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  1. 800 pax (I'm sure many without IDs) all trying to clear customs at the Died? Cue the Benny Hill theme!
  2. Your #3 needs to be your #1. Seriously. This is a different job when you commute. The biggest foot stomp advice I got as a wee lad thinking about applying to airlines was "Don't commute!" As someone who lives in base but isn't senior enough to hold it, I can tell you my morale and will to live is completely different on trips that I commute on versus trips I pick up here in base. Things to consider when commuting: 1. Making sure there are flights that have empty seats to get you to your base 2. Booking at least 1 hotel per trip, maybe 2 if you get delayed or extended 3. Packing an extra pair of clothes for an extra night. This seems trivial but it makes a difference when I'm trying to shoehorn all my shit into my 737 approved roller bag. 4. If you have a late start to a trip, do you commute the morning of or the night prior? Spending all morning commuting just to start your pairing later in the day is probably the biggest kick to the crotch there is. If you commute the night prior, there's an extra hotel you have to pay for. 5. Weather delays or diverts. They happen often. So when you divert to Burnt Scrotum, NM as a commuter, it's on you to get home. As a non-rev passenger you're the lowest man on the give-a-shit scale for the airline. 6. Running through the terminal to catch the last flight home, only to watch it push back. This is my favorite. The list goes on. There are 6900 different factors to base your airline decision on, but if you know where you want to live, pick the airline with a base there. Upgrades, money, time off, etc all mean jack shit if you're commuting. Just my opinion.
  3. I'm no SWA sunshine pumper, but this is all a bit of hyperbole. 1. 73 for the rest of your life? "Like anyone can even know that." We have no idea what's going on tomorrow in this company, so it's a pretty bold statement that we'll be flying the 73 for the next 30 years (assuming you're ~35 years old now). I'd put a round of Boilermakers on us having a different airplane in the fleet in the next 30 years. 2. Multi-leg days? Sure. I don't know many guys/gals that do 1 leg a day, no matter the airline. And if you do, it's probably a long leg. I'd guess the duty days are about the same. Give me three 1.5 hour legs over one 7 hour leg, but that's just me. I've had plenty of trips with only one leg in a day. 3. Same towns? Doesn't every airline fly to the same towns? We have ~120 destinations and no one has added more in the past year than we have. If you think SWA isn't going to grow even more in the future than I don't know what to tell you. When looking at seniority, it really means jack shit if you can't hold the base you want to hold. Looking at retirements only tells part of the story. Can you upgrade faster at AA vs. SW? More than likely. But I'm assuming you'll be stuck in NY or MIA or whatever the junior CA bases are at AA. Just like you'll be stuck at OAK or LAX if you upgrade at SW. SWA isn't a bad place to work. Yes, it's all narrow body flying and that's not for everyone, but as a Herk guy who has a 3.0 ass, it's just like flying in the desert. Except no one is shooting at you and the loadmasters look better (sometimes). Only having one aircraft in the fleet is good and bad. As previously stated, if you want to fly something else, you can't (for now). At the same time, if I want to trade away a trip, I have roughly 4500 other FOs as trade partners. I can pick up extra flying as a reserve holder and even trade my reserve for a trip if someone is willing (supposedly most airlines don't have this option). 99% of the CAs I've flown with have been really great dudes that generally don't give a shit about how you fly as long as you get us there safely. On the other hand, the ra-ra OnE LuV shit is wearing off. We're all "one team, one heart" until they threaten furloughs 2 weeks before Christmas, knowing they had no intentions of actually following through with them. One thing that came out of it is our pilot group and Union are stronger than ever (this coming from the mouths of the old guys). The company thinks pilots will choose to come here versus others because we treat our pilots better and "we've never furloughed!" but that's all now bullshit. We get paid less per hour and we generally work harder. I'd advise anyone to do homework and pick an airline that fits your lifestyle. Also look at seniority at your desired base, not just company wide.
  4. My favorite memory from Bagram is the one where I was laying in bed after a 16-hour duty day and our 5th IDF alarm of the night went off and I thought "Fuck this, I'm going to the airlines".
  5. Spot on. I was a FAIP and was lucky enough to get my first choice out of my FAIP drop. I can't tell you how many of my former students were in my new ops squadron when I showed up. And guess who my IPs were during my upgrades? Those same former students. The same little shits that couldn't start a T-6 in less than 30 minutes in the 110 degree Del Rio heat, those were the dudes teaching me how to employ my MWS. To answer the career question: it won't affect you negatively one bit. I actually think it helped me. When I showed up to my ops squadron, I had immediate credibility because a) my former studs vouched that I wasn't a douche and b) I already had 1000 IP hours and that means something (granted this was in AMC, so YMMV in the CAF). I was fast-tracked to upgrade and generally wasn't treated like a 5-yr old like most other co-pilots. And the best part of it all was because I had all the IP hours and upgraded early to IP, I had a fuck ton of PIC hours which made my highly-anticipated move to the airlines just that much easier. No ragrets!
  6. Hold up. So reserve pilots not currently sitting reserve can't pick up premium as extra fly? Ouch.
  7. Keep in mind the beauty of the airline life is you can generally work as much or as little as you want. I tend to give away a lot of my trips and work far less than most of my bros. But let's say for one month I want to work my ass off just to make up some of the difference. Here at SWA I can easily pick up extra trips and make over $20K a month as a 2nd year FO if I play my cards right. Then go right back to sitting on my ass and not thinking about an airplane until a few weeks later. And to hit on an earlier subject, as a SWA PMer, I'd say we go out as a crew (pilots and FAs) about 98.69% of the time. The only time it doesn't happen is if the FAs have an early show and want to get some sleep. They don't have the same crew rest requirements so they get hosed sometimes when it comes to ground time.
  8. Well everyone's asking why they're offering such a shitty bonus, and the answer is because people are still taking it. Why would they raise it when they can keep it low and still have plenty of takers? Vote with your feet.
  9. This is what AFRC has for TRs. I just want to know if there is an ADSC, but not AD. Edit to add that this is only for certain airframes and locations.
  10. Can anyone confirm that the AFRC bonus for TRs does not incur any sort of commitment? Our MPF is telling us no, and it's probably correct, but a lot of us are hesitant to sign because we're fresh off AD and know Big Blue will try to go in dry with no lube when you let your guard down.
  11. You think they see that as punishment? Think of the pride they will have!
  12. There's a Sun n Fun Facebook group with a lot of knowledgeable people on it.
  13. Latest union email here at SWA said to expect the most robust schedule this March that we've had since last March. By my quick napkin math, we started the pandemic with ~9800 pilots. We lost ~700 due to mandatory retirements and voluntary early retirements. So that leaves ~9100 on the list, but we probably have another ~1000 still out on voluntary extended time off that will trickle back in in the next 4.5 years. They'll definitely recall every one of those pilots before running a new hire class, but I don't think there's any way those dudes/chicks will be out for a full 4.5 years. I think everyone believes they will be recalled much earlier. Gun to my head, If demand picks back up to anything close to 2019 levels, I can see us maybe hiring early next year, but I think that's best case scenario.
  14. The AF would be stupid to offer anything less than 5 years knowing the airlines aren't going to be hiring for at least a couple years. And I bet their 5-year bonus will have record take rates.
  15. So a cute nurse promised you the best sex of your life but all you could talk about is your ex? You're a stronger and better man than me. Congrats and good luck!
  16. 7 years in AMC and never had leave cancelled. The key is ducking out 2 days early so they can't ask you to come in.
  17. I separated from AD over a year ago and am now an AFRC TR. I haven't touched my Roth TSP since I separated and honestly kind of forgot I had it. Is there any benefit to me keeping it and picking back up the contributions vs. transferring it to my other Vanguard Roth IRA? The only benefit to the TSP was the matching portion, but I'd imagine I'd have to be AD for that to happen?
  18. Just FYI, you can do 100% of your VA disability stuff up until 1 year after separation and get back pay until your date of separation. This is what I did and had no issues.
  19. Seth is a really good dude and one of the biggest brains in the Herk community. I didn’t know he was doing ATPs but he should be everyone’s go to.
  20. Nothing a quick fax to the nearest base ops can’t fix.
  21. That's a nice set of Floggers right there
  22. When I was applying to OTS, my recruiter asked what other positions I'd like to put on my application. My words to him were "you can just put pilot down 3 times". He responded with "well putting other positions down shows the board that you're willing to do anything to join" and my response was "I'm not joining to be a nav. If I can't be a pilot, I don't want to be in the AF." I was selected for my pilot slot a few weeks later. Bottom line, don't put something down that you are not prepared to be doing for the next 6-9 years. You'll realize quickly that no one will look out for you but you.
  23. It's impossible to wash out of UPT these days so you'll probably be fine
  24. I'm a TR who can't travel to my unit because I'm out of the local area. It'd be nice to have that option but until then I'll just continue to sit on my ass, drink beer, and grow a beard.
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