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  1. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/05/21/trump-taps-barbara-barrett-former-aerospace-corporation-chair-as-next-air-force-secretary/ Seems like a strong pick.
  2. Where else would it go before crashing into a building?
  3. You're about to be at 777 posts so... what then?
  4. I was at a non-standard assignment last year when the CC asked for award nominees. Neither myself nor any of my peers supervised anyone. A few lower performing individuals submitted themselves. For a fraction of a second I considered submitting myself, but I just couldn’t do it. I also thought that there was no way the Commander would pick those guys over someone else with great performance who wasn’t self-promoting. He had a lot of options that weren’t those guys or even me. (note this was not a 1206 award process). All those folks who submitted themselves got picked. Pawnman might be on to something. What’s more frustrating than having to submit yourself for an award? Seeing those other guys win when you spent all year outworking and outperforming them. At least give it to the guy who outworked and outperformed me! Can’t imagine how irritated he is. What’s more frustrating than that? Never knowing which Commander you work for... the “people-person” one who takes the “1206” directly from the “customer” to the “engineer” or the one who penalizes you for submitting yourself. If only there were clear guidance on this... You hear that Bobs?!
  5. Buying stock in Boeing.
  6. Tell the truth and don’t worry about it.
  7. Yet rumor also has it that one of those two lines must contain a strat of 1-n by rank meeting board and 1-n overall. That means the #100/100 guy will know immediately that he should update his airline apps. If they increase the bonus, I think this could actually help the AF retain its top-rated folks. Now everyone knows where they are at. I’d expect the bottom 20 or more to self-eliminate and move on to greener pastures. On the other hand this could backfire if the bottom 50% start self eliminating. I would. There are plenty of jobs out there that would love an AF officer. ... but hopefully they don’t ask to see your AF records, because bottom ratings won’t be hidden in code words anymore. 🤔
  8. I’ve seen this in active duty. Didn’t sound complicated there. Maybe a waiver from MAJCOM. Don’t Guard units have a hierarchy with someone in charge of answering questions like this? Being Guard-curious, I’m wondering.
  9. A bit. It's luck and timing, performance, and who you know (how close you are to your senior rater). Fast burners that don't get picked up or nominated on first look for whatever reason are likely to get nom'ed second, and if not then, due to timing or other factors, then will get pushed hard on third look.
  10. Nah. You’re overthinking it. If it’s not one thing it’s another. We already hear “service before self” and “suck it up, you joined the military.” The retention issue the AF has right now is that pilots can say “no thanks” laughing all the way to the bank, as change the size of the current bonus is falling out of their pockets the whole way without even denting their bottom line.
  11. And yet they are compensated better. Interesting!
  12. Ah. This is the same day Sec. Wilson and Gen. Goldfein give their testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee. So this AMA is damage control. Makes sense now.
  13. Smart doing it on Reddit. Pilots will be less inclined to discuss pay in public especially in front of other AFSCs and enlisted who don’t have such a large wage gap on the outside. I wonder why they don’t have AMAs over medical officer’s retention?
  14. I really hope he goes to fly for Delta 🤣
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