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    Ditching your Active Duty Service Obligation

    read DoDI 1205.05, DoDI 1300.04, and DoDI 1304.25 Key words to search for... MSO, Inter-service transfer, service obligation
  2. I’m doing one but I am doing it after I swear in with the new unit
  3. JustHangingOut

    USMC Helo pilot to USAF Fixed Wing

    1- Yes, it has been done multiple times. I will be one of those once my transfer from Army Guard to Air Guard goes through. 2- Yes especially if you are AD. If you are Guard/Reserve, it could be different. It would be best to talk about this offline as there is no "one size fits all" 3- Check out Dodi 1205.05, 1300.04, and 1304.25 4-Yes and easier as you would not need to go through UPT. you would go through a qualification course on the RW airframe. PM me if you would like to chat offline sometime.
  4. JustHangingOut

    Upcoming Boards

    These boards are typically for weekend warrior stuff. You can be offered full time status when you complete all your training but it differs unit to unit and what their needs are. again, depends on the unit. Some want your first point of contact to be with a recruiter they advertise, while others want you to talk to one of the pilots whose additional duties is being the POC for hiring boards.
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    HH-60 ANG/ Reserve commuters

    Are you not interested in going through UPT to get a FW slot? which units have you already reached out to out of curiosity?
  6. Messaging, and thanks for the quote.
  7. The way my recruiter told me is that the paperwork passes through multiple offices during the approval process. It is reasonable to assume that each office only reviews the information in their lane, instead of one office doing a full top to bottom scrub. What verbiage do I need to tell my recruiter when this time comes so we can get this going? Do you have this in writing so I could show this to my recruiter? I would love to get dates in line as soon as my packet approval is done (fingers crossed for a first time go).
  8. I'll second this. I have been issued this light and it works well...even after your crew chief leans out the window and drops it on the pavement from a 150 ft hover...
  9. JustHangingOut

    Throw up some shots

    I had the honor to give a WWII fighter pilot his final send off today and hand the flag off to his family. if you are at your squadron bar tonight, throw up some shots for 1LT William Brown. Blue skies and strong tail winds https://obittree.com/obituary/us/indiana/knightstown/heritage-funeral-care/william-brown/3503869/
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    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    What he said...I stand corrected
  11. JustHangingOut

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    Yes BAH is the same across all Compos. It is based off of your home of record and rank When I went through Army Flight school my wife was 7 months pregnant. No family around and I managed. It was nice having family around and plenty of other guys were there with kids so we were able to develop our own support network for the family to be taken care of when I was busy. Others had families that stayed back for employment reasons like the OP. It was awesome having my family there. When I go to UPT, my wife and two kids will be with me.
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    Not sure what others experiences have been, but I think all the ROTC cadets end up active duty and don't have the option of the Guard/Reserve route. Can any previous ROTC guys confirm or deny this? There are a ton of benefits to being Guard or Reserve. You will just have to dig through these forums and read all about them and make the decision of whether that is the best decision for your family. There's too much info for one post so enjoy reading. It's good that you are asking questions and taking charge of your career. Good luck with your journey man.
  13. JustHangingOut

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    hell I use Velcro everything and never take off my patches when I wash. that's just me being lazy I guess...
  14. JustHangingOut

    Change to Air Force Color Vision Policy

    Do you have anything in writing that shows this new change?
  15. JustHangingOut

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    You probably did wear mulitcam Quick summary... -army has a contest for new pattern in early 2000’s -crye precision made scorpion (now our current uniform) -army rejects scorpion and takes an untested digital pattern (you’ve seen this garbage) -later the army realized it sucks, creates contract with crye who developed multicam and the army called it OCP (which is an updated scorpion) -Army wants new uniforms again and mulitcam is a big contender -congress, budgets, bull shit happens and they decide to use scorpion from years past but change the color swatch to match multicam under some shady copyright stuff -Army likes scorpions new look, convinced congress and others it cheaper than buying multicam (which was already in use down range) and gets it approved. -Army decides to call scorpion pattern OCP like it once called the mulitcam pattern -visual difference between scorpion and mulitcam...look for vertical elements like grass blades in mulitcam and some slight color differences That’s your info from the army (soon to be Air Guard) guy. I did a quick google to find the article below which talks a bit about the debacle as well https://www.google.com/amp/s/gizmodo.com/the-strange-sad-story-of-the-armys-new-billion-dollar-1616285708/amp https://ovinnovations.com/pages/scorpionmc
  16. Good copy. I’ll reach out to him in the morning.
  17. JustHangingOut

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    we have been issued Massif outer jackets for cold weather and combat shirts for hot weather that are pretty legit. They make good stuff overall, but these are pretty cool
  18. JustHangingOut

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    Most of the IP's at Fort Rucker who were used to the upper arm pencil pockets, went out into town and has one of the uniform tailor shops make them a pencil pouch that would Velcro to the top of the pouch, and have soft side Velcro so that patches could still be adhered. To gain access to the pocket itself since the flap was covered up, they just used the side zipper. That was one work around to the lack of pencil holders in the shoulder pocket.
  19. Can you explain the "forms out of date" part for me? I just submitted mine but my signatures were a few months old because of how long it took for other paperwork to get hashed out.
  20. JustHangingOut

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    For all of the reasons stated so far. Basically it comes down to...sure they make sense from a SERE perspective, and its nice to be able to wear combat shirts when it' super hot, but as others have said, the designs are pretty shitty, material is shitty, sizes are shitty, and most of all it takes away the sense of pride of being a pilot. Pilots now fall in line with the rest of the Army and are therefor treated like the rest of the Army. When they first switched over, units used to be able to wear "unit" patches over their name tapes, but now that has been taken away. There are a couple brigade commanders out there that have written memos allowing their flying community to wear them to give their units a sense of pride and morale back, but as morale has been continuously stripped away from the flying community from the big green weenie. Taking away their flight suits was just more salt on the wound. As petty as that sounds.
  21. JustHangingOut

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    yeah...all the Army pilots want the 1 piece flight suits back...Ill just leave this here...
  22. JustHangingOut

    Army to AF Transfer (Green to Blue)

    nah, I'm just looking to see if that "loop-hole" would work for you. I would first try and speak with another recruiter. I am not as familiar with the AD to AD transfer stuff, but I can help with the Guard side. I am in a similar situation, but Guard to Guard, and 4 years left on my ADSO. I have been approved by my state to transfer, I am just waiting for the paperwork to clear NGB at this time. I was at rucker from March 2015 - October 2016, we may have crossed paths at some point
  23. JustHangingOut

    Army to AF Transfer (Green to Blue)

    Are you warrant or a hard bar. There is a DoDi that basically says, if you are going to commission as an officer it pretty much trumps any ADSO you have (pending you don't owe time from taking money for school...that gets a bit more hairy). I would have to read it again to see what it says about WO going to O grade, since it was in the context of enlisted moves, but it may be an option to research. Break break: when were you at rucker? We may have been there at similar times
  24. It took me a long time just to get over this most recent big hurdle, but the paperwork saga continues. Thanks again for everyone's support and advice throughout the process. Interview Dec 2017 Hired Dec 2017 DD Form 368 signed by State J1 and submitted to NGB May 2018
  25. JustHangingOut

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    agreed There is no respect anymore. Maybe it is more than just "the times," but also with how much faster information travels that this occurs as well. There seems to be a lack of restraint and consideration before blasting something all over the internet.