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  1. Seizures and vision loss are conducive to flying... sucks, but it is what it is, and the mission is more important than me wanting to fly it impaired.
  2. I know we had a few guys in the Gunship community who came from fighters for a variety of health related issues. Looking left and wearing NODs would do your neck no favors, but there are examples of people leaving ACC and going having good careers afterwards. Also, I second getting things checked out. I started having headaches in 2014 and eventually would lose vision for short periods of time. By 2016, doing squats would leave me almost incapacitated with a migraine afterward. I eventually had a seizure, not from brain activity, but spinal cord compression and all I did was reach up to grab a towel after a shower after working out. I’m still pretty limited in what I can do because of the injury and they say I’m not a good candidate for surgery. Get things looked at and press with what you think is best for you and those who depend on you.
  3. The old policy conflicted with statutes issued since it was first published in 2004: “However, as of October 29, 2019, USCIS is no longer committed to this reasoning because the prior USCIS policy guidance is in conflict with several provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), especially with changes to the acquisition of citizenship statutes that occurred in 2008, after the initial policy determination in 2004. First, permitting a child to be eligible simultaneously for a Certificate of Citizenship under INA 320 and for naturalization under INA 322 conflicts with the language of INA 322(a), which states that a parent “may apply for naturalization on behalf of a child born outside of the United States who has not acquired citizenship automatically under INA 320.” Second, considering children who are living outside of the United States to be “residing in the United States” conflicts with the definition of “residence” at INA 101(a)(33), which defines “residence” as a person’s “principal, actual dwelling place in fact.” Third, considering these children to be “residing in the United States” is at odds with INA 322(d), which was enacted in 2008,16 4 years after USCIS issued policy guidance on the topic. When Congress enacted INA 322(d), it provided for special procedures in cases involving the naturalization of “a child of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is authorized to accompany such member and reside abroad with the member pursuant to the member's official orders, and is so accompanying and residing with the member.” Congress placed this provision under INA 322, which applies only to children “residing outside of the United States.” It did not provide similar language for such children to acquire citizenship under INA 320.”
  4. Wait til people find out they let guys straight out of UPT instruct in T-38s. Minds will be blown. 🤯
  5. +whatever high number we’re at now for Jon, Bri, and everyone at Trident. Just finished a VAIRRRL that dropped my rate more than a percent, and working with them was a breeze despite some medical issues that came up on my end and slowed me down. From beginning to end they were professional and informative. I cannot recommend Jon and Trident highly enough.
  6. I dropped a Viper at 30 and my wife had our third kid during phase III. Be a good dude, help people out, realize your classmates aren’t the competition - the syllabus is, put in the work. Do that and you’ll do as well as possible. Most of all, enjoy the process. It’s a hell of an opportunity.
  7. Is there anyone *not* hoping that somehow gets turned off?
  8. No one in the Gunship community that I’m aware of has anything bad to say about her as a leader. She did a good job at the 4th and several people, male and female alike, consider her a mentor. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. You are right, I was wrong about CRDP. CRSC you have to apply for, CRDP is automatic if you fit the bill.
  10. You can apply for Combat Related Special Compensation if you have a 10% rating or higher that is combat related or Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay if you have a 50% or higher rating. Neither is automatic.
  11. This. I’ll guaran-damn-tee the commander who sacked them has hog-tied somebody to a rail after a fini-flight or at the bar.
  12. +1 more for Jon, Marty, and the whole Trident operation. I’m honestly having difficulty writing this review because they went above and beyond what anyone could expect in so many different ways to ensure sure that I got the best deal available. I can only say that it would be foolish for anyone who knows they exist to not at least look into them as a mortgage lender. Marty told me early on something to the effect of, “...it’s not about the money. There’s plenty of that to go around. It’s about taking care of the community. The rest all falls into place.” It wasn’t a line, the whole team owned up to that ideal. Thank you, brother.
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