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  1. Bigred

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I thought it was no drinking within 50 feet of the aircraft and no smoking 12 hours before flight. You know, because hypoxia.
  2. As the title suggest, is there best way to find available flying AGR positions? Just call the units? I read the discussion of ART positions switching to AGR positions so it seems like there "should" be more AGR spots available. Seeing as how I'm still learning Air Force-isms, I'm not for sure where exactly to look or who to talk to. 8 of my 13 years flying in the Navy has been working in the reserve world which makes me want to find an AGR spot to keep the reserve vibe going, just having a helluva time finding said AGR spots!
  3. As I learn more about the Air Force as I work my interservice transfer, I'm learning more about AGR. Doesn't seem like a bad deal, or at least more laid back than active. My three questions, 1) Is AGR available to someone directly from active duty that flies a different airframe? I.e., does the unit hire someone and then put them through advanced airframe training if they aren't already qualified, or do they tend to want someone already qualified? 2) For the AGR positions, do they tend to hire from within over finding someone outside of the unit? Or do they expect someone to affiliate as a regular guardsman and then pick up AGR orders? 3) If you cross 20 total active years (any combination of active duty and AGR orders) does that qualify one for an active duty retirement? Thanks!
  4. Are the ANG/AFRC slots filled by active duty guys, or are these dudes that are coming through already identified as an ANG/AFRC pilot?
  5. - Yes - No - I have no idea Btw, I'm the dude that called and talked to you a few weeks ago about the U2. No go as of now from Tbone since I don't have quite enough fixed wing time, so I figure if I can make the transition work, I may reassess the U2 program after I get some fixed wing hours.
  6. Active duty, straight to Altus, with a 6 year comittment. I found an AFI that confirms since I’m Navy and we all have an initial fixed wing training pipeline that UPT is not required. It’ll put me at about 20.5 years total. As for the why, I’m on an 1:1 optempo right now but my deployments are 6 months long, with additional trips when not deployed. I’ve been doing that for the past 10 years so I could use the break the tanker community will give me. Plus, last year the Navy saw fit to promote about 35% of my designator to O-5 so odds are I have a pretty dang good chance to promote in the Air Force vice the Navy. The Navy faces a lot of the same leadership issues the Air Force does, so I’m used to it and will just suffer through while wearing a different uniform. I’ve got a few other reasons why but that’s the gist. I figure 6 years flying tankers for Big Blue gives me a higher percentage chance of walking straight into a major vice sweating it out in the regionals. Interestingly, depending on how some flow through works, I may end up in a major sooner than some of my bros doing the regionals now.
  7. Bigred

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    So I’m understanding correctly, a TFI unit is simply an active-duty unit that is located at either an ANG or Reserve base? Do you need to rush these units or are they assignable like any other regular active squadron?
  8. Bigred

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    Another revival. What are the deployment/TAD/dwell rates looking like now? If you had your choice of a tanker base, where would you go?
  9. All, I’m an active duty Navy helo dude that has been offered an active duty KC-135 slot. I’m an O-4 and if I switch I will have a 6 year comittment that will put me right over 20 years. What I am looking for is gouge on the tanker/KC-135 mission, deployments, homeguard work, family life, preferred duty stations, etc. What are realistic possibilities of keeping flying for those six years? Is it possible in the Air Force to volunteer for a DO job to stay flying or is the DO a screened position? I’ve searched but can’t seem to find any threads newer than a few years old. I’m trying to wrap my head around the Air Force as well as the tanker life to see if the juice is worth the squeeze. Helos are awesome but doesn’t translate well other than regional airlines on the outside. The is an alternative to walking directly into a major, and I’m gonna ride it out to 20 years anyways. Thanks. PM if needed.