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  1. The amazing thing is it's not exactly like the API building is just inside the gate either. It's a bit of a drive from any gate you go through to get there.
  2. The Navy started merit based reordering last year. I have two friends that both screened for O-5 and squadron command. One guy ‘merit reordered’ to promote at the start of the new FY, the other didn’t. Both were weapons school grads, had masters degree, and jpme-1 complete. Point being, a lot of squadron commanders (and the rest of us) were left scratching our heads on what was being used to define the merit reorder. It’ll be interesting to see what the AF uses.
  3. They also do English language training and some other training as part of the FMS training. When I went through several of the foreign guys I went through with would be given a lot more opportunities/rollback. They were typically only one or two from their military in the country and so they sorta ‘had’ to pass.
  4. Any chance you can give details/opinion on what is perceived to be inferior?
  5. The FY-18 NDAA created the option for 5 years zones. My Google-fu is weak and I’m unable to find anything about it getting rid of the need for continuation if 2x failure to select, so perhaps a loophole?
  6. Looks like there might be an opening up at Beale for anyone looking for a airframe change. https://taskandpurpose.com/u2-pilot-fired-cocaine-drug-test
  7. So to quote the venerable Lloyd Christmas, ‘so you’re saying there’s a chance’.
  8. Existential threat? Depends on how nuanced you want to make the definition. Can the camel jockeys stand toe-to-toe with the US and threaten our existence in a straight up fight? No. Can the camel jockeys drain our treasuries and bankrupt our economy? Possibly. Afghanistan has been previously referred to as ‘where empires go to die’.
  9. Curtis LeMay comes to mind here. Why? Because the last time we actually did this (WW2), we won. Do we need to flatten or firebomb cities? Perhaps not, but we have been fighting a war since 2001 so maybe it’s time to rethink the current ROEs?
  10. Career timing and post military opportunities. In the Navy, if you don’t screen for squadron command the odds of flying post department head (ADO) are almost zero. For me personally, I’m a senior O-4 that flew helos in the Navy and I was looking at a non-flying desk job for at least three years. With no guarantees of flying afterwards (even though I volunteered for UPT instructor, etc), and the Air Force offering me the chance to fly heavies for at least the next four years, it was a no brainer. Even if I don’t fly till I retire I’ll have a lot better shot at the majors afterwards instead of slogging through the regionals for 5-6 years waiting on flow through. The same applies to a lot of the guys I know that have swapped over. No real aspiration for command but happy to fly our asses off for the rest of our careers. That, and the 75 day tanker deployments are quite ok when compared to 6-9 month boat deployments.
  11. Whether Gallagher was guilty or not, the Navy prosecutors were doing some straight up shady shit. The whole episode, from start till now, has made a mockery of the military justice system.
  12. If Altus is indicative of the rest of the Air Force, that 54 is all of us former gold wingers who switched over. I can count at least 5 dudes I know of in the C-17 and KC-135 pipeline. It helps but no where enough to really even make a dent in that ~2100
  13. They have to be made on a GTC unless your GTC doesn't work. I've done that a couple of times when my GTC didn't work for various reasons. You are then allowed to use your personal card. I think the takeaway was by having the cadet use their GTC to pay for her room, the cadet is now on the hook for paying that expense off, not her. I agree with you though on the overall idea of the GTC.
  14. Our OG exec asked for our info but said no guidance has been given as they are still waiting on the PSDM. They wanted our inputs to be ready when it comes out.
  15. When I lived in San Diego I would occasionally hop a Spirit flight back and forth to Vegas for about $30 each way. Just walked up to the counter and go. It also worked well when I’d go support the Trough during Nellis weapons school classes and going home on the weekends. Cheap, easy. But, just like betting in Vegas, it was money I could afford to lose, and I did a couple of times. Their reliability is such that’d I’d never plan an actual trip.
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