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  1. IFC1s take time and money, so just like anything, you wont be given one unless you need it, i.e.being Rated. So you're in the process of applying to an Officer Training School Selection Board with pilot as your priority. If/when you actually get selected for a pilot position that's when they'll start the SF86 process and schedule your IFC1. If you don't pass you IFC1 you may be offered a different position, or you can opt out of the process no harm no foul. However, say you're selected for CSO, or even security forces officer; what we've been told is that if you decline being an OTS select in any way, then yes the door to active duty gets shut. If you really wanna try your luck if you get selected for AD Pilot, you could go through and get your IFC1 done, get your SF86 sorted, apply to Guard units, and if you get in, burn your bridge to AD at that time. It would probably not be pretty but you're certainly free to try it.
  2. Thanks man! Been a long time lurker, but as that old SOB Gandhi said “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ... We need not wait to see what others do.” So I've decided to dip my toes in this community, and as far as I can tell there are almost no 18Xs that are active in this on this forum, only 11Us. Hopefully through dialogue I'll continue to gain insights that may prove useful at some point in the future. Such as, was I aware that URT dudes get limited time on "real" reapers, and I've heard that the data link is indeed expensive. I'll add your anecdote to my collection, and validate it whenever I can. If they are indeed as expensive and numerous as you say it would be an interesting point that could be leveraged one day. Is there a big difference between "real" and "Simulated" RPA hours? Absolutely not. Its borderline hilarious that they would spend 250K training 18Xs without them even hitting the requirements for a PPL during training.
  3. I was just making a point. I'm willing to bet that the total cost is absolutely less the 100K. I got my numbers from the GAO "The Air Force spends considerably less to train RPA pilots than it does to train manned-aircraft pilots. Specifically, Air Education and Training Command officials estimate that the Air Force spends about $65,000 to train each RPA pilot to complete Undergraduate RPA Training. Conversely, these officials estimate that the Air Force spends an average of $557,00" Which seems reasonable compared to the estimates given above. Its also safe to assume that they receive less training after URT as well, as AETC's page states "Unlike traditional pilots who would expect to be wingmen or co-pilots in initial combat mission ready status, the RPA pilots are immediately solo and in charge of their mission upon reaching mission ready status." Which I would assume would happen shortly after URT. Also according to the CC of the 432d Wing "Today, the “vast majority” of upgrade training for RPA crews happens on “combat lines,” Cheater said". I'm just saying they seem to do a lot with less. https://www.gao.gov/assets/670/662467.pdf https://www.aetc.af.mil/Flying-Training/ http://www.airforcemag.com/MagazineArchive/Pages/2019/March 2019/For-MQ-9-Crews-2019-is-Time-to-Reap-Just-Rewards.aspx
  4. Thought it would be fun to add the 18X URT cost just as a comparison. Kinda shows where the RPA guys stand in the food chain.
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