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  1. flammable

    AFOQT Prep Book Recommendation

    dude honestly, just get an SAT prep book and crush it. Same types of maths and english only thing it wont help is the blocks and spatial orientation stuff which i would argue is something you either have a talent for or dont.
  2. flammable

    FCI and root canal repair

    They’ll tell you to get whatever works necessary done, email them the results and xrays and then approve you.
  3. flammable

    How not to be an annoying alternate?

    They'll call you (no seriously). But on that note, give it like 4-5 months then reach out and visit the unit again to keep the rapport.
  4. flammable

    Chances and Recommendations (ANG)

    Na, VT's last board was for 35. If I had to guess maybe WI
  5. flammable

    USAF / USA / USN / USMC Vision

    Had my FC1 done in the past month. I'd be very surprised if there's anything about your eyes they DON'T find out. It was essentially 3 days of eye testing with machines, doctors shining bright lights, and more doctors looking at your eyes. Had people dq for unnoticeable eye diseases and others told that waivers were possible for xyz issue. All depends on your severity which I don't think anyone here can answer unless you know 100% the background of your eyes.
  6. I've stated this before but assuming you're already enlisted/sworn in with your current unit, at the end of the day if you're accepted into another squadron/wing, you will need to fill out a transfer sheet which needs to be signed by your leadership and wing. If I were you, I would be 100% transparent while doing this.
  7. flammable

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    http://www.airforcemag.com/DRArchive/Pages/2018/February 2018/February 15 2018/USAF-Losing-700-T-6-Flights-Per-Day-While-Fleet-is-Grounded-Growing-Out-of-the-Pilot-Crisis-Making-Space-a-Priority.aspx
  8. Well you would at a minimum need a DD368 since you are already a member of another unit. You would be at the mercy of your wing leadership and if you blindside them with something like this that isn't going to help your situation at all especially before you have left...
  9. flammable

    Upcoming Boards

    same situation for me, haven't heard back at all either!
  10. flammable

    Upcoming Boards

    Due date was last week was it not?