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  1. Counts as part of HHG. I don’t have the reference but that’s how it played out for me.
  2. Postal PPM is a thing. I did it conus to OCONUS. As long it’s mailed through the USPS, totally legit. The govt will reimburse you for a flat rate for the weight of stuff being shipped.
  3. Got the same email. Bros in the office say it’s a sweet deal, I’ve been gone so much over the past few years otherwise I’d probably put in for it too.
  4. Anyone know or have a contact at AFPC that deals with promotions? Can send to my .mil if needed.
  5. My kids have watched his YouTube channel for awhile. Dude is funny and brilliant.
  6. Seems like it but I dunno for sure.
  7. Tracker on myPers says it convened on 4 May but hasn’t been updated to reflect adjournment.
  8. Nope, transferred to active duty but I’m OCONUS so I’m avoiding the true AMC shenanigans for now. Just gotta play the long con and make it to retirement.
  9. I’m jealous of you having 19 months between deployments.
  10. When I flew the 60 I was able to fly 1v1 against an -18. I could out turn him all day and if I flew low and directly at him, he couldn’t get a gun kill without going uncomfortably nose low. In the debrief he said he’d just drop a bomb on me and if I climbed to avoid frag he’d shoot me with his gun.
  11. Doesn’t affect me personally but I’m hearing dudes that were enroute to OCONUS are getting rerouted to CONUS bases. If so, talk about getting a kick in the nuts, thinking you get 3 years in Europe but instead you get three years in McConnel!
  12. Control yourself before you try to control others. If you have a disease or have an immunodeficiency, it’s on you to avoid situations that puts you at risk. Case in point, saying it’s irresponsible for 200 boaters to be on the water while ignoring the hundreds of people at Wal-Mart sorta defeats the argument. I’m more at risk being near the fat fvck hacking in the cereal aisle than I would be if I was on my Bassmaster 3000. Hell, if you’ve never been fishing on a lake before, boaters typically get pissed if you’re closer than a 100 yards from their fishing hole. My bigger point, I can get behind barring gatherings in a place like a movie theatre, or sporting events. When you start telling people they can’t go hiking, by themselves, or can only exercise within a few hundred yards of their house, we’ve officially reached Ludicrous Speed.
  13. The Navy gives a ship CO an incredible amount of latitude on how they deal with their boat. The Admiral has a say, but it’s mainly on having boat A in location B to do the fighting. 99.9% of the actual boat day-to-day is left up to the CO. In my opinion, what makes this whole situation completely f-ed up is that SECNAV relieved him. If the relief was going to happen it should’ve been (or I would’ve expected) from the strike group admiral or 7th Fleet, or at highest Pac Fleet. The fact that it went all the way to SECNAV makes me think that the chain of command was actually OK with the letter.
  14. If something is classified, it gets sent via SIPR or higher. If something is sensitive but not classified, it gets sent encrypted on NIPR. Saying sensitive but not classified info now needs to go on SIPR is frankly BS.
  15. Two points that have irked me. First, nothing in the letter he sent was classified information. Having spent 18 years in the Navy, I’m pretty familiar with what reporting requirements are classified on ship readiness. The Captain was brilliant in the way he phrased his letter because none of it hit the classified mark. Second, he is being denigrated for the letter leaking. From some friends of mine on the 7th Fleet staff, he didn’t leak it, someone else did. Holding Capt Crozier responsible for it leaking would be the same as me sending a SIPR email, it gets leaked by someone on the to or cc line, and it’s my fault it leaked. Capt Crozier did what he needed to to help his sailors. I’m not surprised he got fired because it made his chain of command look bad, and people don’t like being told by their subordinates that they are all ed up.
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