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  1. Genghis John

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Hell that Rogoway probably gets off to this forum. Bet he has a great, “I woulda been a fighter pilot but...” story. Now he spends his time writing broad stroke factually incorrect aviation articles inbetween creating dirty tissues and Microsoft flight sim. I respect all that I work with that is the common respect men and women in uniform should extend each other as we are in this together for the greater good of something better than all of us. Sis don’t know what ya did and unless it’s going to come out in a safety brief don’t care to hear about it, her stardom probably had more to do with public affairs and others than her jumping into the spotlight. We all have seen good dudettes hit with that before. Maestro video had already been debriefed no way should be coming up again. As lord ratner pointed out we are in the business of killing people and if that offends the outside masses that stumble upon it then let me recap some of my deployment high lights the last 8 years see if that makes ya feel better. Chances are the offended are more apt to be ignorant and comy at home drinking shitty lattes. Political correctness can suck it and we as professionals should have the backs of or fells bros and bras until they have violated our trust and bond.
  2. Genghis John

    UPT Next

    So can we get leaders to lead and get buy in through their actions and not by communicating intent through blogs. Transform training...copy. We need to do that but don’t forget the aviate navigate communicate stuff that makes pilots compentant and an instructor corps in the squadron that’s focused on the new guys and not arbitrary taskers so they can make those pilots lethal.
  3. Genghis John

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I thought the what are my chances posts where limited to the upt candidate section....ffs 😔. bonus + no dui = o-5.
  4. It’s antiqated to think people are going to surrender 10 plus years of where their families live and continuly have no say in there career to just accept the “the needs of the Air Force,” an organization that isn’t even aware of their own needs.
  5. Probably textron with Debbie.
  6. Genghis John

    Car loans and interest rates

    I like buying used cars with <50k miles and for <15k cash. I have no data to back this I just do it and will always will and still don’t care to argue the benefits of It. it’s all a personal choice. I do however, cap lap dance prices at <30 bucks. Any thing else is just inflation.
  7. Genghis John

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Hopefully they’ll do so good the Air Force will offer us VSP.
  8. Genghis John

    Hurricane Michael

    For all the Tyndall folks displaced/deployed. NOAA posted some sat imagery of the affected areas. https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/
  9. Genghis John

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I won’t doubt the check of the month club padding is nice but in this given situation, the force retirements/mass hiring just to fill seats (not necessarily grow). I’d say you have just enough furlough protection with the numbers being hired behind you if your an early 2020s hire. About the same certainty that the gov isn’t going to chip away at your retirement.