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  1. Don’t the OSBs only say IDE/SDE complete now? No mention of in residence or correspondence. Not sure about masters degrees since those are masked till O-6 anyways.
  2. Ever send an email to finance or comm and your issue get fixed right away? Compare that to going into said office and standing there in front of the person’s desk till it’s fixed? Virtual is good but it can’t replace the impact of face to face.
  3. When I still flew helos the squadron I was in made it a point to get sister services mishap reports, to include the privileged info. Sometimes the other safety offices would initially balk but we would always end up getting the full reports.
  4. Probably wait till week of 28 Sep at the earliest to avoid any overshadowing with the SSgt release next week.
  5. Interesting, I just get one lump payment for all of it.
  6. Can't speak for the Army, but in the Navy it was virtually unheard of to promote BTZ. About 10 years ago there was ~5 guys that did select BTZ to O-4 and they all struggled and most failed to make the subsequent rank. I think there was 1 dude last year that was BTZ to O-4, so it's rare. Making O-4 is the goal simply to be able to retire, the Navy has for years let O-4s get to 20. For comparison, last year the Navy promoted ITZ at about 70% to O-4 and about 60% to O-5. My understanding of the merit based reordering is that the decision on who goes where was made at the board. If Generals are bickering now about who goes where that's just absurd. Not saying it's not happening, it just defeats the intent of the FY-18 NDAA that authorized it. *Edit to add that my info is for pilots.
  7. The annoying part, if it is the reordering that’s delaying it, is that other services have already implemented the process without any issues like this.
  8. And have an MC rate in the single digits. That’s a Navy Osprey, affectionately known as a plopter. Not sure if their availability rate is better than ours. The Navy ‘plans’ to use it as a COD replacement but I have a strong feeling it’s going to end up doing a helluva lot more than just ass and trash back and forth from the boat.
  9. Yeah, my thought too. The 22 Jul date was a month old when it finally populated in the tracker. My CC is still holding on to the end of September. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Cool idea but for a large plane, anything other than a calm to mild sea would seem absolutely terrifying.
  11. No one around me seems to know if this is just for base pay or all taxable pay. Anyone have any gouge?
  12. I dunno where he go the info, but my sq/cc came and told me the results will be out by the end of September We’ll see.
  13. The O-5 board...now over two months sitting at the CSAF/SECAF staff. Good grief. 😑
  14. I wonder if a ‘commendable’ would have as much a positive effect on you getting hired as a Q3 would on you potentially not getting the job.
  15. Hopefully it was one of his ring fingers so they can change his callsign to ‘The Shocker’.
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