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  1. New Ned Stark article. Argues against strats and forced distribution. However, word is AF wants to move to an Army system of top/middle/bottom third check boxes. https://warontherocks.com/2018/11/and-miles-to-go-before-i-sleep-the-air-forces-stratification-problem
  2. I talked to a few reserve guys (all in the same unit) and they made it very clear to me that they believed getting an active duty retirement in the guard or the reserves was a myth. They said the unit and the AF would never allow it. Something about not letting you enter sanctuary; not giving you active orders if it puts you in your last two years prior to 20. Thoughts? That advice is what has kept me in, but maybe it’s dated now, because this conversation keeps coming up.
  3. They'll get 9 more months out of you if they wait until July.
  4. The same way we get the fodder for the OPRs.
  5. Klepto

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Yes, I hear the U-2 program is pretty terrible 😂.
  6. Klepto

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Can’t say I disagree, but that’s not how things usually work.
  7. Klepto

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The next source would probably be AFSOC UPT T-38 guys no? Probably a lot more of those floating around.
  8. Klepto

    Tanker to Fighter

    I heard the last crop was so successful they will be retraining heavy dudes without T-38 time now, but they are only selecting from a pool of current instructors with a history of zero downgrades, who were top 10% of their class in UPT, DG’d ROTC, have at least 1000 hours of combat time in the KC-135, high and tights, no kids, and at least one OPR with the word “tactical.”
  9. Klepto

    Energy question - Challenge you to answer!

    It is actually well-known that it takes exactly the same amount of energy to decelerate a spacecraft in a closed system as it does to accelerate it... even less if you consider the friction of space and the reduced weight of the spacecraft after fuel burn. It IS well known that a de-orbit burn occurs in... orbit. Not a closed system by any stretch of the imagination. Even if your question had a valid premise, and it wasn’t your first post ever here, I doubt we would solve interstellar travel on this forum. Sorry.
  10. Klepto

    Energy question - Challenge you to answer!

    Why do you think more energy would be used to decelerate the spacecraft? In other words, where are you getting the premise that there would be a net loss?
  11. Klepto

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Tracking CAAs. I’ve just never heard of Advanced Advisors in AFSOC. I’m familiar with Air Advisors on the conventional side. Can you say what units employ Advanced Advisors?
  12. Klepto

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    What’s the difference between CAA and Advanced Advisors?
  13. Klepto

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    LAA is all about partnering with underdeveloped nations in the “real” long war... The majority of the world can’t afford our F-16s, even when we give them away. LAA fills that gap and makes us more friends faster. All the other talk is second-order stuff.
  14. Klepto

    What is right with the Air Force

    PAPERWORK!? I've never even heard of anyone being asked if they used their GTC.
  15. Klepto

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    USAF PT shirts should also sit in the back of one's closet 364 days out of the year...