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  1. There is nowhere near the level of SA and understanding that a bomber pilot/crew has, especially regarding air threats, when conducting any type of large force, deep strike scenario that requires fighter escort when compared to their fighter brethren. I’m sorry if that hurts, but it’s the truth. I witness it every day. And there is nothing particularly difficult with releasing smart weapons, particularly the GPS-guided variety.
  2. Sorry, I'm a Marine so my maths are bad. I just went to Mortgage X's calculator and put in the following... 1) 20 Year Loan, $350,000, 4.0%. Monthly Payment was $2,120. Total interest paid in 20 years was $159,000. 2) 30 Year Loan, $350,000, 4.0%. Monthly payment was $1,670. Added a $450 principal payment every month to make it the same as a 20 year loan. Total interest paid in 20 years was $159,000. And the loan was paid off on the same date as the 20 year loan. What am I missing? http://mortgage-x.com/calculators/extra_payments.asp
  3. Sure, just add additional principal payments each month. That’s essentially what I’ve done with each of my 30 year VA loans - Turned one into 15 and the other into a 20.
  4. Haha, I've been yelled at in a debrief... a simulator debrief! I never forgot to check the Master Arm in the hot position when I called "in" after that though.
  5. I hope we're able to significantly ramp up 120 production at a moment's notice.
  6. That is nowhere near accurate. The USMC has been spinning retention and readiness numbers for years. I personally know two Hornet dudes staying in.
  7. I may have a difficult time fighting my jet and managing a 4-ship of these things. Can I get her to be my WSO to drive these around?
  8. Filling the skies with additional "targets" may provide some benefit. Ever hear "Nine groups" and think "F###"...?
  9. Agreed. While I can think of one situation in which the B model might provide some advantage - Being able to stage an aircraft with hi-capes from countless ships (targets), that potentiality is certainly not worth the cost in diminished capes to the A and C model. We could, and would have been just fine with a mix of A and Cs, if we even needed them at all. Truth be told, Superhornets were the answer to our problem.
  10. Be thankful you're not having to deal with Aspect Angle vs Target Aspect and Sections/Divisions vs 2/4-ships. Congrats on the transfer. A number of my buddies have and are in the process of crossing over.
  11. You don't need them operating in that environment. But it would be nice to have a fighter with the kinematics of an Eagle, with significantly upgraded capes in nearly every area, with the ability to carry more than twice the A-A loadout of any current fighter we're fielding.
  12. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25636/usafs-next-budget-request-will-include-new-f-15x-advanced-eagle-fighter-jets-report Thoughts? One can only hope.
  13. It might be a bit of a long shot to get a TX slot into a strike-fighter aircraft - Every Marine Capt / Maj I know in the Hornet / F-35 is getting out and half of them are looking at the Guard. But don't let that stop you from trying if it is what you really want. I think Homestead F-16s picked up an Army helo guy a year ago or so there is that. I started my transition when I got to VMFAT-101 as a Hornet IP after a four year fleet tour. After visiting multiple units and about 18 months, was offered a TX slot by a Guard FS prior to finding out I was no longer medically qualified. Bottom line, reach out and visit the units you're interested in. The squadron that actually offered me a slot was one in which I found a contact via LinkedIn. After a few messages he gave me the squadron commander's cell phone and told me to call him, I did, he told me to visit, and things went well. They're just looking for good dudes, who are sincere, and want to keep flying tactically.
  14. To be fair, these responsibilities can be separate. And I feel more dudes would be inclined to stay if they were. On a fighter ANG hiring board the squadron commander asked me "How would you feel knowing that you likely won't have an opportunity to be the squadron commander due to your USMC and Hornet background, as well as your year group?" "Sir, I want as much responsibility in the airplane as possible. And as little as I can get away with outside of it." He looked to his patch, then to the third member of the board and turned to me and said, "That is the best possible answer you could've given."
  15. Because Uncle Sam only lets us fly jets when he wants us to.
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