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  1. ~100 hours in T-6s, around an additional 40 in the T-1.
  2. at least for fighters, the syllabus is longer, 96 hours in the T-6 versus the 60ish they got in the legacy syllabus plus a full T-38 syllabus
  3. Feedback was first person direct to me, a T-6 ip who trained them, so I could make changes for subsequent classes. Still tiny sample sizes, but so far, they are certainly no worse than what we put through before
  4. FWIW, the first UPT 2.5 class hasn’t even showed at the FTUs yet, the initial T-1 studs just dropped 2 weeks ago, the -38 studs still have several months. Initial feedback from the T-1 and T-38 IPs is that the stick and rudder skills are comparable to legacy syllabus students, but critical thinking/contingency analysis, inflight adaptation are better than they’re used to seeing.
  5. My student yesterday would probably attest that even in upt 2.5, stress is plentiful and raging helmet fires are still very normal, though I’m not sure if he’s landed yet, considering how far behind the plane he was.
  6. There are several, the primary one is next to one of the campsites in west row, was still open when I left 20 days ago
  7. I’ll dissent on the Massifs, they are different, not better. The fabric is good, the sizing And fit is atrocious, I’ll go back to the bag happily. They nailed it on the jackets, but the flight suits are no improvement.
  8. This is it right here. As a Lt, I went to red flag and saw fellow Lts flying fighters be more or less get locked in the vault for 12 hours, my intro to 130s was the sq/cc asking if I had completed my masters yet, and then scolding me because I hadn’t even started it.
  9. I've got my boat driving license, was worth the cost. I only bled a little.
  10. they were hot as hell every time I went, you just needed to drink a lot more.
  11. So imagining things or being lied to, awesome.
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