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  1. That's not due to healthcare costs, its due to personal choice. I'll be for universal healthcare when everyone has to take a fitness test and do a body comp test.
  2. Fair enough, I didn't even join the military until they were considered a threat aircraft so it was just a thought.
  3. Go on SIPR and watch a piss-poor engagement from our pre-eminent A/A fighter against a Russian 4th gen fighter. It's embarrassing. So perhaps you're expecting too much from an IFF level training student.
  4. Refinancing from a VA loan to a conventional allows you to open up your VA loan for another purchase with zero down. Refinancing into another VA makes sense if you get a good rate reduction.
  5. Hornets don't always land on the boat. Most Marine Hornets are expeditionary (land based). My first two-ship flight in the Hornet my lead asks me about 5 min prior to landing - "Hey dude, want to do a section landing?" "Sure" I answer. We land and he walks up to me and says not to say anything to anyone because it's not authorized unless its briefed. They're not difficult - Fly parade, maintain your side of the runway, lead keeps the power up for a few seconds. That's a shame. I understand why - Its a massive investment. We started cutting CQ for poorly performing students or passing them to land-based squadrons only if they failed CQ when I was a Hornet FRS/FTU IP. It also use to weed a lot of the poor performers out before the fleet had to start spending so many extra sorties training "qualified" wingmen. Shame it hasn't been so in a while. Probably has something to do with the fact that only about 80 or so of our F-35s will be C variants as well. I wonder if that'll effect numbers of Marines signing up to be aviation contracts hoping to be fighter guys. I remember sitting down during my T-45 CQ indoc and being told, "This is it, you each have passed Weapons Phase, ACM, etc... And you can be the best at dropping bombs or shooting down another airplane, but if you can't land on the boat you're just another Air Force guy." 😆 Regarding the Tomcat, I'd venture a guess because with their wings spread they might be too wide to do a section landing on typical fighter bases like Miramar, Oceana, etc...?
  6. Formation landings are still taught in the F-18 FRS/FTU. You must also demonstrate the ability to fly them as lead during one or two of your 2-Flug sorties. Good thing because I've used it a handful of times due to maintenance issues with weather. Plus they look cool af.
  7. I like a balanced approach and it depends on what I'm using the property for but I'll always go with a 30 year for flexibility if something comes up. I have a lower priced investment property that brings in about $2500/mo with a $900/mo mortgage. I'm putting all that extra income towards the principal payment so that I can enjoy that full income as soon as possible while not having a second mortgage. For my big upcoming purchase that we'll live in for a very long time, I'll make the minimum payments over the course of 30 years and let inflation whittle that down a bit.
  8. Jon, Thanks for a hassle-free refinance on my investment property in SC so I could open up my VA loan when I move to CA. Quick question, when I apply for a new loan this summer will they take into account the actual required payment of $980/mo for my investment property or will they consider the fact that I pay an extra $1,000/mo for a $1,980/mo total when it comes to my debt-income ratio for figuring out the amount that is acceptable for my loan?
  9. The first was my garage as a Hornet student, the latter when I was at Miramar. Loved all of them. There’s a C5 Corvette and about six other bikes somewhere in the last decade or so as well.
  10. Report post Posted just now Nice Cobra. I wasn't aware that Superformance made kits you could put together yourself. I'm going to have to hold off on another project until my daughter gets older, it's impossible to spend more than an hour or so at a time and progress is crawling on my 911.
  11. My list of cars and motorcycles is long and distinguished, some might say notorious... And I'd do it all again. Some I wish I'd not bought, others I wish I'd bought earlier and held onto. The bottom line, like many have stated is that the two don't compare and exist in completely different realms. Do it and don't look back. Plus there is always the satisfaction of wrenching on them which you don't get at work during your day job with your other toys. I'm currently building/driving a 1972 Porsche 911T Outlaw with a RSR body and a small block behind the rear axle and wish I'd have gone this route a long time ago.
  12. There is nowhere near the level of SA and understanding that a bomber pilot/crew has, especially regarding air threats, when conducting any type of large force, deep strike scenario that requires fighter escort when compared to their fighter brethren. I’m sorry if that hurts, but it’s the truth. I witness it every day. And there is nothing particularly difficult with releasing smart weapons, particularly the GPS-guided variety.
  13. Sorry, I'm a Marine so my maths are bad. I just went to Mortgage X's calculator and put in the following... 1) 20 Year Loan, $350,000, 4.0%. Monthly Payment was $2,120. Total interest paid in 20 years was $159,000. 2) 30 Year Loan, $350,000, 4.0%. Monthly payment was $1,670. Added a $450 principal payment every month to make it the same as a 20 year loan. Total interest paid in 20 years was $159,000. And the loan was paid off on the same date as the 20 year loan. What am I missing? http://mortgage-x.com/calculators/extra_payments.asp
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