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  1. If I say something, I mean it. In person or on here. I agree that in the first month, where we knew little about the virus those measures were prudent. However, like you mentioned, it is shameful that in places like California the government is still utilizing the same actions despite knowing significantly more about the virus. Why is that?
  2. I never said its not "real." It is a minor nuisance to the vast majority of people and a real threat to a very small population, who are unfortunately already prone to dying. But state and local governments, mainly those led by democratic leaders, for whatever reason, are causing it to be much more than a nuisance to the entire population with pretty much only negative results.
  3. Yes, people generally value the lives of the young more than the old, all things being equal because more life is lost when a young person dies. There are two separate types of induced damage - Death and economic. The vast majority of economic damage has been government induced. What is wrong with those who are at-risk or fearful of the virus from self-isolating?
  4. Here is what I know. Two of my closest friends had the virus in June after I spent the weekend at their house. She got tested on Tuesday after feeling a bit under the weather on Monday. Her results came back positive Thursday. He had a sore throat and lost his sense of taste from Tuesday - Friday. I had a sore throat on Wednesday and Thursday (went for outdoor runs both mornings) with slight difficulty sleeping. I never got tested. This experience mirrors almost every single person I've personally spoken to who has had the virus - A minor annoyance. I know absolutely zero people who
  5. I knew about the 50% requirement. Wasn't aware of the proportional rate. I wonder if that is new. Probably best to take those classes on my own dime as I think they're only like $300 and save the GI Bill for when I have more time.
  6. Of course. I'm a standard drilling Reservist not on orders.
  7. If you have the Post 9/11 GI Bill you get paid BAH for an E-5 with dependents on top of your school and books getting paid for. I had a buddy who took grad courses online but met once a semester in San Francisco and received >$4k a month. I'm a Reservist now but was Active from 2007-2018.
  8. Once I'm fully snapped in at my new position I'm going to start taking automotive classes across the street from Miramar so I can bank that $2,600/BAH for the Post-9/11 GI Bill!
  9. This situation isn't funny in the least, but what if upon Biden taking office he points at the former President and says "You're fired"?
  10. I have a sneaking suspicion "variant" is a way to keep the public mortified by the virus.
  11. Don't many put others at risk in some manner or another? It is a question of degrees or risk and willingness to accept it. Driving on a public highway does put others at risk. You can choose to not accept that risk and not participate by not driving on the public highway, but you shouldn't be able to tell me that risk is too high for me to accept.
  12. Dangerous to you and dangerous to me might mean completely different things. Is it dangerous to potentially shorten the lives of .1 to .3% of people who catch covid? Especially when the vast majority of those people are nearing the end of their lives? You may say yes, I would say no. Is it dangerous to fly 3' away from another aircraft? You may say yes, I would say no. 😆
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/strip-club-ruling-covid-rules-protects-restaurants-san-diego-judge-says/ I posted the story of the hero strip club owners who challenged the illegal actions of the Governor of California and won a week or so ago.
  14. My presupposition would be that 11Fs are more comfortable with assuming higher risk based on their perceived invincibility.
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