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  1. Saw this sorta thing on MCAS Miramar, some dude (civilian) parked in the Sergeant Major spot. Said base SgtMaj decides to take his license plate and leave a note because dude wasn’t ‘authorized’ that spot. Same SgtMaj was singing a different tune when this dude got security forces to go visit the SgtMaj with an arrest warrant for stealing a license plate.
  2. Stupid question perhaps, I’m assuming your referring to those guys that haven’t finished their initial UPT commitment and are considering a reclass?
  3. In the interest of keeping the rumor mill fully operational, this is what a dude in my squadron just sent me.
  4. I don’t doubt that’s the case but this new focus seems like they are asking the MWS squadrons to make up even more.
  5. If no one has seen it yet, I’d suggest talking to your wing Flight Hour Program manager about the recent interest HAF has shown in pilot seasoning hours. The AF is trying to make up for the flying hours lost in UPT by the MWS squadrons/wings.
  6. A more accurate question, how many of those students actually pop positive for COVID? Is it statistically significant? That would give a far better answer to whether or not the instructors are working with a high risk population.
  7. I’ve always wondered, if a CC was fired for what ends up being false accusations, do they have any legal recourse? My guess is no, but I’ve never actually looked for an answer.
  8. How much say would you have in where you go for command? Ie, if you apply for AETC command, you take command of anything they give you, or can you say ‘I only want an FTU’, etc? Similarly for command in AMC, what’s your ability to only take command of a flying squadron vice whatever else is out there?
  9. The senior guys I trust the most are those guys that have made mistakes and pressed through it to get where they are today. I dare say they are better leaders overall because they had so much more to overcome to succeed as compared to a golden child.
  10. Being fairly new, I find it interesting how much attention is given to the CMSAF role and the person in it. In 19 years of the Navy, I couldn’t give you one name of a MCPON (Navy top enlisted). I guess my point, the CMSAF seems it’s more about the person and less about the job. At least that’s my perception.
  11. As the title suggests, I’m curious how much the Sq/CCs in the various communities fly? In my part of the world, they don’t seem to fly that often. I’m wondering if it’s similar elsewhere or if they all tend to minimally fly?
  12. I guess agree to disagree. The kid couldn’t handle being told he was all jacked up and imploded. I think it’s a good thing because who knows how he’d handle life after flight school.
  13. I mean, if he couldn’t handle the stress getting yelled at, how could he handle the stress of flying a combat aircraft? Sounds like he wasn’t so solid of a pilot.
  14. Don’t act like you don’t know the name of that mag 😂
  15. BAH is based on rental rates, not actual home prices, so the odd occurrence of home values increasing while rent decreases is what causes this. I saw it back in 2008 when I was stationed in Florida.
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