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  1. I picture guys in sparkly tights,holding each other and sobbing uncontrollably
  2. Saw one like that on'08. Said to my wife "did you just see..." And she said "a body flying through the air??" 17 year old girl,dead before I ever got to her.
  3. I'm just a love machine........
  4. The article I read said the pilot was able to eject safely.........
  5. The horror..... I hope they brought in councilors for the victims.
  6. Aren't there AF guys flying EA-6's now?
  7. Just finished a mission on combat flight simulator when I came in and read this. Damn straight it's high stress! I'd write more but I gotta hit the drive thru at burger king.
  8. I feel sorry for the guy, fighting to save his ship and passengers only to fall into a lifeboat.
  9. If she looks like the fight attendants I've had on my trips in the last few years,she'd blend right in there.....
  10. Why I joined the Marine Corps back in the day. Just sayin...... Oh and hats off to the REAL A.F.
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