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  1. Perhaps a stupid question as I’ve never flown a fighter, but breaking out at 1,000ft, in a dive at 550+ knots, would he have even had the reaction time to max perform the jet?
  2. I have both sets of my wings on my OCP and I think they look fine. I have both the old school DriFire multicam and the new Massif OCP and I personally think they look fine. The DriFire blouse has more room above the pocket to fit so it looks better, with both wings on the Massif OCPs they push right up next to the seam.
  3. Anecdotally, it seems to me more fixed wing guys ball it up during the admin phase, and more rotary wing guys ball it up in the terminal/tactical phase. I don't recall the last time I heard of a pointy nose type not pulling out on dive delivery, but I have heard of plenty planting it short of the runway. Conversely, I have friends no longer with us who have drove straight into the dirt trying to infil or use guns down low. I'm not saying one is better or worse than the other, but in my memory that's what stands out.
  4. Most aircraft in Naval aviation are that way. Required equipment mostly mirrors the FAR/AIM for flight conditions your going into, the rest of the equipment is up to the discretion of the AC. In 14 years in the Navy, after signing for the aircraft, I never asked my boss for permission/waiver to fly for something broken. It was always a discussion between me and maintenance on what the broken part meant to the aircraft, but the final call was up to me.
  5. The irony is I want to fly like that and it’s like pulling teeth to get on the schedule more. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Danner makes a helluva comfortable boot that is really similar to the Nike.
  7. So, I’m active, not AGR, but hopefully this helps. Did you actually submit an application for the bonus through the MyPers website (does ARPC do it that way?) I ask because I transferred from the Navy in Aug19 and immediately asked AFPC about the bonus. Due to admin stuff associated with my transfer, the lady running the program couldn’t get me paperwork to sign until Oct 19,!well after the cutoff date. Since I had applied online before the cutoff date, I was allowed to remain on the FY19 program even though I didn’t have an approved application until after the due date.
  8. Obviously the Army has it figured out since they teach only helo flying with no previous fixed wing time, but I think learning how to fly planes first helped me be a better helo pilot. Plus, considering how few helo pilots there are in the AF (in the grand scheme) it seems better suited to getting a quality spread of pilots into the aircraft.
  9. The AF is doing this? Damn that’s a bad idea. Are the helo guys just gonna sign a contract with the AF to go straight helos and not worry about class drops, etc?
  10. I’ve known guys who got their medical degree when they were 50. You can’t start out as a military pilot much older than early 30s. My advice, pursue the flying.
  11. Looks like line numbers are popping into MyPers now.
  12. Unless I'm missing it, the CY20B board isn't showing on the increments yet? Copy on the line number, I'll ask my CC!
  13. Not that anyone will be pinning on anytime soon until the Senate confirms, but how long till we find out our line numbers? Off my date of rank I'm pretty senior but I'm curious how this much this merit based reorder will affect that.
  14. I’m deployed and my home unit commander called me on Wednesday afternoon to let me know.
  15. Call it a win; #3/9, P, "one more DP to give", and IDE in-correspondence complete
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