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  1. Bigred

    Top Gun 2

    The second official trailer for Top Gun 2 was just released. At 1:33 it gets really exciting!
  2. Need a sanity check on my plan. Moving OCONUS, will be authorized NTS. I plan to personally-procure NTS (lots of guns and ammo) for the duration of my time overseas. The part I need some eyes on. Assuming my post-OCONUS tour is back somewhere stateside, I plan on combining the OCONUS PCS with the follow-on CONUS PCS to move my stuff from my personally-procured NTS to wherever my CONUS duty location is at. Of course, I'll just leave my stuff in storage if I go OCONUS-OCONUS. The reason I am doing personally-procured NTS is I have thousands of dollars worth of custom handloads for my rifles (competitive target shooting) and I don't want to just give them away. I also don't have a ton of crap so I'll be well within my weight limits. As I read the JTR 051301.d and AFI24-602v4,, my plan works but I want to make sure I'm not missing an AFI somewhere.
  3. Learning has occurred. Thanks.
  4. The Air Force offers continuation to non-select Captains?
  5. After everything I’ve read in this thread about the weight of a DP, I feel bad for that one dude that was an IPZ DP and didn’t promote.
  6. Is there a standard, generic nametag design/colors used for the flight suit? I commission in a few weeks and I need to get one made before I report to Altus. I saw this on the RamaWorld website. https://www.ramaworld.com/name-tags-1/squadron-name-tags/af-standard-name-tag-af-blue-bg-af-yellow-border-rama-world-inc Is this legit?
  7. I dunno if there’s a formal study but just a cursory glance at promotion zone percentages shows that’s a fact. BUPERS publishes stats after every board and aviators are typically at the bottom of the pile percentage wise.
  8. You may be aware, but if you retire from the reserves you don’t get any retirement pay until you ‘pay back’ the severance. Usually means two-ish years without a retirement paycheck.
  9. Moving to England, don’t have orders yet but fully expect to be authorized to take a car with me. If I take a car, then get orders to somewhere I can’t take it (i.e., Kadena) will the govt ship it back to CONUS and then store it?
  10. From conversations with my Navy bros, looks like Iranian limpet mines. That said, and my own opinion, it was more a ‘we could’ve sunk you but we didnt’ move. Aka, flexing muscles.
  11. Senate just finished markup of the FY-20 budget. Hopefully some nuggets of info makes it way out what was recommended for bonuses.
  12. All I take away from this thread is the sheer dedication by all hands to keep your rep pegged at 777
  13. That’s sorta like the telephone on my desk at work. If I wait long enough, it’ll just stop ringing.
  14. Following the O-4/O-5 results for my own learning. The O-5 LAF promotion board says it's "reported into OSD" as of today. Expected release date for both Maj and LtCol is now early-mid July.
  15. May have missed something like this in the past 30 pages. My interservice transfer comittment is 6 years and will take me to just shy of 21 years total service. However, if I don’t pick up O-5, does the 20 year HYT trump the 6 year ADSC, or vice versa? From what I understand, I’m not obligated to accept continuation out to 24 if I don’t want to.
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