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  1. Congrats! By your previous posts it looks like you spent a lot more time studying. Looks like it paid off!
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    wait until the word spreads more about the rotary wing transition programs a lot of airlines are offering these days.
  3. What Are My Chances? Army Infantry CPT

    Send me a PM If you like you and I can chat over the phone/facebook messenger. I can get you up to speed on a few things regarding going from green to blue.
  4. reach out to the family and airmen readiness manager on base. they will be able to hook you up. or call military one source and they can connect you with an appropriate POC
  5. Short Side of 29. Rated Army Aviator. What are my chances?

    start rushing units you want to be with and start applying now. Also, refer to BogiDope to a map of all the units and their airframes. The blog articles are a wealth of information as well. I am over the age requirement as was picked up by a heavy squadron. I am working on my transfer paperwork now. If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to reach out.
  6. Army to AF Transfer (Green to Blue)

    Refer to DoD Instruction 1205.05, 1300.04, and 1304.25 for references on transferring within your commitment. It is possible if they are willing to release you. And yes, it is possible to get an age waiver. I am working through one right now for the unit that selected me. I am not AD however, I am going from Army Guard to Air Guard. Certain squadrons are more willing to take applicants with age waivers, others wont even consider it. In short, make them tell you "no" and if they do, there are others out there. Have you taken the AFOQT and TBAS yet? If not, get on that immediately. I would also go ahead and see if you could get an AF flight physical if you can. Hope this helps!
  7. Base housing

    This ^^^^ I'v done two partial DITY moves and came out with at least 3k each trip, and I didn't even use a trailer.
  8. Info on flight boots

    If you have wide feet like me, nike's aren't that great. for everyone else...they are pretty awesome the Rocky's tend to fit more people and are also a light boot. If you need something for the field work... Rocky s2v all the way. They are super tough, comfortable for long ruck marches, and the dry out fast after they get soaked. Another great boot for all around garrison or field work is the Garmont T8. I'm not sure if they are flight approved though. Another thing to consider is good socks. Darn Tough socks are expensive, but the best out there. They have a lifetime no questions asked warranty. I have a few pair of them and quality socks make a huge difference.
  9. Chances of a Fighter Slot

    Did you ask for feedback from those units of why you were not chosen and what you could improve on? This will help you with future interviews especially if you plan to apply to those units again.
  10. have they switched up the curriculum to place SERE before UPT like the Army does?
  11. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    I will second this. There is a huge benefit to having years and years of not only flight experience, but experience as an instructor for a military organization. I had an instructor who was an off the street guy. He was the best instructor that I had because he cared more about teaching me how to be a pilot than he did about all the military bull shit. The civilians I flew with whether prior military or not, genuinely cared about making you the best pilot that they could produce and were not afraid to chew you out when you deserved it. I probably got chewed out more by the civilians than I did the military IP's that I had later on during IERW. Many of us had our civilian IP's show up to our graduations to show their support, and even pinned their former students wings on if they did not have family in attendance. As to whether this is the best move for big blue...I cannot speak to that as I can only share my experience as it was a positive one.
  12. For sure! I should hopefully be able to post more details in a week or so.
  13. I don’t want to say just yet. I still have to break the news to my chain of command.
  14. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    As an Army guy myself, the O-grade vs WO-grade on paper is supposed to work as the WO's are the subject matter experts and flying is there thing. Officers will be in a line unit for a short time as an LT, leave for staff, and potentially come back to the line as a commander as an O-3, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes LT's get put with a forward support company being in charge of fuelers, maintenances, feeding sections, etc...and only fly bare minimums to keep current....then go to staff, and then put command of another support company of some kind. the WO's tend to stay in the line longer, however, as O's move around often they end up inheriting a lot of Officer additional duties. I'v even heard of WO's as company commanders and got all the work that goes along with it. I have plenty of WO's in my company that are very bitter and are headed out in one way or another (another reason I'm on here). There is a mass exodus of Army pilots now. It is not as publicized but the force is dwindling fast because now about 6 regional carriers will pay for us to get our FW certs and fly for them on a 1-2 year contract. The big Army refuses to admit there is a problem let alone a massive pilot shortage. the CCWO (command chief WO...basically the big kahuna WO) put out a memo basically saying "the army will still be the army without you" Hope this helps
  15. I finally get to contribute! Interview Dec 2017 Hired Dec 2017 ..and the paperwork begins...
  16. Chances for heavy unit?

    Nice! Where at?
  17. Upcoming Boards

    cool, thanks for clarifying that for me.
  18. Upcoming Boards

    Which squadron is hiring?
  19. wow that's some commitment. I have had a few heavy interviews with a few more upcoming, but no bites on the fighter side yet.
  20. Upcoming Boards

    It eventually got on Bogidope, but I found out about it through Facebook
  21. Upcoming Boards

    Notices for interviews went out last week no-go’s went out today
  22. Post-Select Pre-MEPS Process (ANG)

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Keep on him. I would reach out every week. If you are local, a face to face visit always helps too.