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  1. VMFA187

    Car loans and interest rates

    Because Uncle Sam only lets us fly jets when he wants us to.
  2. VMFA187

    Safety Survery

  3. VMFA187

    Future T-38 replacement?

    By combining "live" and "constructive" training I think you'd be able to combine 5th gen adversary support constructively by mating that to the TX 4th gen platform, then gain the live training with the actual platform once you get WVR.
  4. VMFA187

    74 More Squadrons?

    What exactly does this mean? "This year, in addition to seeking officers demonstrating commitment to the welfare of our airmen and to our core values, I am using my authority to instruct board members to find officers who have demonstrated that they will nurture and lead in a diverse and inclusive Air Force culture," James said."
  5. VMFA187

    Future T-38 replacement?

    I love the Hornet more than most, but having a deck full of a single TMS (MDS for you AF types) limits capabilities fairly significantly, even as flexible of a strike-fighter as the F/A-18 is.
  6. VMFA187

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Executed? https://edition.cnn.com/2018/04/23/health/gun-deaths-in-men-by-state-study/index.html
  7. VMFA187

    Concept aircraft

    What’s your background? It can be pretty decent in the hands of someone with a bit of experience. From my personal collection and the only time I’ve been fortunate enough to fight an Eagle WVR.
  8. VMFA187

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Are you serious? It never sucks to be a military flight student. Unless you suck and shouldn’t be there. Perhaps an increase in competition will drive the quality of students up as we in the strike fighter community have seen a relative decline in the past 2-3 years compared to 5+ years ago.
  9. VMFA187

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Dude, I don’t care. Was just giving you a hard time for the statement.
  10. VMFA187

    A-29 down at Holloman

    Went through flight training with Short. Solid dude. 🍻
  11. VMFA187

    What's your favorite mission?

    DCA. There are other platforms that are clearly more capable than a legacy Hornet, but get 4 experienced bros out there and there is nothing better. Hi-Threat CAS is a close second. Low altitude ingress to a pop delivery. Training only though, I wouldn't want to find myself in a position where that was the only feasible way to support our dudes on the ground.
  12. VMFA187

    Rated Hornet Pilot Requiring Waiver

    That’d be great, thank you.
  13. VMFA187

    Rated Hornet Pilot Requiring Waiver

    Who knows, this could assist someone else down the line. I had an alcohol induced seizure, which is waiverable, after boozing hard with the squadron over a three day period on 31 Oct 2016. I met with a civilian neurologist who specialized in aviation and his recommendation was to return to flight, but the Navy denied my waiver. I had issues with my EEG which was conducted within days of the event which is to be expected due to the proximity to the event but my sleep deprived EEG months later was clean. I also had an extreme lack of sleep, severe dehydration, excess caffeine, a pre-workout supplement, and an incredibly intense crossfit workout minutes prior to the seizure. I’ve had no further events. Is there a process to get a waiver for a Rated aviator prior to affiliating with a squadron?
  14. VMFA187

    Rated Hornet Pilot Requiring Waiver

    It says you cannot receive PMs.