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  1. Marine KCs are road hard and put away wet, from my experience. Pretty convinced that marine maintainers only have hammers in their tool boxes. Their MEL, essentially, is if it can fly, we'll take it.
  2. Hmmm...We've had a lot of the "new brakes" creep on initial static takeoffs. Once they're heated, they seem to work better. The brake temp gauge has been discussed and I'm not sure of where it is now. My understanding is that it could be a fairly easy mod (especially with the new brake systems), if the gauge is stand-alone and not hooked into any MC. I've also heard ideas kicked around regarding the J and slowing down. It's been years, but I think there was some ability to reschedule the props so that FLT Idle could be a slight negative HP. It's all about the $. If the users want
  3. This is just like any other docu-drama, highly sensationalized. Every aviation docu-drama (Repo, Hurricane Hunter, Flying Wild Alaska) is so produced that every little thing is an emergency or a near-death situation. To aircrew, these shows are far from accurate and it makes you question any other show that deals in a subject matter that you're not an expert in. Do crab fishermen scoff at Deadliest Catch, probably. I still watch because I know jack-crap about crab fishing.
  4. Thanks for saving me the brain cells to write essentially the same thing (except the -21 part, never flew that).
  5. If I had a nickel for everytime an army guy gave me bad winds, either 180 degrees out or just within limits.... Good luck Jared.
  6. I used to hunt in the Tuskegee National Forest, northeast of Mongomery on I-85. I'm not sure of the laws and regulations now, but if you're desperate, it's something to check into.
  7. I'm fairly certain that Rich created the most useful site for any Air Force pilot. I am truly sorry to hear of his passing and the skies are darker in his absence.
  8. slacker


    Just closed a mortgage on a new house with USAA last month. Holy crap, by the time the process was over, i was considering closing every USAA account I have. Total lack of customer service! If you can go with someone else on the loan, unless you like unreturn messages and emails. My closing was 6 hours late, because of USAA and the only reason it worked at all was because our closing attorney was a close friend.
  9. How many slides did it take for your "quiet conversation?"
  10. slacker

    Gun Talk

    And there was much rejoicing- EPA rejects attempt to regulate lead in bullets after NRA protests EPA Surrenders to NRA on Gun Control Issue By Paul Bedard Posted: August 27, 2010 In a swift and unexpected decision, the Environmental Protection Agency today rejected a petition from environmental groups to ban the use of lead in bullets and shotgun shells, claiming it doesn't have jurisdiction to weigh on the controversial Second Amendment issue. The decision came just hours after the Drudge Report posted stories from Washington Whispers and the Weekly Standard about how gun groups w
  11. Do you speak from experience? Sounds like a bunch of folks could.
  12. slacker

    Gun Talk

    I'm still "investing" in .45 ACP in the morning.
  13. slacker

    Gun Talk

    Shit!!!!! Just when ammo supplies/prices were getting back to pre-Barry Obama days. EPA Reviewing reqest to ban Lead Bullets Will Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson make a back door move to ban lead bullets the day before the November 2 elections? Several environmentalist groups led by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) are petitioning the EPA to ban lead bullets and shot (as well as lead sinkers for fishing) under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Although EPA is barred by statute from controlling ammunition, CBD is seeking to work farther ba
  14. slacker

    Gun Talk

    9:39 is too long to watch old German dudes shoot guns, when does the hot fräulein appear so I can fast forward?
  15. A flyover is not a demo. A flyover doesn't require demo certification. A Herk demo profile is crap you do every day during the typical JA/ATT, nothing really out of the ordinary.
  16. I'm pretty sure you don't have to put a “[sic]” inside a quote box- everything in their [sic] should be [sic]. I fairly certain it’s implied. I actually have a power point briefing complete with metrics that proves that demise of E6B’s did not cause the rise in shitty o’clubs or salad bars. It’s 700Mb so I can’t email it or post it or move it. You’ll just have to take my word on it. I wonder if bomber crews in WW2 were nostalgic for the days of yore before the Norden bombsight made bombing so easy. Or pilots before them longed for the simplicity of an engine before the radial.
  17. The flying hour program. The whole systemic problem with spending it/ fly it/ use it or lose it needs serious change. Units need to be rewarded for frugality, not punished the next FY by cutting their budgets/FHP.
  18. It just proves that so few in America are actually fighting the war. Outside of the military or a military families, so few are effected daily.
  19. Lighten up Francis. The extinction of whiz wheels and fix to fixes have nothing to do with the demise of booze and the rise of salad bars and gyms. I share your sentiments on the later, but hand chumming charts from the big book sucked ass, and I don't want to do it again.
  20. The NAFs' only job is to simulate the enemy during peacetime.
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