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  1. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/06/03/pentagon-unveils-new-policy-for-12-month-unaccompanied-tours-to-iraq-arabian-peninsula/ Looks like accompanied assignments have been turned off "permanently"
  2. Have a question I can't find an answer to on all the GI Bill FAQs so thought someone on here might have some experience with it... If you transfer your benefits to dependents you incur a 4-year ADSC and, beginning in July, this has to be done NLT 16th year of service. Once transferred, months can be reallocated at will without affecting ADSC. I'm tracking all of that. The question is - if you transfer benefits to dependents, incur your ADSC, and then later add another dependent (i.e. have another kid, get married, etc), can you allocate months to them without issue, or is that considered a NEW transfer...and therefore has to be done prior to 16 years and incurs a new ADSC?
  3. Specifically it's the base pay of the CMSAF ($8361) plus HFP/IDP ($225). So you get up to $8,586 of each month tax free.
  4. You got passed over while working at the JCS? Or did you PCS there after the board?
  5. http://www.hurlburt.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/798252/colonel-thomas-b-palenske/ He's just about to hit 23 years TIS (commissioned in 95), so he still has a year until his pole window for O-7 starts (24-26 years)
  6. Talk to your AFELM commander - they should be your advocate with your raters to make sure you're taken care of from an "Air Force" perspective while you're in the joint job.
  7. "Transfer contracts in place prior to 180 days after the date of enactment of the legislation will be grandfathered. Transfer contracts signed after that date will be subject to the lower housing rate." BLUF: Transfer your benefits soon or your kids will get 50% less housing allowance.
  8. There's even a video of info on the ACJ (including 150mm cannons) overlaid on...AC-130U video. The only footage of the Ghostrider is in the first two seconds. Way to go CNN.
  9. And it looks like we're getting 150mm cannons. That'll be pretty sweet. Another stellar piece of well-researched aviation journalism from CNN.
  10. Published by the Department of Redundancy Department
  11. So does anyone else feel like this entire demonstration is incredibly sexist? Ironic that there's an event that centers around reducing sexual assault and its underlying causes by having guys walk around in bright red heels - because clearly, what other kind of shoes would a woman wear?
  12. Sucks for the girl whose picture got thrown on the letter that didn't even write it!
  13. Can someone post what 12X's are on the list? MyPers is not cooperating...
  14. Where's the part of the video where they drop their weapons and run when ISIS shows up and let Iranian backed militias secure their homeland? Or is that in Part 2?
  15. This statement lays bare the disconnect. It's about "keeping the machine going" - not about quality of life, not about balancing experience, not about retaining quality over quantity (or even good quality over poor quality), it's about "keeping the meat machine going." Hence why a squadron with 10 tails and a 1.5 crew ratio that has 15 newly minted Aircraft Commanders and 15 baby Copilots is "100% manned". "Spreadsheet is green, nothing to worry about here. And your complaints about lack of manning are completely unfounded." No regards for the quality or experience of those numbers. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear this same rhetoric of "we can buy off enough people to keep the meat machine going - there isn't a manning problem" being pitched to CSAF or some of our MAJCOM/CCs.....I'm not talking about you briefing the polished slides that show everything green and on a trend line that's based on metrics you created - I mean using the exact verbiage you use here. My prediction is A) you wouldn't dare use that language in that scenario, and 2) If you did you would get crushed.
  16. When you and Dirk say "Mission Commander" I'm fairly confident you're not talking about the same things.
  17. "Hey - we want you to test fly this 747 with a Space Shuttle attached to it." "Sure." Damn. Here's a toast...
  18. Dude. It's PRF guidance for the Weapns School organization, not PRF "TTPs" published by the WS. Contrary to popular belief, WS instructors have to compete for promotion too.
  19. Even better - holding an AC-130 off to engage a target with 105mm artillery. Key radio..."You guys know we have a hundred rounds of that onboard and can actually see what we're shooting at right?"
  20. Sounds like a helluva mission - wonder why it took 7 6 years to award the medal?
  21. Cyber experts doubt FBI claims about hacking source Interesting...although I'm assuming (hoping) the FBI has more info than just what they're saying open source if they're pinning a cyber attack on a foreign government.
  22. Maxwell: -9% for O-4 & -8% for O-5...sucks for everybody that already signed leases for this summer....
  23. Since when does an international conglomerate corporation headquartered in Japan constitute "we"?
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