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  1. Apparently someone is deeply triggered by CMSAF's Facebook page. Imagine having enough time on your hands to file a lawsuit over something like this.
  2. I think it's a good idea. Since you asked, here's how. The federal government can do more than one thing at a time. Securing our southern border should be a priority. A physical barrier (like Trump's wall) sometimes makes sense, in other places it makes no sense. Security is a layered process, whether it's your house, the vault at work, or the border. There's room to improve for sure, but as it is now, border crossings have declined 76 percent from 2000 to 2018. So I wouldn't say ceasing all policy actions for illegal immigrants, until we get the border fully secured, would be a good course of action. That also discounts the fact that 44% of illegal immigrants arrived here legally, but overstayed their visa. In short, the wall is largely a boogeyman, leveraged by Tucker Carlson to whip up fear. This proposed legislation is an eight-year path. Four for DACA recipients. That sounds very reasonable to me. I'd absolutely want to grant citizenship for those who are willing to work hard and color within the lines for eight years. FDNYOldGuy and nsplayr have compelling arguments for this as well.
  3. Toeing* the line. No flatbed wreckers involved with this platitude.
  4. The fringe left works the same way, but the difference is that their mainstream doesn't allow the fringe ideas to dominate the conversation. The mainstream left has certainly embraced that side of the party, with Sanders, AOC, Warren et al. If Trump had won this general election though, no chance you'd see 75% of the house Democrats refusing to acknowledge it, or discussions about sending a pro-Dem slate of electors forward anyway, etc. Embracing that level of kookiness would destroy the future prospects of the party, which are already not looking bright for the Dems. As you said, they'd like to keep moving the ball, without being hijacked by the extreme crazies in the party. I'm shocked that the GOP is allowing it to happen. What on earth for? They're no longer beholden to Trump, they're likely to keep the senate, just jettison your dead orange weight and start thinking pragmatically about 2022 midterms and beyond.
  5. Apparently I'm a bit naive then. I don't believe in massive amounts of cheating or fraud. 150 million votes were cast. Of course some dipshít voted twice, or stole his neighbors mail and sent in their ballot, etc. I just can't take anyone seriously when they allege that there is an organized effort, at any meaningful scale, in any jurisdiction at all, to commit fraud. Especially when they offer literally no evidence. It doesn't exist. This is just some mealy-mouthed way of trying to put an asterisk next to Trump's loss. Sadly, being a sore loser hurts everyone in the form of weakening our democracy.
  6. Be careful, you're going counter to the tribal narrative that one can only support a change that benefits their team. PYB will unlikely be able to process this disconnect!
  7. Except, it hasn't functioned as written in over 100 years, when the number of representatives was capped at 435. Anyone who claims to support the idea of the electoral college due to founding principles has to at least acknowledge this disparity, that gives a Wyoming resident 3x the voting power of a Texas resident. The "Wyoming Rule" is a workable fix for this, but I doubt we'll see it.
  8. The all caps make it a certainty that a boomer wrote this. It looks even more embarrassing in light of the facts behind Michigan's ALLEGATIONS though: "But a closer look at the affidavits showed that many did not allege any wrongdoing with ballots. Instead, they showed poll challengers complaining about other things: a loud public-address system, mean looks from poll workers, and a Democratic poll watcher who said “Go back to the suburbs, Karen.” Some poll observers had become suspicious simply after seeing many ballots cast for Democrats — in Detroit, a heavily Democratic city where Biden won 94 percent of the vote. “I specifically noticed that every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden,” one observer wrote. The Trump campaign filed that as evidence in court. In other cases, poll challengers raised issues with procedures that election workers say were normal. Some, for instance, noted that workers input voters’ birth dates as January 1, 1900. Election officials say that was a quirk of the computer system: It required workers to enter a voter’s birth date at a step when they did not have access to that information, so they were told to enter a placeholder. So far, Trump and his allies have faced a judge three times in Michigan. All three times, it went poorly. In one case, the plaintiffs relied on testimony from a poll worker, who was relaying what she’d been told by an unidentified election worker. Judge Cynthia Stephens said that was hearsay. Inadmissible. The lawyer tried to argue. “ ‘I heard somebody else say something,’ ” Stephens said. “Tell me why that’s not hearsay. Come on, now.” Stephens ruled against the plaintiffs. A few days later, Judge Timothy M. Kenny heard a similar argument from another group of Republican plaintiffs. He asked how well the Republican poll-watchers understood the procedures they were watching. The city had conducted a “walk-through” for Republican poll-challengers in late October, long before the counting began, to show how the absentee ballot counting procedure worked. Had the plaintiff’s poll watchers been there, to learn about the process they were now objecting to? No, the plaintiff’s lawyer said. They had not known about it. “Plaintiff’s affiants did not have a full understanding of the [convention center] absentee ballot counting process,” Kenny wrote in an opinion. “However, sinister, fraudulent motives were ascribed to the process and the City of Detroit. Plaintiff’s interpretation of events is incorrect and not credible.”
  9. Are you serious? A miniscule race for a county commissioner, where a person admitted to a data entry error, and that's fishy? If that's fishy then please, tell me what you think is happening when DEERS is down three days a week.
  10. Everything you're saying is spot on - he was let down by everybody. There was a very similar incident at Spang a decade ago. They did the right things, determined it wasn't safe to attempt a landing, and did a controlled ejection. I only take issue with the statement above - the Viper RTU has assumed such an insane amount of tasks from the CAF that they can't possibly teach it to a safe level. Then AETC came down a year ago and told them to do it all in 180 days. The amount of tasks the Viper RTU teaches now compared to ten years ago is staggering. I've heard that airmanship ultimately suffers. The pilot in this mishap graduated without refueling due to tanker availability. It was alibi'd, documented, and sent to the CAF. Not a common business practice but when you open the production firehose this wide, quality suffers. Fast, Quality, Cheap - pick two. HHQ has mandated "fast". The RTU is operating with "cheap" in terms of maintenance, sims, and IP manning. Can't have all three, and we're proving that regularly.
  11. No disagreement. I'm personally skeptical that the military vote will add much to either candidate, I suspect it's pretty even, or at least within 10% on either side. The numbers you're talking about are pretty sizable leads, in the grand scheme. And in multiple states. It's not a handful of ballots in a few precincts like in 2000. Yes for sure investigate problems. But shotgunning blind lawsuits without any basis (then admitting in court there is no real basis) is a very different thing than investigating discrepancies. You and I may be adult enough to know that this is just a preamble to Trump being able to claim he never really lost, once he's out of office. A lot of the population doesn't understand his bluster and will continue to propagate mistrust about the electoral process for many years. Win or lose, his actions today are a stain on our democracy.
  12. Nothing. They should be investigated. That's a long ways away from refusing to concede in the face of a multi-state loss and no actual evidence of any fraud, while continuously eroding faith in the democratic process. Let's not forget that Hillary lost Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by less than a point. Obama was welcoming Trump into the white house by this point in 2016. History will not be kind to Mr. Trump's actions between November 3rd and January.
  13. So much fraud!!1! https://lawandcrime.com/2020-election/lawyers-litigating-for-trump-suddenly-remember-their-licenses-are-on-the-line-if-they-lie-to-a-judge/ "On Tuesday, Judge Haaz promptly put Trump campaign attorney Jonathan Goldstein on the spot. The judge asked him point-blank if the campaign was actually alleging any fraud. Goldstein went to bat for President Trump while admitting that he was not alleging fraud, uttering the phrase (twice): “To my knowledge at present, no.” Legal experts said that Goldstein’s remarks were typical of a lawyer unwilling to risk sanctions or bar discipline in service of a client."
  14. Pfizer was never part of warp speed.
  15. It's looking like he'll come away with 306 electoral votes, more than Trump won with in 2016. Which Kellyanne Conway at the time called a landslide and a blowout. You're right about the shifting demographics. Democrats should be concerned, especially in places like Florida. I think there are some weak areas for the GOP too, that they should look to shore up. Arizona was a surprise, and Texas was closer than it had any reason to be.
  16. Don't expect anyone to take you seriously if you're subscribing to silly playground nicknames. I'd be embarrassed if my 9 year-old did that, and it's that much more cringey when adults do it.
  17. Viper HUD has been certified as a primary flight instrument for quite a few years, not a recent change. Although there have been a couple instances recently where the attitude indications froze without telling the pilot, one of which led to a less than ideal outcome. Crosscheck is key.
  18. I'm glad we can agree on at least one thing.
  19. Here's a recent article about the "Oath Keeper" movement, the Meal-Team-6 cosplay crowd that PYB was so fervently aligned with. I wonder if he's still wasting his retirement suing his HOA or his neighbors or whatever for their Facebook posts. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/right-wing-militias-civil-war/616473/
  20. That's like saying gunshot victims are actually dying from blood loss and sepsis as comorbidities, and not the gunshot itself.
  21. I think it's a leap to say you're not able to defend yourself. There's a pretty distinct line between being armed and prepared, and being a bunch of cosplay Meal Team 6 / Y'all Qaeda wannabes like the ones that ended up shooting a protester in Albuquerque the other night. Obviously being the former is a good thing, but roving packs of morons with weapons, legal or otherwise, is usually not a predictor of a good outcome. Whether or not you're protesting or protesting the protesting, or any derivative in between.
  22. I'd be OK with the 17th amendment going away. It's still not entirely based on population though. Texas could gain 10 million people and still have exactly 38 electoral votes. Under the Wyoming Plan though, Tennessee would pick up two votes. Texas would pick up nine. No states would lose any votes.
  23. I watched the videos. Nothing new there. She incorrectly states at 1:35 or so that the number or representatives is "based entirely on population." This is false due to the Permanent Apportionment Act or 1929. We have been capped at 538 electoral votes ever since despite having grown just a tiny little bit as a country since then (it used 1910 population numbers.) Because of this act, a Wyoming vote is worth 3.7 times as much for a presidential election than a California vote. Artificially. Due to a law that is only 91 years old. Constitutional purists trip all over themselves to invoke the founding fathers but they always let this one slide. The Wyoming Rule theory of distribution would appear to bring us back closer to true electoral college parity. Hopefully we see something like that soon. You seem to be a proponent of the electoral college as written, so I'm curious to hear an argument as to why an artificial cap on electoral delegates makes sense in the context of the constitution?
  24. It's been 16 years since the Republican nominee won the popular vote in the general election. But something the electoral college purists never concede is that the Permanent Apportionment Act capped house seats and thus electoral college votes, effectively diluting the power of a vote in a populated state. If they were truly purists about the electoral college, they would demand electoral college representation in line with actual population distribution, versus a representation artificially cuffed by a 90 year old law.
  25. How'd you conflate politics with having common sense? Not happy with anyone dying but if people are going to willfully flaunt rules designed to protect lives, then I'm ok if they end up paying the price for it.
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