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  1. Multiple news outlets are reporting those exact details, minus the tail number.
  2. Yep, no issues so far on my iPad mini. Well done.
  3. Ditto. We were in Q row same time. The guys living in Q-3 weren't too excited about it, not sure why...
  4. F-16 pilot seems to have ejected safely, fingers crossed for survivors from the Cessna.
  5. I have a 737 type. Interviewed with multiple airlines...hired by one of them to fly something other than a 737. I've never been asked about my 737 type in any interview. Once again, listen to Huggy.
  6. Ha! Haha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  7. Obviously, you are assuming I'm one of the people the Air Force cast aside...you know what happens when you assume?
  8. Jesus, Chang. You're like my dog that keeps shitting on the kitchen floor and then looks at me like he has no idea why I'm so pissed. Again. The Guard thanks you for cutting all those "underperformers." Many of them are finding homes where their hard work is actually valued.
  9. That rumor has been floating around so long it qualifies for Social Security.
  10. Another picture posted on FireAviation.com:
  11. Brilliant. Nice work! Posted from the NEW Baseops.net Time Sucker!
  12. Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.'s Double Nut Brown. Smooth, dark, with a little hazelnut flavor. Magnificent.
  13. I don't care who you are, do NOT fuck with a HOA.
  14. "Easy" is a relative term here. Units have to pay for you to go through initial qual in an aircraft. Switching to another MDS means the unit has to pay for another initial qual on you AND potentially pay for the initial qual for the guy who replaces you in your old airframe. You would have the benefit of being a known quantity within the wing, but other than that, there would have to be a good reason for them to want to spend a bunch of extra money on you. Why would a unit take a fully mission qualified pilot from one airframe and essentially start over with you in another airplane? I'm sure it happens, but it's not as easy as putting different patches on your bag.
  15. I'll second the vote for DT. I also knock back a lot of Bear Republic's Racer 5 IPA.
  16. I've got no beef with that. But once again, though, if your automatic default position is that everyone will screw things up if you don't micromanage every aspect of our lives, then that's a problem. If we put people in command who earn their position and the respect of their followers through actual leadership, not just checking boxes, then situations like this won't come up: During my time on active duty, I never saw a situation like that. That scenario, to me, seems like the exception not the rule. I'm in the Guard now, so I'm dealing with a whole different animal, but in my former life I can tell you I would have been very shocked to see that happen at any of the units I was in. Touche.
  17. I think it shows a profound lack of trust in your people if you automatically believe they won't do the right thing. When I fly, I usually wear a baseball cap under my headset. Am I stupid enough to wear it outside of the airplane? Hell no. As soon as the squat switch in my ass opens up as I get out of my seat, the hat comes off. Shockingly, the hat even stays in my bag if I happen to have a VIP onboard. It's scary how smart I am sometimes. When I was a young LT, I wore a subdued tab patch with a silhouette of a Herk. Most everyone else in the squadron wore some variation of that. I didn't have to be told not to wear a patch with a stripper on it, or even one with my school's logo. I knew damn well that if I did, I was going to get the stink eye from someone in the squadron, or worse yet from the DO or CC. I didn't need it written down, nor did anyone else. We had enough sense to know where the line was and policed ourselves in those rare instances when that line got crossed. SQ/CC's rarely, if ever, got involved, much less WG/CC's. Put a little trust in your people, you might be surprised at how they respond.
  18. Read the fine print before you go looking for an E-9 to piss off...."Wing commanders may authorize" morale patches, colored t-shirts, and Friday patches. Get your Wing King on board before you all go out and try to out-Chief a Chief.
  19. Holy shit, I didn't believe you and had to go look for myself! E-9's worldwide must be seething with rage right now.
  20. When I hit post, nothing seems to happen, but if I hit refresh on the page, my post shows up. Using Chrome on a Mac.
  21. Hell no. You need to worry about flying the airplane, not fucking around with a goddamn camera so you can impress Mary Jane Rottencrotch.
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