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  1. soo... 2-line PRFs and all the associated racking and stacking hustle and bustle for our next groups of 2-BPZ and 1-BPZ folks meeting this next O-5 board or not...
  2. Seems like the AF realized they need to enable career broadening and joint officers who get their experience outside the tribe and this is their solution to keeping them competitive. Fact remains that when people continue to promote below their peers they will still leave for greener pastures even when they have 4 more “IPZ” looks on the way. At some point they need to stop blaming and tinkering with processes and work on values... and not the abstract read-between-the-lines, try to evaluate performance on a piece of paper, and play the strat game crap, but what skills, knowledge, and experience to we need to win wars stuff. We need more bomb droppers? Promote them, and if necessary promote people who could cross train to be them. We need folks with PHDs on China? Promote them. Quit playing games trying to nudge boards to do this or that with fancy career briefs, categories, or SECAF memos. Just hurry up and get the job done. Set floors to AF needs and let’s get back to our jobs, or getting passed over and making 6-figures with a 3 on the front-end.
  3. I have a bud who flew A-10s and after an MEB out of fighters went to fly C-12s overseas... restricted to crew aircraft now. Attache-type. Got some DIA training. Some language training. Sounded like cool stuff. Then, he went back to the real world for another Ops tour... not sure what aircraft.
  4. Here’s one, probably others. I find Google site search works better than the organic search here. I saw this happen once in 2008ish. The impression I got is that it takes a lot of wheeling and dealing, unit support, and probably a SECAF signature. But worth it if you want it.
  5. There are posts in the forum about people who have done this.
  6. Bold prediction: When the GOs return from Corona, this will be the new “way forward.”
  7. I think it was said that 1400 to produce out, 1200 something for steady state, and we did 1100 or so. Sad to hear that we are gambling on an economic downturn rather than creating flexible and responsive retention initiatives. This has been floating around the squadrons:
  8. Yeah well, in theory we are producing more new pilots so it's all good... AF failed to meet its higher production goals this year and actually produced less than the previous standard rate so... Yep. I should add that this failure is despite the dedicated efforts of our folks on the line.
  9. Yes, many moons ago. 40% for fixed wing pilots. Which the AF is apparently cool with. 40 is the new 65.
  10. but rumor has it U-28 manning is the best of all the SOF MWSs and the 11S take-rate in general, while still abysmal, is “better” than the 11Ms... where have all the O-5s gone?
  11. You’ll be able to have a normal AF career, for what that’s worth. With what I know now I’d do it all over again, but better. Best advice I’d give my younger self is one, to find someone smart on the AF and ahead of you career-wise who will mentor you along the way and stick with you for the long run. Two, be assertive and take control of your career while remaining humble and respectful.
  12. Zero impact. Probably helps. The Air Force only cares about year group. Age will only be an issue if you don’t act it or try to use it to get respect you think you deserve because of it.
  13. Not broken down by sub-category. I’d expect to continue to see incentives focused on 11Fs and less staff jobs for 11Fs. The glut of FGOs from other communities will pick up the slack. Plus, we all know AF facts aren’t always facts, despite what they put on the slide. Still interesting to see what data we’re using to make our decisions.
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