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  1. Say, “We care if you leave. We don’t want you to. And, we’re going to fight to keep you. We’re on the Hill right now fighting for you.”
  2. Didn’t the AF just say something about how White jet is going to be highly valued now and a virtual requirement for higher leadership?
  3. Leveled off from our max rate emergency descent... but the stud hasn’t pushed power back up from idle yet so someone is going to have to take the controls soon. Rapidly losing flying airspeed. Add bonus. I mean, power.
  4. Nevertheless, hard to argue that the AF did not fork the guy... I have empathy. Especially when this has more or less been my experience every, single, PCS. Unfortunately, like you said, it seems to happen to everyone. That said, if everyone stayed silent there would be 0% chance of leadership accountability or change. As far as the pro tips, good stuff. In this guy's case he sounds like a prior E guy who is going to finish out his 20 in 4-6 years.
  5. So how can we say we have "stemmed" the pilot shortage??? Air Force Stemmed Its Pilot Crisis, Chief Says A widespread shortage threatening the core of the Air Force’s mission appears under control
  6. These days these assignments show on MyVector.
  7. Fixed it. RAND. Blah blah blah. And yes they can afford it.
  8. Refreshing? That’s depressing. We’ve totally given up.
  9. What would you say if you were a betting man?
  10. On the contrary, there appears to be a blood pact from the top to simply not discuss the pilot shortage anymore. There’s been little to no publicly distributed news, briefs, or media, for what seems like months. I’m sure it will fix itself. Just turn it off and back on again.
  11. What’s wrong with the AF finally just became the new normal and is being discussed casually in the other threads. Word on the street is take rates are now in the 30%s. I think congress has tired of hearing about it so... 🤷‍♂️
  12. 1 strat that captures 4 years against your peers? I’d buy it over SOS. Wasn’t there talk of moving officers to a static closeout? Seems like that would close the loopholes on the strat game even further and allow everyone to be racked and stacked equitably once a year.
  13. 🤦‍♂️ It looks like you both did everything the AF asked you to do and did well at it. One would think that if all strats represent the top 73% or so one would get promoted, much less top 50%, top 25%, or better. Two-line PRF and new OPR system can’t come fast enough, but we can only hope that improves things... PFM.
  14. One would think so. We want the "lethal" officers on the line and the lethal ones from there who can (and want to) make the transition to operational and strategic levels to be in charge. Hopefully breaking out the categories next year allows boards to make a more nuanced evaluation regarding who these folks are, rather than counting boxes checked and reading code that may or may not have been intentional.
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