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  1. I have a dual-rated gig on a small (tiny) island in Micronesia as a contractor. Take home is less than $100k, but it's tax free, my house is included, and there's no car payments or associated insurance as there are no POV's on Island. I work 3 days a week with a minimum 4 hour lunch break, which I often spend spearfishing in warm, clear water. Home every day by 5pm, play golf and go scuba diving at least 3x a week. Polo shirt and board shorts to work, and was told on day one to never come in unless I'm flying that day. I'll never make Delta money, but my QOL (for me) is untouchable and I have well into 6 figures of play money year after year with retirement. While the remote island life is not for everyone, the point is there are plenty of amazing opportunities out there that are off the beaten path if you go searching. The industry needs us, which is pretty exciting.
  2. Grabby

    Enlisting vs OTS

    If you really want to be a pilot, finish school. Go guard/reserve. Their pilot slots are separate from the active duty pool.
  3. Grabby

    Ever Considered Expating?

    So, anybody? Furthermore, do any of you see moral/ethical dilemmas in doing so?
  4. Grabby

    Ever Considered Expating?

    Bit of a revive. I'm in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and would be happy to discuss any aspect of living here. (Edited so it's no longer a drunk rambling)
  5. Grabby

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I don't understand twitter. Is this guy a cadet?
  6. Are these the U-2/Shuttle pics you were referencing? http://blackbirds.net/u2/u2_photo_gallery/shuttle-launch-images/
  7. Grabby

    Asiana 777 Crash at SFO

    Every time I see a clip of this accident, I'm dumbfounded more didn't die. Boeing makes a hell of a good product.
  8. Grabby

    Pilot over-reliance on automation.

    Just read an article this morning on how the Asiana pilot flying the approach at SFO was extremely nervous having to fly a visual.
  9. you for ever having encouraged others to click on that.
  10. I can tell you that neither one of my South African friends shed a tear over his passing. In fact they both had rather harsh things to say while he was still sick. True, their status quo as whites changed greatly once the ANC and Mandela came into power, but they've implied that SA turned to shit pretty rapidly in the mid-90's. One transplanted here with his family as some of their relatives were murdered, and the other came over in his early 30's to escape the destruction of any semblance of civility in his home nation,
  11. Grabby

    White Male Club

    Are you ######ing kidding? How many black, homosexual, atheist woman want to fly fighters? Why are those at the Pentagon (and liberals leaders) so damn interested in quotas? Filling quotas is bad business if you're truly interested in hiring the highest quality individuals for an extremely demanding job. Sometimes it sounds like you've forgotten any lesson you may have learned as a CGO (for instance, like how spectacularly unfair of an advantage minorities have getting into and staying in UPT). It appears that you and your cronies have totally succumbed to the liberal/corporate mentality that pervades the upper echelon. The ideal of completely perfect quotas is not an enlightened viewpoint which the lower ranks are either not privy to, or too barbaric to understand. It's just a short-sighted appeasement which weakens our fighting force.
  12. Grabby

    Aviator's Joke of the Day

    A man is drinking alone in a bar when a pretty girl walks in. She orders two double shots, and kills 'em both in seconds. The man, who hasn't said a word all night, asks the woman why she's drinking so heavy this evening. She looks over and says "My bastard boyfriend just broke up with me. He said I was just too kinky for him". At this, the man perks up and exclaims "No way! My girlfriend just broke up with me because I'm too kinky!" Well, soon after they decide to ditch the bar and head back to her place to get a bit crazy. Immediately after walking into her apartment, the lady locks the door, releases a sex swing from the ceiling, and tells him that she's going to change into something more "comfortable". A few minutes later she walks out of her room in a full leather S&M outfit, complete with a riding crop and chains. To her surprise, though, the guys is zipping up his pants and unlocking the door. She is taken aback, and asks "What the hell?! I thought we were going to get kinky!", to which the guy responds, as he's walking out the door, "Lady, I just ######ed your dog and shit in your purse! What else do you want from me?"
  13. Grabby

    More SARC briefings soon.

    JTDFC. If you truly are who you claim, the Air Force is ed. I don't say that lightly.
  14. Grabby

    Lt Col Wilkerson sexual assault case

    And all the while Metzger is still riding her way up. UFB
  15. Grabby

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Suck a bag of dicks. A good leader would get the ###### out and go make a difference somewhere where they were actually given the authority to lead.
  16. Grabby

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Say what you will, but the fact that a specific E is being talked about on this forum says enough about him and his actions.
  17. Grabby

    Cannon AFB

    He didn't have to twist them. Your view on junior enlisted is why there is a held disdain for many in the officer corps. There are 168 hours in a week, and they chose the absolute worst hour to run this kind of event. Think what you will, but unless there were realistic and believable last-minute reports of an unknown populous at the dorms using drugs, this was a bullshit move. And since no one has mentioned mass drug tests, I'm assuming that wasn't the case. I guarantee no one notified the dorm residents as to why their last day of the weekend was ######ed up, either. If you think that's alright, I'm guessing you've somehow acquired the notion that you are far better and more deserving than the troops we're supposed to lead.
  18. Grabby

    Cannon AFB

    WTF does anything you've typed have to do with AF airmen? Or being a productive LEADER to them? Every dude on here would blow their roofs if we were treated that way, especially if you were stationed at the shithole that is Cannon. So you've got a bunch of young airmen, at a locale with zero morale, and you wake them up at 0400 on a weekend to ###### with them more? For what cause? Can you not see why anyone with a reasonable chance to jump ship ASAP would do so?
  19. Grabby

    Tim Tebow (NSFW)

    Am I the only one who sincerely hopes I'll one day be blessed enough to have the opportunity to punch you in the face?
  20. Grabby

    DoD "ready" for DADT repeal

    Yes I do. I'd say it's pretty apparent you were never a Shirt. Or known one that well. At least not one worth a shit.
  21. Grabby

    DC Guard Midair

    The chick on the left has the biggest ######ing cans I've ever seen in mess dress. Oh yeah, TIB can suck my dick.
  22. Grabby

    Bent Aircraft

    "Impersonate pilots on the internet" -joe1234
  23. Adios, mother######er Edit: Can I have the privilege to say ######?
  24. I'm assuming getting drunk and ######ing horny chicks on a Friday, then bullshitting your way out of a potentially negative situation on Monday to you is showing a complete lack of moral fiber. Congrats on being self-righteous. Unfortunately you're being retarded in assuming that your bros lack of morality on your gauge equals a propensity for sexual assault. And don't call them your "bros". If you're view on them is that of distrust and gall, then they are merely "coworkers".