few years. It's been useful at helping me cull the crybabies out of my Facebook feed though, most of whom love capitalism and free market right up until they want to signal made-up virtues when private entities make business decisions on their own. Also lots of overlap with the crowd who wanted to "cancel" (in their words) the NFL, Yeti Coolers, Delta Air Lines, etc. This shit is entertaining. I'm eager for them to start attacking Kidz Bob next for "cancelling" the offensive swear words out of modern pop songs.
  23. An Illinois county that he doesn't even represent voted to censure him. Which shows how seriously we should take county party organizations. Maybe the 4H club two counties over will censure him next! It's refreshing to see a true conservative refuse to go down with the ship. He also won his district by a substantially higher margin that did Trump, so his constituency is clearly well represented. I hope he's the future of the party. If not, God help us all.
  24. Sadly, there are certain to be some professional faux-outrage experts who think this is real. Instead of just laughing about it.
  25. It's real. Congrats Phats, this is, and forever will be your legacy. Assuming your leadership is pushing this on you Phats, you had options, all of them better than this. A squadron full of guys with no callsigns would be better than this Sesame Street spectacle of a naming you propose. The Warhawks deserve better.
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