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  1. Just because a process has "worked" on a small scale, does not give proof that its a secure model. Just because it has 'worked' has ZERO correlation to its susceptibility to fraud. "It worked" does not mean "it cannot be taken advantage of to win by any means necessary". Self checkout lines work. Is that going to stop a desperate crowd from stealing shit when the time comes?
  2. In the future, I'll be full time at my unit for a few months for deployment spin up, but will be coming from across the country. Different than just the UTA + some AFTP days once a month, where hotel provided and rental car is a cheap cost. I should have lodging provided as I'll be outside commuting distance.. any tips on car? Or other tips in general on being outside commuting distance for 2-3 months? I also plan on cancelling my lease out of state to save on rental payments. Thanks
  3. Nothing about that sounds like a solid deal.
  4. What luck have guard guys had being able to sell it back? I'll be coming off orders at the end of Sep....
  5. I did AMS in 2014, UPT 2015, B Course 2016.. all of those were Title 10. When I did MEST however in 2017, it was about to be T10 but then NGB apparently came down and made them T32. I thought UPT+BCourse was always T10 because of where the money was coming from
  6. Also, as Guard/Reserve, any time you accrue under Title 10 orders can be applied towards reduced retirement age, I think in 90 day increments. So for a guard baby, that should at the very least be 2 years (AMS/UPT/BCourse) plus any deployments subtracted from Guard retirement age. Collect that money earlier! Its not automatic. You gotta go on vMPF, search for it, upload all your orders, and they gonkulate a new retirement date for you.
  7. Nice dig. The nation's leading experts are recommending the widespread use of masks -- not to protect the wearer from acquiring the virus -- but to help prevent those with the virus from spreading it further. For example, coughing with a mask on probably reduces the distance of the droplets. If you're within radius of the droplets though, and have a mask on, it probably wont do shit. My reading comprehension taught me that cloth mask filtration with virus is almost 0%. "Self-contamination through repeated use and improper doffing is possible. For example, a contaminated cloth ma
  8. Masks can actually make things worse....
  9. Hired in september. Do you have dates yet? Have you even done anything officially on military duty? I just don't know if you have much room to work with. If you were off at training and they fired you... for sure. But it sounds like you were actively working for the company, and they chose to release you.
  10. rancormac


    Geico is way cheaper. USAA is run by cucks now.
  11. My initial enlistment paperwork (Form 4 I think? Maybe before that in the recruiter packet) listed 4 years service commitment. There was a disclaimer that it was contingent on passing follow-on training/commissioning. When it came time to graduate from UPT, only the active duty kids went to some separate meeting and signed the paperwork. Chatting with other guard bros, we don't recall signing or seeing the 10 year ADSC paperwork. Nothing in my personnel folder either. For what its worth.
  12. Why not just do a pulmonary function test and actually measure VO2 max then??
  13. Bump Anyone been successful with this? Got my multi engine mil comp about a year ago, before the memo.
  14. Need a new sage green boot ("flight" if able)... Got wide feet. What do you guys recommend? I just ordered a pair of Belleville 693s from US Patriot Tactical as buddies recommended those.. but theyre on closeout, too small, cant return now.
  15. 33 yr, got masters before joining, no intentions of going back to school, not married, no kids... Is my GI Bill just going to go to waste? Sounds like I can save it (way down the road) for future spouse/dependent, or use it for additional aircraft ratings?
  16. General PSA... The number of sh!tty cover letters and resumes I've seen is ridiculous. If you're sending a resume, it should include a cover letter. Research what makes a good cover letter. Double check the grammar and spelling. Everyone knows you've wanted to fly a jet since you were little or it would be the best job ever. The cover letter should summarize your qualifications and highlight what will set you apart from others, or suggest why you will succeed in the pipeline. Get the unit right. Dont confuse the SQ # with the Wing #. Do some research on the job you're applying to.
  17. I was in your shoes. I worked for one of the top defense contractors for 8 years as an engineer. The money was great, benefits, super flexible work schedule. Almost zero accountability. After over a year dealing with idiotic shoe clerks in the accessions process, you begin to wonder "wtf am i getting myself into??". I can't decide for you, but from my personal experience, after the crappiest, 12 hour day filled with BS at UPT, I'd go back to my 200 square foot mold infested "dorm" room and think to myself "This is still a thousand times better than sitting in a cubicle all day". At
  18. Something to keep in mind for guard dudes... Any contributions to TSP (BRS or not.. but now dudes under BRS are more likely to be contributing finally... as you should) still count towards IRS personal contribution limits ($18k per year I think)? So if you're working for another civ job and contributing to your 401k, both account contributions combined technically cant go over the annual $18k limit.
  19. That's definitely what I did and passes the common sense test. I just couldn't find anything in the JTR that I could reference supporting it incase finance wigs out
  20. Went to Edwards for a course and the closest airport is 90 min away in Ontario and diff Per Diem area. I'm authorized lodging around airport site for an early flight out the next day right? Would I have 2 per diem locations (airport and course)? Ive combed through the JTR and I cannot find where- 1. It mentions flying into airports outside of TDY location 2. Lodging allowed in airport location prior to return travel
  21. I have a waiver for it. I was 'diagnosed' with it shortly out of the womb, and paranoid mother always made sure I had preventative inhalers. I was able to take multiple PFTs (w/ methacholine challenge), pass with flying colors, and provided a solid packet of evidence for the waiver. Approved indefinitely. 1. Do you know for certain you actually have asthma? You could be in the same situation I was... Can you go run a few miles without the inhaler and not keel over aside from being out of shape? Probably a misdiagnosis.... It's common for young children to get misdiagnosed by q
  22. The finance O-5 is currently telling me I'm not entitled
  23. Off the street guard hire, just PCSd to home unit after finishing B Course. Finance is refusing to pay DLA because they are considering it my "final PCS" I also had to stay in a hotel / friends couch for 20 days because my HHG shipment was 3 weeks late delivery. I tried to claim 10 days TLE and they are also not paying, stating the "final PCS" reason I've read the JTR... I think I'm eligible for both. Anyone have other interpretations of it?
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