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  1. It means none of it will come to fruition and you’ll continued to be under paid and under appreciated. Make the jump. Grass is much greener.
  2. Not buying it was a suicide jump. He just happened to wait until they had a gear issue to decide to end it ? More likely is he fell out trying to see the gear especially since he was brand new and didn’t know what he was doing.
  3. As a fighter guy who recently transitioned to the airlines I think it needs to stay 2 pilots. There are a lot of moving parts in the airlines and having 2 people is super effective. Add in the constantly changing schedules and redeyes and you need the extra set of eyes. The other part that isn’t talked about is safety. We lose planes a decent amount in the Air Force. When was the last time you heard of a major US airline crashing from pilot error? Think of the lost revenue from people switching airlines because of a single pilot induced error. That airline would quickly go out of business because the public wouldn’t book on them.
  4. I fail to see the benefit of this. So you’re gonna put someone through 1.5 years of training for a 3 year contract ? The pay isn’t much less than a FAIP and then you can have that body for 10 years. For a staffing issue this is a terrible idea. But is anyone actually surprised? The incompetence from “leadership” continues. The “different pot of money” argument is dumb and a cop out.
  5. Ryder1587


    I just left USAA for auto insurance. I bought a new car and figured I’d call around for rates. I couldn’t believe I would save 40% by switching to Geico for the exact same coverage. No complaints so far.
  6. You will be able to get hired by a major with 700 PIC. Especially when you check the military container and IP. I would submit apps ASAP. They will call.
  7. I have 7 years left and only really doing it because I found a great part time flying gig. Not so much for the retirement. How does Delta differ from SW if you were flying domestic NB? Is it just less hops with longer layovers ? Thanks for the info.
  8. How long once Delta keeps hiring at their rate before you can hold WB? I’m trying to decide between commuting with Delta or living in hub with Southwest. Does Delta have a problem with dropping mil leave, say once a month , to drop a trip?
  9. Wide body and international flying. What are your opinions based on experience? Obviously you’ll make more money long term. Pros. Cons. Has anyone been able to bid this and stayed NB and just done domestic flying ? also, which airlines allow you to drop the entire schedule and build your own to maximize pay?
  10. Up to 30% of their flights cancelled this weekend. Major news sources pushing it was because of pilots calling in sick and vaccination strikes. Sick call numbers published showing completely false and the flight cancellations broke down from Manning being below the required number to be able to handle any sort of weather or delay issues without causing huge rippling affects. No one fact checks anything anymore. Just push any news that fits their agenda and it’s annoying and doesn’t seem very reputable sources around anymore that are on TV.
  11. SWA - what a perfect example of how fast misinformation spreads and how quick people spread it to try to push their agenda. What a sad social media world we live in when this is our reality. Nobody wants the truth. They want confirmation bias.
  12. Oh cool so now we can argue Covid AND abortion in this thread. If you’ve made more than 2 posts in this thread suggest you stop wasting your time. The other side isn’t listening or changing their opinion.
  13. Will they use the last window to continue to send invites out until March or will they close it completely once they get the 120 and you have to reapply ? Is this the last round to go out ?
  14. The Air Force hasn’t implemented a stop loss and approved my separation. They’ve done good work with that and a huge positive !!
  15. Did the take rates for this year get published yet ? Or are they too embarrassed to release them?
  16. Anyone have any up to date Information on this ? Once you separate from active duty they ask if you plan to file a VA claim. How does that affect if you are transferring to the Reserves for a flying position ? Are you risking losing the flying job depending on what they claim? Should you just wait until leaving the Reserves ?
  17. If time is infinite then it doesn’t matter the odds because at some point it could happen. That opens up a whole list of other topics such as multi verses , simulations , etc. But to say oh the odds are so low so there must be a creator is confirmation bias. There are several ways it could have happened and the real answer most likely we can’t even fathom. Humans can’t understand 1,000 years. Try understanding a billion. Our brains are made for short term thoughts , ie a lifetime.
  18. Also looking for info on commuting. My #1 and 2 airline choices I would have to commute a state away. My number 3 has a hub in where I will be living. Anybody commuted long term with any advice ?
  19. You can apply for a separation 1 year from your ADSC being up and no later than 6 months prior to your separation date. You can ask for a date less than 6 months but you need additional documents and a waiver from what I could tell. If your ADSC is up it still goes to your commander but skips the wing CC and I think assignments. If you palace front you do the exact same thing but the recruiter should gen up a 1288 signed by your unit. Even if your CC says no, AFPC can still say yes. It’s just a recommendation.
  20. Says who ? They haven’t announced anything from what I’ve seen except rumors of a hiring board being put together.
  21. Gotcha. Isn’t active duty able to pin on after 4-5 years TIG or no ? For in the zone.
  22. I’m transferring to the Reserves soon. One of my friends in the Reserves said they aren’t able to meet the Lt Col board until 16 years in service where normally active duty is around 14 years. Is that true where I have to wait another 3-4 years assuming I have no break in service ?
  23. Plus profit sharing that 10-12 percent. Plus retirement contributions of 12-15%. Plus per diem. Plus premium time. It seems like a normal 4-5 year dude is making 200-250k from what I can tell.
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