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  1. Agree. The MC's rehearsed and test fit the MOAB drop for months before they did the thing. There already aren't enough hoses to go around in the AOR, I don't know how dynamic targeting and load planning will fit into the the MC-Js planning cycle.
  2. I'm pretty sure South Park did an episode about this 20 years ago.
  3. CF: The load master had to be woken up from his nap.
  4. "Hyper-realistic" is probably going on their OPR. In all seriousness though, unless you're using secures, preventing people from poaching your comms during training and then writing a story about it is almost impossible. The same stuff could be heard over every RF or WSINT vul, they just use the 9X callsign and "unlucky jet" rather than "midair"...and it's not over Wisconsin.
  5. Other than getting a G430/530W for LPV that else would they "modernize"? The instruments were pretty good from what I could remember, especially for a primary trainer aircraft.
  6. Breckey

    Mobile app inop

    I've got the same problem.
  7. 1-2 per a million is a small enough sample size to be statistically insignificant. Given the sample sizes for the testing it is unlikely they would have caught it even if it wasn't EUA.
  8. But the UH-1, mostly stationed in the northern tier and without any anti-icing equipment is LPV capable. For those three months out of the year when they can go in the clouds.
  9. So...the plot to The Rock?
  10. The vertical stabilizer was shortened in the G/H BUFFs to decrease structural loads during low-level flight. The tactics change was to increase survivability and drove other modifications like the EVS.
  11. Correct, that's why all of the proposals from GE, P&W, and Rolls-Royce are all low bypass turbofans from business/regional jets. It also keeps the ground clearance issues relatively simple.
  12. That's fair. How would you then go about prioritizing those with the socioeconomic risk factors for COVID? Prioritize those on Medicaid or SNAP benefited?
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