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  1. You’d be surprised some of the dumb shit sailors will do.
  2. I mean, there are multiple unfilled requests for PR support across multiple AORs, so I don’t think the need is going away.
  3. Check this picture out. It looks like it was almost zero forward airspeed at impact.
  4. Here's a random question for the masses. Doing the interservice transfer into the Air Force, spoke with the IST office today about what kind of orders I will get. I was expecting TDY enroute to Mildenhall, but the SSgt said they typically issue PCS orders to IST officers for pay purposes. Question 1: Is there a max length for a TDY for training before it must become a PCS? I.e., if they project 180+ days, it's automatically a PCS? A follow up, and the opposite question, can a PCS be written for potentially as short as 4 months? Question 2: If I do in fact get PCS orders, I plan on leaving my family at my current PDS while I go through the FTU. The Navy has a policy called "geographical bachelor", which basically means you get BAH for where your dependents are at and get a free room in the BOQ where your PDS. You have to use government quarters though, if you stay anywhere else it's on your own dime. Does the Air Force have anything similar? If not I’ll probably have to bring the family with me as it’ll be expensive to pay for two rents. The plus side of doing a PCS to Altus and then another PCS to Mildenhall is that my timeline takes me from FY19 to FY20, so I'll get two full DLA payments, on top of the travel costs.
  5. The Air Boss (Navy 3-star Admiral) basically wagged his finger at them and said "shame, shame". Both guys recently promoted. For once, logic prevailed.
  6. Looks like Danerys took a page out of the ‘Curtis Lemay’s method of attacking a city’ playbook.
  7. I’m not an airline guy (yet) but from what I have gathered is that some dudes drop a day of mil leave to get out of an undesirable 3-4 day long trip. I understand that it’s most prevalent around holidays, etc. Thats apparently perfectly legal to do but they are buddy-ing someone else who now has to pick up said undesirable trip. I can also see how it’d leave a bad taste in management’s mouth if enough dudes did it.
  8. Pretty sure UPT time has to be logged as ‘dual received’ since the students aren’t rated yet. SIC would apply once complete with UPT and winged.
  9. Nah, Bran isn’t ISR, he’s cyber. Hence why he didn’t see it happening.
  10. Like my ex-wife, they have to occasionally take a breath between spewing hate and discontent.
  11. AMD deployment? Reading between the lines, it sounds super awesome...
  12. Going AD, heading to join the boys out in Mildenhall.
  13. All of the talk in the PRF/promotion thread about MyVector, etc, made me start wondering about jobs at the O-4/O-5 level. I’m getting nearer to my switch over to the AF and I’m trying to get some clarity on what I can expect as I don’t have access to anything in MyVector, etc. For SA, I’m switching over to fly the 135, and my first set of orders will have me with a squadron flying like normal. After that, what options exist? For comparison, in the Navy after a senior O-4 tour with a squadron, if you don’t make squadron command there’s an almost zero percent chance of ever flyingp again. From what I understand, there’s a higher likelihood of flying in the Air Force as a non-command O-5, and I have to imagine that if I don’t pick up O-5 that I’ll have greater flexibility in staying in the cockpit. That said, I’m not naive about how the machine works and I know non-flying jobs are a possibility as well. It’s a broad question but I appreciate any gouge on what I can expect. EDIT. To focus any input, what do I do to stay in the cockpit for the rest of my career? Can I volunteer to stay in a normal ops squadron? Go to an OSS and augment as a ‘guest flyer’?
  14. It was virtually unheard of for age waivers prior to this change so I’d be surprised if one could get approved now. That said, if you don’t ask the answer is automatically no.
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