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  1. Posted by Gen Greene's son on facebook. " Ladies and Gentlemen, while the president and vp were welcome to attend my father's funeral and burial lets make a few things clear. 1) my father is no more important than any other soldier lost in war. What message does it send if he attends one funeral over another? Does it make that soldier more important than another? What does it say to families? 2) do you think the president being at the service helps bring my father back or make us feel any better that he is gone? The answer is no. 3) If the president or vp had been there, there would have been more stress on our family simply in terms of logistics let alone security. More people would have had to stand outside or not come at all due to the security requirements . I am happy the president or vp did not come because the ceremony was more personal, more intimate and better because we got to share it with the people who meant the most to us. Do not allow news outlets to make a political soapbox out of my family or my father."
  2. CBM 14-06 T-38 A10 DM B1 Dyess F16 Active Slot to Kelly Field F16 Oklahoma ANG T6 CBM T-1 C17 Charleston C17 Lewis-McChord C17 Mississippi ANG C17 New York ANG C12 Yokota C21 Ramstein C21 Scott EC130 DM C130 Georgia Reserve C130 Ohio Reserve KC135 McConnell KC10 McGuire KC135 Fairchild KC135 Active slot to Birmingham MC130 Hurlburt T1 CBM U28 Hurlburt edit: too many H's, thx wxman
  3. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/02/pentagon-downgrades-jet-specs/
  4. F-16 Co-Designer Claims F-22’s Glues Causing Hypoxia http://defensetech.o...ausing-hypoxia/
  5. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/tim-tebow-high-schoolers-suspended-for-tebowing-121611
  6. New career goal, F.A.G.....First Assignment Gomer
  7. You're such a silly little faggot

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