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  1. If only there was someone who represented the AF’s needs to Congress. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  2. I don’t know. I’m not the expert. Ask the AF PT guy. Just saying that’s what he says the reason for the run and waist measurement is. And apparently the age bands are because of science. As for the pushups and sit-ups he said he never wanted them but the institution made him do it. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled complaining. I think it’s a dumb test too, and I actually tried to understand his reasoning instead of complaining into the abyss without any prior research, so there’s that. Dumb! 😂
  3. Chief Wright posted this quote on his FB and now I understand the AF’s pilot shortage strategy! “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”
  4. Measuring different stuff. AF is measuring Vo2 max and BMI.
  5. The third party, RAND, already supports his position.
  6. He said that they found it difficult to test en masse. Which is one thing that makes sense.
  7. You are all getting way, way off track. The purpose of the AF test, per it’s creator, is to measure Vo2 Max, which also according to him is the best indicator of health and future healthcare costs. That should answer most questions. Continue.
  8. And how much did you have to contribute for Delta Airlines to give you $38,000 on top of your $130,000-$180,000 second-year pay and 10+ days off a month?
  9. I guess desperate times call for... increasing UPT throughput to 1500+ and funding diversity measures to access untapped recruiting pools. Don’t worry folks. Pilot shortage will be solved by 2023. You are expendable once again. Now move along.
  10. Yeah. It’s insulting 😂. Their next shortage will be at 20+ YAS as guys who stayed expecting the AF to step up get out as soon as they can to join the club. 60k ends the shortage today. Guaranteed. But I guess they don’t have a problem anymore since they've stopped requesting a higher AvB.
  11. Doctors aren’t trained to do waists measurements 😂 If they gave them that additional duty, they’d have to raise their bonus to maintain retention.
  12. Gist: 1. He thinks he’s the god of health and fitness. 2. The test is a health-risk indicator not an overall fitness or performance indicator. 3. Running and BMI are all you need to predict healthcare costs. 4. Hopes to implement random testing modeled after random drug testing to incentivize year-round health. 5. Occupational tests are for fitness and performance testing.
  13. "The FY20 PB continues the increased maximum payout of $35,000 authorized in the FY17 NDAA."
  14. Can always cross-train to supreme allied AOC commander... or whatever that new AFSC is.
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