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  1. FLEA and Brabus - Well said all around. "Game, set, match."
  2. Aviation isn't risky, it's unforgiving. People like you are why the future will look like "1984."
  3. I can post links too. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/concerns-history.html If you're scared, get it. If you are concerned for older or unhealthy people you associate with, get it. Why should I buy additional risk, however small? I volunteer to buy some risk for some things, but that is and should remain my decision. Agreed. I go out to eat with my wife and daughter about twice a week at local restaurants (outside now, which isn't so bad in San Diego), went on vacation this past weekend with three other families, thrown and attended parties/get-togethers just about every weekend, and my daughter goes to the park about 3-5x a week because its good for her development at such a young age to socialize. Some people just give up their liberties more easily than others I suppose.
  4. You have absolutely no idea what long term effects said vaccine might have - Forcing someone who is incredibly low risk to take something that could even potentially have negative long term effects is garbage. Should my 2 year old who doesn't even have a fully developed immune system yet be forced to take it? Forced vaccine equals liberty? No. And you must be flying some crazy missions in country because I never thought my 9 hour flights over there in an old ass Hornet were any riskier than an average training sortie.
  5. I only worked for Boeing as an F-15C CIP for a couple of years before hopping over to LM and the F-35, but I don't recall any sort of low altitude warning system like we had in the Hornet or the F-35 with visual cues that were displayed in the helmet. It was always just ensuring you had a proper scan of altitude.
  6. So should we cease production of garbage processed foods and forced people to exercise then?
  7. Tore a vein and gave him blood cots? Damn, I didn't know covid could do that...
  8. Average effectiveness of the flu shot is about 40% with fluctuations year-to-year. Over the summer I had chills and night sweats, a slight fever and sore throat for about 2-3 days after meeting a few friends for lunch and drinks at a restaurant that, the following day claimed a number of their staff tested positive on their social media page. I never got tested but stayed home Tues - Sun (got word on Monday evening regarding the restaurant, had a sore throat Wed, completely resolved Fri morning) but still went for runs outside and although my avg time dropped about 60 seconds per mile for a four or five mile run, it certainly didn't prevent me from exercise during, let alone after likely having had the virus.
  9. No, the Governor of California have forbid people from gathering for Thanksgiving - Doesn't mean he has the legal power to do so. As such, it won't prevent me and my family from going to Big Bear this week with three of my closest friends and their families to eat, drink, and be merry. We're also relatively young, fit, and healthy. People have to make their own choices based on the lives they've lived. We're not close to any elderly family members so it's a calculated risk, just like each time you go fly a mission, drive to work, or any other activity where potential harm can occur.
  10. You can do that without the vaccine.
  11. That's true. Certainly nothing like the ANG C-130 that picked me up from Wake that had wifi and two jet skis in the back.
  12. Interestingly enough, whenever I see stories that have pictures of "healthy" people dying from Covid, they are all massively obese. Maybe that goes along with the whole "large is beautiful" movement, but I digress. Sure, the probability of death from a vaccine are low, but what of other potential effects that we have absolutely zero knowledge of?
  13. Concur. We should have bought a mix of As and Cs. I can only think of a few limited scenarios where having Bs might provide an advantage.
  14. I like that XF-108 concept. Large enough to carry extended range A/A missiles and plenty of gas to launch them high and fast to keep the decidedly non-stealthy platform out of range of potential threats. I think the move is valid on the part of the Marine Corps. Getting rid of weapon platforms like tanks, for us, is smart in the age of drones and such - Leave those weapon systems to the Army who is the large, occupying force that might be required to fight lesser equipped enemies. Keep us small, agile, and specialized. That being said, I don't pretend to know much about the Marine Corps outside of the aviation element.
  15. As a fighter pilot I find it hard to say this, but more funding for the Navy's subsurface fleet would probably be the best spent money for our taxpayers. Regarding fighters, I truly think something along the idea of the modern Century series would be worthwhile. Make an aircraft that is good at one or two things and give it connectivity. A large platform with great loiter ability and large internal payload capacity could enable greater standoff and thus less requirement for stealth and tanker capability with an Advanced LRAAM. TPT through other means. Perhaps even the missiles could have loiter capability? Who knows, let Skunk Works figure out the details. I'm just a Marine with a social science degree from Florida State.
  16. Quoted for your effective research. Or maybe you choose to only see things that benefit your argument? I seem to remember a time when socialists took lists of names in history, didn't end up going very well... Wait, maybe that was the "old" history before it was re-written by the Left.
  17. Didn’t the Democratic Party fight the 2016 election until now?
  18. He's from the School of Kids Who Don't Read Good. LMAO. Date 06 Nov 2020.
  19. AOC is calling for a list of names of those who supported the current President according to her recent Tweets. I seem to recall something like that from history class...
  20. They were too low (I just reviewed the video). I remember talking about it with fellow aviators. Unfortunately you can't be a fighter pilot anymore. We were told we couldn't come in for the break when we were flying missions out of Isa Air Base because they were 8 hours long and leadership thought we would be too tired to handle the 3Gs and it wouldn't be safe. I was the only PMCF qual'd pilot on AM crew so I took a jet from maintenance, flew overhead doing the required check profiles for 30 minutes, came in for the break and was subsequently grounded.
  21. Biden wins. Trump has/will win GA, NC, and PA. He must then win either MI or WI and will win neither. The plus side is I think this buys more for Conservatives in the long term like the article someone posted here (I think.) Fortunately Conservatives maintain control of the Senate which means Biden/Kamala can't really accomplish much of their leftist agenda. But in two and four years there will be a big swing back right from what is arguably already center, which shows how biased the MSM is.
  22. I can't watch the video because I'm on NIPR but being given a TOT and nailing it is different than trying to guess when a performer is going to take the stage, how long she'll protract portions of the song, etc... There are variables that the pilots have no control over.
  23. That's exactly what BFM is. Putting yourself in the precise piece of sky at a specific time in relation to another aircraft in order to employ weapon(s). TOT's are easy.
  24. Have them both run together.
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